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And if I stand minerals I fall. Large bets can move the pot considerably. I wanted to believe. Voicing joecool for 30 minutes. Eh, bitcoin a minimum people should at least have GPG keys and all the other requirements for personhood filled. What do you want to glbse

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Thus a more stable mood. Manul always gets to cheap out Yeah, but are YOU really going to jump me with a needle right now? So your saying that consuming 1kg of creatine won't provide times the benefit of consuming 10g? You'd think you'd get out at least what you put in. Menthols cost just as much as regular cigs. Once the binders are accounted for that's probably still in the end 32 grams just to take a shot of vodka nasally.

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My first interpretation is Salt and Bones. I glbse buy physical books. Bitcoin Sander Peirce pronounced Bitcoin could simplify these rules. Minerals anyone would like to start a glbse to get the money back from the SEC, I'd love to signup. Well, this is how learning happens, by knowing how both the excess an insufficiancy are dangerous minerals spotting a useful mean.

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Glbse bitcoin minerals

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Action is on much lower molecular weight things than catecholemines. Here is modafinil's page: I dunno that Wall street is really an endorsement. I am unfamiliar with crazymeds. I shall investigate it. It is actually a decent reference work. Was endorsed by actual faculty to my pharm students. Seems limited in what it covers. Targeted is a difficult distinction.

Supplements are just medicines that fail. That is simply not true. Creatine is a supplement. It is quite successful at what it does. Creatine as a supplement is rate limited though to ineffectiveness in many processes. Is creatine a steroid? Mostly the liver and limits on precessing rooted in ancient human metabolism. Excess creatine is largely handled by the body's workings as a disease state. That on the other hand the body treats in excess as a blessing because you made a snapping turtle's nest your bitch.

So your saying that consuming 1kg of creatine won't provide times the benefit of consuming 10g? But that doesn't make taking 10g ineffective. I had a GP tell me to stop using it after bloodwork showed high levels of creatinine in bloodwork, told me to stop lifting as well, didn't go back to that doctor.

For the record, I'm not a creatine disciple. It is just an example. Well, excess is relative to a point. The body is actually good at generating its own creatine, even while relatively malnourished in a few different ways. The Japs taught us that in the 's. That is an effect of excess creatine. Mostly safe excess, but still. Is anyone online now familiar with Amphoterrible B? Fuck it the three words nao. It is taking forever to get through today's logs.

It looks like today is trying to make up for a quiet weekend. Since you seem most interested dangerous excesses of creatine resemble the effects of amphteracin B. Voicing Hghh for 30 minutes.

And dangerous exesses of water resemble death. It shreds the most useful and beutiful of the kidney's filtering membranes. Excess water actually on its own can cause death. The point being that saying something is dangerous simply because too much of it is dangerous is incorrect at best and deceitful at worst.

Of course, now we get to learning. Or were you not saying creatine is dangerous and I just misinterpreted? It isn't simply that too much is dangerous. It is HOW too much is dangerous. Well, this is how learning happens, by knowing how both the excess an insufficiancy are dangerous and spotting a useful mean.

I think I've covered excess creatine shreds simple yet beautiful membranes in the kidneys, what does a lack of such cause? Crude way to say it, but basically brain damage. Stop going up layers of abstraction and try going down. Think things with less mass than creatine?

Fuck, is drunk BingoBoingo teaches physiology going to have to be a thing? Even if I got the words right, I likely wouldn't understand them. My first interpretation is Salt and Bones. So, any eastern bloc people up? I gots a question. Let us spz I have "mice" in my garage.

Which SKS variant would require the least fussing as I eliminate the "mice" Or should I just cheap it out on a Mosin? Calcium is an electrolyte? One of the three most important ones. I mean you like self locomotion right? It beats being carted around in a shopping cart. I always thought of calcium as "that of which bones are made", not as "that which promotes the making of bones".

Any closer to guessing my secret sauce? Nah, bones are the most boring thing calcium does, and most of that is crbon nanotubes anyways. I didn't know I was looking for a secret sauce. I'm still catching up on logs. What does your secret sauce do at a high abstraction level? Faster, better, stronger, smarter? It just tweeks some electrlytes. Haven't actually been on it since which was my lastest functional peak. Legends were made that year though.

There is an efficient substitute for it though. I feel similarly about modafinil. Shit made me productive for many more hours of the day than I am now. Fuck, I've actually mentioned it by name already. What have I mentioned tha tnoobs can't find reason t belong? That certainly narrows the search space. No, looking too far back. That just keeps my nutsack from being a jungle mess like Diablo-D3's.

Because meat power has its limits. Voicing Diablo-D3 for 30 minutes. How's the Rift Valley? The only things you've named since you brought up amphteracin B are weapons and electrolytes. I am pretty sure I named Lamotrigine. I shoulda caught that. Anything to gribble is public with right commands. Much like Fairbain's knife is right into the proper ribs.

Reading the wikipedia article on Lamotrigine doesn't give me any reason to see it as useful for a normally functioning brain.

Is that a problem with wikipedia or with a popular definition of normally functioning brain. How soon has wikipedia deleted each MP article. Then I shall hop over to crazymeds page. Yugo, Romanian or Russian? Which SKS handles "mice" best. Actually even that won't offer quite a complete picture of the chemical. The freaky side effects are hilarious. The OCD side-effect could be useful.

If you could recognize an adversary using it. I am not clinically ocd but I have ocd tendencies and I consider them one of my strengths. Did you make it to the drug's MOA yet? The ads made me think I had scrolled all the way down and yet I was only halfway down the page.

MOA means "How it works", right? Mode of Affect or something? Dude who runs the site is totally disabled. You have to account for such compromising design decisions or worse. MOA is Method of action. The internet is not designed for you and your purposes. That is the one lesson I want to hammer into the brains of so many shitheads. Didn't understand much at all. Well the problem is I didn't really understand a damn thing. I mean, ok, it's a mood stabilizer. But you give me the impression it is so much more.

Lithium is not a simple mood stabilizer. Where does lamotrigine fit there. BingoBoingo, you seem to have the ability to, more than anyone else I know including mp, maybe not including my wife , make me feel like a complete idiot.

I have a diagnosis of Bipolar I disorder. I can't given reality justify actual meds so i love booze. Lamotrigine is an anti-bi-polar medicine, right? Being bi-polar means that you tend to go from one extreme mood to the other. Successfully combating that means you in a not extreme mood. Thus a more stable mood. So, I called it a mood stabilizer. Who says I am succeeding right now? Mike from breaking bad? We all know how his half measures ended So why the comment that lithium is not a simple mood stabilizer when I wasn't talking about lithium.

Unless you meant that as to also say that lamotrigine is also not a simple mood stabilizer. Because you said what I wanted to spz. You just added noise to it though. Spz is standard math for suppoze. Anchors work even if they don't reach the bottom. Also recognize that moiety could be more differently right than me on this subject.

So back to before you mentioned lithium. I guess that I do not recognize the problem. Voicing dxrt for 30 minutes. What is up dxrt. Bottom line is that if one is bipolar, lamotrigine is awesome as long as the side effects don't kill you.

If you aren't bipolar are there any benefits? Magic happens because I dunno either of those cases. What effects did you experience? How does Hephaestus feel? He doesn't feel a smith. He feels the black. In 'Murica we use brand names like Seroquel also known as benadryl on steroids. Hephaestus was a blacksmith to the gods. He created wonderful and amazing things that were used and appreciated by the most powerful beings in the universe. I'd say he felt pretty proud and satisfied.

BingoBoingo, we seem to both use english as a source for our vocabulary but you put words together in ways that completely confound me.

Charles Sander Peirce pronounced Purse could simplify these rules. It can be in prison. I've heard such from victims of my current legal adversary. Who do you think you are? Actual metaphysics is still physics. Slightly different doses of these drugs have such different effects. I guess I can't bet because I am reading. Lemme retreive the canon reference. The New England Journal of Medicine: What are the odds?

Scoop your shit and make them yourself. Bidding closes in 7 minute. Another combination of words that confounds me. The frito shit scoop: Scoop Your Dog's Poop! Have you ever owned a dog? I currently have a 6 month old GSD. Solid ish black is mine. Are you familiar how bitcoin works? I am several orders of magnitude more familiar with bitcoin than pharmacology. Culling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: You know, I gave serious thought to sponsoring your blog in exchange for you mentoring me.

Specifically for an agreement that you would explain stuff to me in terms that I could understand. Which one is mine though. To you I offered nothing of the sort, nigger. I didn't say you wrote it, just posted. Fuck it you are all a bunch of fucking kikes. You were asking for funds and I thought about making an offer.

Maybe Milosevich pays better you nigger. Slobodan, for Christ's sake Because Jesus is in the Klan. I barely find you better than a cow.

On a scale of how bored might you imagine myself. Manul always gets to cheap out Unlike people trying to chimp out. I have bored more. I reached out to an affiliate manager I know of, great candidate, to see what it would cost to lure him away from his current venture I worked on an ANPR system for a parking garage years ago ?

IIRC that security book linked earlier starts out with a discussion of how the military had a jolly time playing radar cat'n'mouse. I'm quite horseish on Bitcoin. BFL apologist on Reddit: So my miner was used by BFL for 24 hours before they shipped it to me. Granted I did have to wait a long time for it - and although this is endemic in this industry, it's true that their waiting times have been perhaps somewhat worse than some of their competitors.

Nodes are Sand Worms. Developers are the Fremen. Bitcoin, of course, is Spice. I have low trust of Karpeles, I wouldn't let him watch my wallet. I don't actually get the relationship. Hearn "Although I never expected it when I first started using Bitcoin, nowadays most of my purchases with it are for food and drink.

If Bitcoin could not support such purchases, I would use it much less. Darling I don't know why I go to extremes. Too high or too low there ain't no in-betweens. And if I stand or I fall. It's all or nothing at all. I thought bitundo resolved as unlikely to work as a service. Would it be correct to say that Reddit is broken economy in that downvoters are not identified?

For every user created, each other user received 10 pos "coins" and 10 neg "coins". I'm still stuck on this Sybil thing: Thus, the spork, a combination of the prongede wrath of th I'm thinking rating will be a transaction, so that's timestamped and recorded.

Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user kakobrekla: Fri May 13 A sells Douche to B through bitcoin, B cand then send a signed rate after. HeySteve voice here is a wholly innovative, quite well designed thing. ThickAsThieves but functional is no argument in this discussion. I would tentatively suggest an economy is broken if it leaks value into competing economies.

I give peter todd points for style, mike hearn sounds very grumpy. It will barely consume power and generate next to no heat at all It is not like we are sending miners into space, just public nodes carrying the blockchain HeySteve, but note the newer cubes last the least amount of time.

Put a metal case around it and im pretty sure it can drop from the atmosphere into the ground at free fall speed and still operate once free'd from the metal casing". Flash memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Tandem Computers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A Distributed Operating System Optimized I believe the charge for such heresy is a negrating on the WoT.

Voicing tris for 30 minutes. REL continues to not deliver although hey, give 'em a decade or two and maybe we'll get cold fusion while we're at it and Nautilus continues to inch forwards: I'm on OS X. I bought a copy of PDFPen. I have a PNG of my signature. Eric Clapton and BB King kinda night.

WhatsApp is the worst with that I have a friend that switched from iOS to Android in October. Wireless mesh network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I'm looking for a bit of seed funding to expand and grow OpenRigs, benkay took a looksie at a previous version of my proposal and made some suggestions which I've incorporated.

I didn't think of it that way. Cryptsy, but it's fairly agnostic to the exchange. I can add that. ASICs certainly aren't, better to flip them. I don't want to "grow the farm". I can make that clearer in the proposal.

I changed that to "apportioning net profit" later, forgot to search for earlier occurancess. RENT still not open for trade? Paybee looks like something fiverr shat out. I'll get the designer to rethink it. I draw a salary at a group level. I did at the beginning I think. I would write them a strongly worded letter! ThickAsThieves atc has over 1k bids? Hearn is either a devil, or has some kind of offense to people poking at bitcoin. ThickAsThieves more like, they developed bitundo.

Naphex presumably he's not about to run amok on a field shooting mice. Turns out it actually was a mouse and I had managed to dispatch it by stepping on it. Naphex joint and several liability. Voicing zedong for 30 minutes. So yeah, hangovers still a thing. I swear, all you need is a whitepaper and a few media interviews. Voicing joecool for 30 minutes.

Voicing the20year for 30 minutes. Specifically, it presents the argument that it is shortsig hted and ill advised to try to secure off-chain assets with Bitcoin or other public cryptocurrency-bas ed platforms. There are at least three identifiable reasons that financial organizations looking to use some kind of public blockchain should be wary of a watermarked approach: Colored coins and 2. Embedded consensus systems which use their own proprietary metacoin The current industry typically conflates colored coins for metacoins and vice-versa but they are technically not the sa me.

The end goal is to enable Bitcoin the network to go beyond tracking ledger entries of just one specific on-chain asset e. These watermark ed tokens a ct as representations for assets e. Or in short, a waterm arked token in this manus cript is a discrete am ount of bitcoin that is tracked on the Bitcoin blockchain and is supposed to represent external value.

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It appears that Nefario, the person operating GLBSE, decided to go against all bylaws and terms of service and just close GLBSE. That part of the story was explained by theymos. It it still unclear, however, why he did it. 3 days ago Kenton Smith mccarthy, co founders of bitcoin., Schalk Dormehl co. za, a local bitcoin community website, are upbeat about james the future of the currency. Nefario Bitcoin Mineral Interview With GLBSE s James McCarthy. Interview With GLBSE s James McCarthy Nefario. do we Nefario Bitcoin. a few questions about GLBSE. For US persons and companies, raising money on GLBSE is a felony under the Securities Act of gas, or other mineral royalty or lease, any collateral-trust certificate, preorganization certificate or subscription, transferable share, investment contract, voting-trust.

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