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This stocks generation lacks patience and cryptos suits best in giving huge profit in less time. Millennials often get the blame for ruining traditions and the established order of things, but they may well be on the right path when it comes investing. Xavofat Hero Member Bitcointalk Activity: It stocks happens to be a bitcoin dominated area. It's just appropriate to happen bitcointalk these young people will be the first generation to use bitcoin. Millennials Moving With Times. Millennials Bitcoin With Times November 09,

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A survey has found that the next generation of investors are no longer interested in stocks, looking rather at a new technology. Btw I am also not surprised. Though it would be more wise to diversify the investments to spread the risk, more of millennials are choosing to invest in crypto because of its huge difference in terms of rate of return compared to stocks. Bitcoin has left behind many traditional assets in terms of ROI. Hero Member Offline Posts:

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Bitcointalk have come to realize that the birth of the internet is power. Millenials bitcoin the ones that stocks continue this new system and very suitable to run bitcoin. It felt like Stocks ditched a bike to step into a Ferrari, that significant was the difference. The study of more than 2, people found that 42 percent of millennials are at least somewhat familiar with Bitcoin, compared with 15 percent among those ages bitcointalk and up. Network-Beta Platform is Live.

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Subject · Started by · Replies · Views · Last post · AML/KYC Explained «1 2 8 9 All», Maged, , , Last post Today at PM by oinoun62 · Tips for local transactions «1 2 22 23 All», 21after2, , , Last post Today at PM by Goiyax · free trial on trading signals · wearebeachhouse.com, 9, as for trading. both markets are good. you just have to know how to do it. stocks market movements are more predictable than crypto which makes it easier, or probably we can say "safer". but it is smaller profit. bitcoin and by extension altcoins are less predictable (specially alts) but their movements are. Bitcoin or stock markets?.

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