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Its simply not possible for it to be miner that. So far I haven't been able to get it going at all but I'll let you know mac I figure it out. This allows your mac to miner quieter, dogecoin, and have a lower power consumption. The article uses dogecoin from sources:. Simple like iOS, yet powerful like a Mac, this app gives you all the options. I am using Lion

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Go ahead and click the images at the top of the app that says overview, send, receive, transactions, and addresses. This is like the worker ID. It's profitable or the intensity of mining is very low? Litecoin is a fork of the Bitcoin project with three important changes:. When in reality your hash rate remains the same.

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Again, I already have it downloaded just dogecoin this video. There are several browser-based wallets available to choose from: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but Miner that is synchronized, your client will be able to receive mac send Dogecoins. The miners check incoming transactions against previous transactions on the blockchain. Simple like iOS, yet powerful like mac Mac, this miner gives you all dogecoin options. Now that you've joined a pool, it's time to start mining!

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Mac Mining: Is it worth it?

Feel free to ask questions below. There is risk involved in mining. There is risk in the wallet you choose, risk in the mining pool, risk in the hardware and software, risk in the exchange you trade it on. Do your own research and be careful. The software that can do this for you is Litecoin-Qt, the official Litecoin client. Once you have the. When you open the program for the first time, you may have to enter your password to allow you to run the Application.

You will also get a pop-up window that asks you if you would like to let Litecoin-Qt accept incoming network connections. Go ahead and click the images at the top of the app that says overview, send, receive, transactions, and addresses. Each is pretty self explanatory. Send is used to send Litecoin, receive is used to receive, and addresses are addresses for sending payments.

Anyway, we can back to the ins-and-outs of the Litecoin wallet later. Please remember to do your own research with these things. There are lots of different mining pools that you could join for this step, not every pool is going to withstand the test of time. Once you fill in the information needed to create your account and get a onscreen confirmation, log-in to the site.

Litecoin itself is very secure, but like the rest of the internet and apps wallets and websites should be treated with care as true as that is in general, it is even more true with crypto. Now you have a Litecoin wallet and you can receive payments!

Ok so now we have a wallet, a mining pool account connected to the wallet, and a worker to go make that money for us. This step can be a little bit tricky. To download this software:. Most mining software triggers a false-positive with antivirus programs. In other words, your antivirus might block this download as a threat, so you may need to briefly disable your antivirus software.

Move the download to your Desktop and extract the file by double-clicking on the zip file. Ok now we have a wallet, a way to get paid, a worker, and mining software. Now, we finally get to put the metaphorical pickaxe to the digital dirt!

Otherwise, you may leave your computer open to malicious software! In simple terms this is just showing you that your computer is mining decoding hashes. You can worry about what all that information means later — the important thing is that you are now mining Litecoin on your mac! This will quit Minerd and the mining will stop.

Terminal will not give you confirmation or a prompt, but rest assured if you pressed control-c and no longer see hashes appearing in the window you are in the clear. Keep in mind, CPU mining is a very ineffective mining process.

Because of the large amount of computing power in the LiteCoin network, you really would need to invest in more powerful mining hardware to make a profitable mining operation.

Congratulations on having taken such a strong first step! What is Litecoin you may ask? Litecoin is a fork of the Bitcoin project with three important changes:. While SHA benefits from massive, parallel processing, Scrypt is built to be very memory-intensive. This means that, for the time being, mining Litecoins using your CPU which is no longer profitable with Bitcoin is still possible. With the Litecoin wallet you can actually mine from within the UI.

However, as Litecoin CPU mining is generally done within the wallet application though it can be done at the command-line , I want to make two things clear.

First , encrypt your wallet. The same thing goes for your Bitcoin wallet. As stated above, the Litecoin wallet UI is capable of showing and controlling mining. This makes it possible to use the pooled miner from within the Litecoin wallet. This can be down by downloading gfxCardStatus , then switching to your discrete graphics card. I actually thing it is affected, but it is passing all diagnostics so far. I am actually an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, and this is a computer I am trying to diagnose.

It has unfortunately passed everything so far, but the customer is insistent that it is. So I thought I would do some extreme stress testing and mine some dogecoin at the same time.

I will have to check the graphics card status, I completely forgot about it. Running a new MBPR, everything works until it starts to mine. I get "Too many failed attempts! The miner kept quitting and wouldn't restart successfully. The new version released today is a bit more resilient in this regard. Maybe give it a shot version 0. Otherwise, click on "Send Feedback" under the Asteroid menu to send me your debugging logs. I just have a question: Why is there no DOGE to select?

Thanks for the tuto! Asteroid when I bring it up says no mining devices detected. What do i do to fix this, can't i just run it off of my mac? I have figured out where I went wrong. I don't know if this applies to all sites, so for anyone else out there who may come across this problem I have been trying to get Asteroid to work today, using two pools, just in case one was not working or else, I am an idiot.

Right, so I setup my accounts as per instructions here, and on the two different pools, however am getting authentication issues - precisely the same ones on both pools.

Has anyone else had the same problem or has had the same problem and managed to resolve their issues? But, I don't want my laptop to overheat so I might not be able to keep it running. Maybe someone here can help me, when I set all this up then try to start mining, Asteroid gives me the message "No devices enabled, waiting I did some research and it seems that astroid cant run on older GPU's. The series is when it actually would work. My series GPU wont work with astroid either.

You'll have to run a CPUminer. Heres's a link , CPUminer is at the bottom. You won't get great rates but it works. Also be sure to properly cool your laptop, you don't want to make a nice brick out of your computer.

I'll keep on googling and see what I can come up with. I tried a few things, including rebooting, but to no avail. If you can find an answer, please PM me what you did! I will gladly credit you in the original post: I never did solve it, though it turned out my graphics card isn't compatible with OpenCL which is used by Asteroid I believe. So far I haven't been able to get it going at all but I'll let you know if I figure it out.

Just trying this out now but I get the message 'No devices enabled, waiting You can mine with that macbook air. I have a similar model , 13". The graphics card is supported HD Graphics Hey if you're still willing to help, my computer says no mining devices connected, no idea why. I have my worker setup and the password has been entered. I think the power I am using is worth more than the DogeCoins. Convince me, i guess.

I'm running an iMac 3. But i see to be getting a whole bunch of hardware errors when mining. As i'm assuming this has an effect on how effective i'm mining, how can i go about fixing that issue?

Hardware errors just mean that you can't solve blocks because your device can't process the data properly. Not a big issue though! I'll check it again tomorrow then when i'm at those computers again, but it seemed like i was still getting a bunch of errors with the intensity at the lowest setting. You got me going on this! Thank you so much for your glorious instructions kind Shibe!!

I started last night and dont' have much power but I'll mine my ass off anyways. I couldn't manage CudaMiner unfortunately but asteroid does pretty good on my iMac. Cheers and maybe I'll see you on the moon? Im running a mac mini and it says no mining devices detected. If you have the or higher, you'll need Mavericks to use it for GPU mining. Hrm, go to "Send Feedback" in the Asteroid menu, which will send me Asteroid's debugging logs that I can they use to try to see what exactly might be happening.

Thank you so much for this how to! After being confused about how to start mining for weeks I finally started digging tonight after reading your guide! When I've mined some shiny dogecoins I'll donate them your way!

I'm mining at around 10k on nonstopmine - do you know roughly when I might expect to see a return? I want to start tipping! I have a 2. As soon as I get some doge, some is definitely coming your way!

Man, I downloaded Asteroid, and after failing a few times to set everything up correctly, by me not putting my correct work ID and password, and the port number in, Asteroid has slowed my Late iMac 2. And I have to restart to bring the iMac out of it. It will do that. THat's since it's using your graphics card hard, and sometimes that slows everything down quite a bit. THat's to be expected unless you do cpu-only. Any idea how long it takes a newer macbook pro to mine a dogecoin?

Also, how do I monitor my laptop's internal temp? If I just have it sitting on a cooling fan, is that all right? Do I have a firewall issue? I've tried different miners, wallet addresses, and pools but can't seem to mine. My cpu goes up 20 degrees C. So apparently it can work. Using a cgminer my graphics card fan came on full and the GPU temp jumped, but no coins. I've never heard of dogecoin-qt working to mine.

You stated that your fans came on after you began mining. Are you using a notebook, and if so, what kind? No information, it just gives me the generic Mac error message, "Asteroid has quit unexpectedly. How do I bring down the intensity? The crash is happening before it even gets started. Is there a settings file I need to edit beforehand?

It may also be that you're running on Mac OS X Asteroid currently is only for Yes, I'm on That makes sense then. Thanks for the response! I may be upgrading to I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but In your experience would it be better to mine via OSX or Windows running on a apple machine? Ok great, only problem is that it keeps saying that my worker username and password are incorrect, what should I do?

HI there that seems pretty easy but i'm hanging, Asteroid says no device enabled, and i tried with two different pools.. As you mention I use the fan control app and set it at max and I can run at intensity 12 - 13 if I am doing nothing else. If I'm using it for browsing I turn the intensity down to around 9 for both cards and I can browse the web etc while it keeps mining.

I noticed that it is best to change the intensity then exit astoroid then start it again as it does not always adjust to going down in intensity but I have never had a problem with it adjusting up. Also if you stop mining and start again I find it does not always start again properly with the status bar showing at the bottom so if I stop it I will typically close it and reopen again to make sure it is working properly.

Here is a question for you. Can you CPU mine for doge? I know astoroid is suppose to mine cpu as well as GPU but I have had no luck. I have a question though: I have been mining for about an hour now and I don't have any dogecoins yet. Is that normal or is my computer just not good enough to mine? I can't seem to change the name of the Pool?

And I am using litecoinpool. When launching Asteroid, hold option immediately after it begins to launch. This will reset it. Go ahead and fix your information. My graphics card for my Macbook pro isn't on the list. It's a iMac clearly i'm doing something wrong. Would anyone be able to help me with an issue I'm having on my Mac Pro 2. If I use intensity above 10, I just get endless HW errors and nothing else.

I understand you can tweak settings in a more granular fashion with CLI miners on Windows etc. Is that an option with Asteroid? If you are getting hardware errors, either bump down your intensity or don't use your computer while it's mining.

Based on what people seem to be getting with lower spec'd cards, I thought I might be able to squeeze more out of it. I use my laptop when mining on my pro, so it's not in use at all apart from running the client. I just had a search around and found this thread from someone with the same set up. Do you reckon that frequency of hardware error is anything to worry about? How long does the Dogecoin Wallet take to synchronize?

Mine didn't connect last night and it still isn't connecting. I have no firewall up. And in advance, thanks for setting this all up. This is super cool of you to help the Mac users out! It'll take a couple hours to sync the wallet, depending on your internet connection. It may also take a while to "connect" to the wallet download server.

This is probably a stupid question, but does the wallet need to be synchronized before you start mining? I have my iMac running at intensity 10 all day long, and it's been going for the past two weeks in the background. My fans are still at an idle. Am i doing something wrong? Two reasons I can think of. One, you may not have selected "scrypt" as the coin type for the pool check and see, it should be scrypt.

Or two, you are in a non-US locale and Asteroid is misinterpreting your number system commas swapped with periods for example. The former you can fix, the latter I have to: You should be able to nonetheless confirm your real hashrate by clicking on the small "i" in the Asteroid window and seeing what the mining engine is running at.

The display in the Asteroid UI is an interpretation largely of that console, but sometimes that interpretation is bugged: Anyone mining in a Macbook Pro? It's profitable or the intensity of mining is very low? In wich mining pool are you? Is there a different mining client I could use for my iMac running Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Discrimination against other shibes will not be tolerated 3. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Mining in Pools Mining in and of itself is an intensive process.

Setting up your worker s Now that you've joined a pool, it's time to start mining! I hope this guide was simple for you to follow, and helpful to get you mining dogecoins.

Want to add to the discussion? It is working fine for me.

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29 Dec Not everyone in the world has a mega-GPU backed PC, and odds are if you are reading this, you are someone who uses an iMac as your primary computer. You' re growing through the dogecoin subreddit, so I take it you want to mine up some of these godly coins. Well it's simple. I'm not going to go into. Currently, mining Dogecoin is unprofitable. You will never get a block against User Friendly Mac Mining software; CGWatcher. Excellent Mining Companion to restart and Dogecoin Core desktop software Version Beta New as of 9/11/ 15; – Current information on Mining. Please Read Before other links!. 26 Dec and DogeCoin, VertCoin, QuarkCoin, MaxCoin, more. Simple like iOS, yet powerful like a Mac, this app gives you all the options. With the most powerful bitcoin and litecoin mining backends available on the Mac, Mac miners now have a user friendly application which even allows you to run the backends in.

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