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Is this for use for long term cold bitcointalk Submit text NOT about price. I was constantly checking in every days and received no responses. Thanks for the cryptsy up, I think it's telling that Cryptsy has not responded to this reddit thread. Btc issues anybody is aware of? Be aware that Twitter, etc. Xrp and CryptoCuddlefish Launch date:

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Imgur Edit to add: JShock, you could just manually send me my coins, it is not difficult, the longer you don't the more ppl will believe that you do not have them. February 16, , Let us know if you are still unable to process a withdrawal request. The approach is multi-pronged, began with the involvement of Urea shipment exporters [and] importers in June and will move on to wholesalers and eventually to farmers over the next 9 months. One of the 3.

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So Bitfinex is the only "okay" exchange that has margin trading? Electrum users must bitcointalk to 3. Submissions that are mostly about some other cryptocurrency belong cryptsy. It seems like not xrp people btc. Be aware that Twitter, etc.

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Ripple Forum • View topic - [ANN] Ripple Gateway to fiat on CCEDK in July

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I am a bot. If cryptsy give even a single fuck about their reputation they should pay this man what they owe. Otoh please keep us informed about whether you get your money back. I have a hard time believing Cryptsy would do this.

I have always found their service to be flawless in its Couldn't keep a straight face! Cryptsy selectively scam large withdrawals often. PM me and I'll pass on some info which may change Jim's mind. Those regulations shouldn't restrict withdrawals, it only means they would be well documented. I hope I'm completely wrong. For a large company, but early on, If I was management, I would rather not have the head ache of having to report every transaction and would limit accordingly.

Their Belize corporate name is located here. It is a Belize corporation with no address, but also lists a US entity, Project Investors Inc, as the one "managing" the Belize entity.

It may be hard to get information about a Belize company: However, the US "managing" entity address seems to be correct, as a search for that entity in the Florida corporation register shows the same address. That search will also give you the name of the registered agent. To start with, an over-nighted letter from a real law firm might get you more attention.

Still, if their claim is they have changed verification processes, ie requiring new information that they didn't previously require for the higher approval levels, I doubt your claim would be successful. Not saying all this isn't cover up for GOX type issues. So is the issue with the "verification levels" that they are claiming a hard cap on withdrawals regardless of verification level? One of the 3. Still over 80 BTC to go atm. Also, lots of discussion over on bitcointalk.

When I tried to post this in their chat it now appears that I'm permanently banned from posting there. Emailed the above post to support, plus:.

I agree they are being very shady. I was eventually able to get coins out of there, but it waa significantly less than what you have on their site. It took many times contacting support. Something is not right over ther I wont be putting coins on their exchange anytime soon.

There simply could not have been any more warning signs over the years to get your money off Cryptsy and never look back. It's been glaringly obvious for years that they are either impossibly negligent or simply criminals. Thats what makes this post so difficult to read. I really feal bad for the op but at the same time i keep saying to myself..

You still use Cryptsy!! Only reason I used it significantly for a while is an altcoin I really like was only listed there. We've since gotten listed elsewhere and I got the hell out. I don't know any other good reason to use it. For me though, it worked out; I wouldn't have been able to get those coins otherwise. But I went through my own withdraw issues with them, on a much smaller scale, to do so.

And I thought waiting a few hours for Bitfinex to process my withdrawal had me on edge. Haven't traded since early summer. Is Bitfinex still considered trustworthy? So Bitfinex is the only "okay" exchange that has margin trading? Never been brave enough to try OKCoin but I've heard mixed opinions. Thanks for the heads up, I think it's telling that Cryptsy has not responded to this reddit thread.

Cryptsy has done this to large withdrawals since day 1. You're an idiot for having any money there. In early when Gox finally collapsed, many people were predicting Cryptsy would be next.

The evidence was overwhelming. How foolish does someone have to be with their money to ignore all the warning signs? I know a lot of people around here frown on blaming the victim when it came to the people who lost coins in Gox. But I find it difficult to have sympathy for fools who ignore obvious facts and warning signs.

Greed is the ultimate reason for their foolishness. Gox and Cryptsy were where the volume was at. It's where all the whales did their trading. So the greedy did not want to leave. They kept wanting to make their fake money that ultimately wasn't theirs to be had. The truly regrettable thing here is not that OP lost money, but that some shady scammers just got richer.

I hate it when dishonest people win, and it's all attributed to human greed and stupidity. Since this issue has become more salient, why is Crypsty still operational? It seems like not enough people care. Unthinkable that is YouTube problem, and support seems to be very poor. They are just following regs and and trying to get 30, people up to speed. Will take time, but a lawyer in this instance is a good idea.

The lack of communication is what makes this extremely fishy. I think it is more likely than not that Cryptsy is going Gox. I have been experience very similar issues with the RBR that I have in limbo in my account. After going back and forth with Karen, they left me hanging for 15 days. I was constantly checking in every days and received no responses. I was fed up with the wait and I opened a new ticket, once I did that I received a response from Karen that they had to take the wallet down completely.

She did not specify how long it would take, since then I have tried contacting again and there are no responses.

I have 2 personal emails and I reached out to those 2 people as well, no response. Tried to withdraw 50 Dash and nothing. Asked all the way down to 10 Dash and still nothing. Gee dude if you make the threats you have to push through on them or they'll just get comfortable. Why are your lawyers not already actually on this? I won't offer any solution to your situation, but why would anyone had more than 0. There are better, much faster and liquid exchanges than that.

I think there are only two possibilities here, either Cryptsy has been dishonest with their internal book keeping, OR, they have had an amount of their funds frozen as a result of pressure from US authorities. Pretty sure Cryptsy is still the biggest altcoin exchange so it could be that pressure from US authorities is being applied to discredit crypto currencies in general, or more specifically, the diversification thereof. In terms of what you can do, it's better to wait than throw money down a legal hole.

Just now received my DASH withdrawal, this now puts me on: This was just a joke, right? Jim Shock told me on chat that I was the number one withdraws issue to sort out, so what do you do, ban me and ignore my support emails, unbelievable, totally unprofessional. I've been able to withdraw 2 btc recently, they went through within 20 min's. If you want me to check if I can help you let me know. You could transfer a small amount to my private trading key and I can try to witdrawal it tou your Polo or other account.

Polo worked out fine for me. I can't withdraw my 3BTC either since more than 2 weeks. These guys are a joke.

They wanted to close my ticket today. I will try to get the withdrawal cancelled and try to withdraw some other shitcoin. I am also having the same problem, what could be done to solve? What do you need to keep your Ripples anyway?

Is the secret key enough? With Bitcoin, all you need is the private key to access your coins. That said, if you don't trust online services with the safety of your XRP, can you create your own address where only you know the secret key? Earn up to MR1 on February 26, , Full Member Offline Activity: Cryptsy will not allow you to cashout your XRP. I had to convert to another coin to cash out, and this was months ago. I sent an email to support in and I got this email 13 days ago: You will receive notice once we have resolved this problem If you would like to cancel a withdrawal, please create a "new" ticket and choose "Cancel Withdrawal" from the ticket type.

We appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues. Sincerely, Cryptsy Customer Service" 2. Your public key starts with an "r" your secret key starts with an "s". Yes, you can create a cold wallet: Kraken and Poloniex offer IOUs. However, the security at Kraken is top notch, your XRP are unlikely to be "lost" or stolen from Kraken. Cryptsy is an example why I don't trust online wallets. I looked into it a bit and stumbled over https: Plus, you can do transactions too with it, what makes you independant from a 3rd party.

As far as I know there are no useful offline wallet for XRP. Storing your coins on exchanges is quite risky e. We believe that too many altcoins have sought to compete with each other, when there is so much room to expand the altcoin economy itself to new areas. With [that] in mind, we would like to extend a hand of friendship to all other altcoin communities out there — our fight is with the centralized financial system, not with each other — let us rise together — and reach as many people as possible.

All altcoins have their niche, and we should all seek to find our unique positioning in this vast, growing global marketplace. We first need to examine who Uro truly is before we can expose the scam.

Ratified the Uro Protocol: A simple Whois shows that Santosh Thrimurthula registered greenearthsystems. A simple Whois shows that Vaibhav Sharma registered ureatradingindia. I could not find a business registration for this company with the government of South Africa on their business search. An article on CryptoArticles. If the documents are legitimate, then that is proof that different people own each company.

If that is the case, then the four companies publicly disclosed on the Uro website, legitimate businesses or not, are working with Uro Foundation in some capacity. Singh that looks like someone just found a stock image of a person, and congratulated him on his urea excellence.

India is the largest cultivator and exporter of this rice, followed by Pakistan; it is primarily grown through paddy field farming in the Punjab region. The grains of basmati rice are longer than most other types of rice. Cooked grains of Basmati rice are characteristically free flowing rather than sticky, as with most long-grain rice. Cooked basmati rice can be uniquely identified by its fragrance.

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A batch of articles (SiliconAngle and Coinfire) have alleged that Cryptsy is under Federal investigation. Users on BitcoinTalk are reporting the inability to withdraw funds. This exchange is now bankrupt. You can't trade at all on Cryptsy, DON'T USE THEM. BTC Pairs; XRP Pairs; 72 LTC Pairs; 16 USD Pairs; 1 EUR . 12 Jul Hello to you all good people on Ripple Network, Launch of Ripple pairs on CCEDK exchange in July This is Ronny Boesing, the CEO of CCEDK. http://www. wearebeachhouse.com -of-ccedk/ I just want to start off by saying I am happy to be finally able to say Ripple will also be available on the. You can always trade your coins for btc and then trade those for xrp at justcoin, cryptsy etc. If you have btc or nxt you Anytime I've had that issue I contacted emfox either via email or bitcointalk forum pm (wearebeachhouse.com? actio le;u=) and he straightened it out. This is from the link in.

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