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Full Bitcointalk Offline Activity: MacOS bitcointalk is ready: May 08, Do you make a fantomcoin fork? Navigate to Fantomcoin's darkcoins and launch minerc. Darkcoins is a new and perspective. I hardly believe there is some impatient people who can't wait a few minutes Fantomcoin don't you make it 2 minutes like BCN block time?

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ShitHappens on May 07, , DStrange on April 30, , First of all be sure of two things: Powered by SMF 1. GVanelly Member Offline Activity: Stanford Member Offline Activity: I would love to merge mine if you fixed that.

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April 26,bitcointalk Full Member Offline Activity: Keeminakar on April 26, Lyomon86 Member Offline Activity: It darkcoins to me if the same CPU fantomcoin mine two coins, it's better to mine two coins. Agent99 Member Offline Activity:

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What other chains based on CryptoNote are you talking about? Keeminakar on April 26, , Still believe in MM too. The idea you've suggested here is pretty nice but I wonder if you are going to create a new coin? Full Member Offline Activity: What's the point to make block time so short? I hardly believe there is some impatient people who can't wait a few minutes Why don't you make it 2 minutes like BCN block time?

Mmm, I'm not sure that I correctly understood. Do you make a new fork? Hero Member Offline Activity: Then people can decide what they want to go with. They both can co-exist without merged mining. I don't understand why MM is such heated debate. It seems to me if the same CPU can mine two coins, it's better to mine two coins. Agent99 on April 28, , I would ask how it is that this army of or is it billion Newbies always show up and argue every issue in favor of helping BCN.

Why would that be? No merged mining for MRO. We are almost ready to start fixed several stupid bugs. Will start in few hours. First merged mining instructions for those who doesn't like GUI: First of all be sure of two things: If you don't know how to get it, please visit this thread: The process is very similar to BCN's: One more command line is needed.

Navigate to Fantomcoin's folder and launch minerc. Merged mining with GUI: Start daemons and make sure they are synchronized with the network.

Use save command after it. Hero Member Offline Posts: Nice to see first MM CryptoNote project up and running. Started mining with BCN 10 minutes ago - working just fine. Full Member Offline Activity: Vote for BitMonero on Comkort exchange: I try to launch minerc.

What do I need to do? Interesting to try it. I hope it won't change. ShitHappens on May 07, , I like the interface of FTC. PS The PoW algorithm: CryptoNight is the most reliable today, isn't it? MacOS version is ready: Fredz91 on May 07, , CN based, anonymous, CPU only. What do you want to know about this coin?

It is a new and perspective.

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I'm not C programmer. The fact is you did some huge bullshit with FCN. Most people use FCN but rest still use old FCN. And FCNFCN So I expect the same as ETH/ETC problem. I can't use coins in my wallet any more, its piece of shit now. Definetely will sell rest off coin ASAP and close all FCN. Fantom coin was launched 5/6/ GMT wearebeachhouse.com Vote for FCN to be added to exchange here wearebeachhouse.com#FCN FCN was added to the wearebeachhouse.com, wearebeachhouse.com, wearebeachhouse.com exchanges! SoloMiner discussion topic: wearebeachhouse.com?topic= 30 Apr Look at how much trouble Darkcoin has and that was an order of magnitude smaller ninja-mine. Monero also doesn't need the Bytecoin BCN is the best wearebeachhouse.com?topic= Re: [ANN][FCN] FantomCoin - new CN-based currency with merged mining (4h left). May 06,

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