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We bitcointalk do our best, make more coin pools, easy switching functions, auto profit switchings. Latest stable version speculation Bitcoin Core: February 01, Potcoin Mining Pool Hub http: Spaincoin Speculation Pool Bitcointalk http: I won't be mining this multipool from now on. It already multipool support payment only in bitcoin or litecoin.

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No problems, that's how I was paid as I made the setting Multialgo, Auto Exchange to any coin. Powered by SMF 1. The larger the pool, the more blocks they solve, the more payments they provide, the more people it's split with. This event starts from now!

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No problems, that's how I was paid as I made the setting No I am still waiting too. In my experience, the higher the hashrate, the shorter stints with either bitcointalk. Potcoin Mining Pool Speculation http: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: February 01, For 7 days, donators will not be charged twice for multipool fee and donations.

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[ANN][POOL] Infernomans multipool [POOL] Payouts in [BTC] [NEOS] [HTML] [FUEL]

[ANN][The Original Multipool - Scrypt/SHA/Scrypt-N/X11] wearebeachhouse.com

Got some LTC in my wallet tonight. Things work well, and my garage is up from 40f to 50f, and the chips are at 71to 73f.

Cannot hear the unit in my home I still cannot figure out the website so I can see if I am on line, and how I am operating. Hero Member Offline Posts: I like this pool alot especially those having d3.

This pool mine most profitable x11 coins rather than mining dash. It has 3x-5x more earnings than zpool my previous pool and i always got my payout. We should help recommend others to support this pool. Last i got to say well done granatgas! December 31, , Hello, I've been mining GranatGas for the past days and am currently waiting for the payout as the CRM coins seem to be "stuck".

I am just putting this out there again - I assume the pool owner is responding? Granatgas - If you can read this, please check: Both wallet address as of 2: You can check the wallet for an updated balance. So far, I am enjoying this pool instead of prohashing, aikapool, multipool, etc.. Here is a lmage link to see a screen shot of both CRM payments. I still have a mining session in progress, so the amount is now larger than when I originally made the post.

I think you should check the 1st age of the website. They list only 2 coins they are currently paying in: January 01, , I have several deposits on CANN and there was no problem nor reason to think otherwise No problems, that's how I was paid as I made the setting Please read on first page https: Bitcoin Forum February 01, , Please login or register.

Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: December 13, , We distribute hashpower in real time among the best coins. Just plug in your stratum miner using your bitcoin wallet address as the username. We also allow payouts in any currency we mine. Just use your altcoin wallet address as the username.

Payouts are made automatically twice a day for all balances above 0. Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.

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Hi guys. I'm about to build my first rig and awaiting some parts that will hopefully arrive tomorrow. I need to understand and learn how to identify what to mine and when (which is a big subject I know). I'm curious about Multipool but OMG there is sooooo much to absorb and read, my head bleeds. Here is my. The ORIGINAL automatic profit-switching pool! Cool Website: https://www. wearebeachhouse.com Features: Actively Maintained; Port 80 & Mining; Proportional reward system; Profit-switching ports switch between coins based on coin profitability - point your miner there and always be mining the most profitable. Hi, guys. Please, i need a help. 3-th day I've been mining: wearebeachhouse.com? address=3Lb44HGJpidp77X2f1B11UC9zuFQ1JemMA. I have 10 CREA, (more than for payment), but there are not money and transactions in my wallet. Why? Hi guys, please, where my money on my wallet? I have CREA.

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