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Here bitcointalk the sterling leading up to version 1. He announcement also continuing to tweak coin. I am looking forward to getting my premium SLG cards! Sterlingcoin is the first X13 coin to launch with services such as merchants, exchanges, mining pools, paper wallets, block explorers. Mr Snappy's Video - https: October 04, I know it's what people are willing to pay for a certain crypto.

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Crypto Wednesday, February 7th, DonQuijote Legendary Offline Activity: My parents loved Sterling Silver so I grew up with it all my life Install the Facebook MultiCoinTipping app - https: This 7 week pre-launch ensured everyone had the information and time needed to get started and that is was a fair start for all involved. He is also continuing to tweak paperwallet.

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Portuguese Translation - https: DonQuijote Legendary Offline Bitcointalk Buerra I couldn't agree more, if Coin becomes as big as Guldencoin we will all be smiling in sterling months time when POW ends. Announcement didn't want to make anyone feel "left out" just because of their geographic location. BlockPoS Min: Matthew is still hard at work on the API and Explorer.

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Sterling coin bitcointalk announcement

Sterling coin bitcointalk announcement

Dunno why it hasn't drawn potential investors in yet? Full Member Offline Activity: I know it's what people are willing to pay for a certain crypto. I also realize what SLG has accomplished thus far. I believe SLG will be on the radar of whales and big time investors soon enough. Yeah yeah, I guess I would be what some call a bag holder. I'll keep on adding to my bag until I hit top ten wallets.

SLG is one of my top 3 currencies I hold besides bitcoin. I am looking forward to getting my premium SLG cards! No other altcoin can compete http: November 16, , If you haven't voted, get moving - https: I think you guys need to grab some attention somehow.

Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: Full Member Offline Activity: One of the most professional looking coin launches I've seen in a while, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this. One the best representations I have seen in a while. Unfortunately, I don't agree with airdrops n such. Also once the Spacedrop has ran dry the Sterlingcoin Faucet will open allowing people to enter each hour for free SLG. Sterlingcoin on August 02, , Good OP, otherwise in begining just post some basic info, I like it now following your coin.

Not a fan of X UK Citizens will receive 50 Sterlingcoin upon entry to the Spacedrop. Non-UK Citizens will receive Sterlingcoin. We also check IP addresses and block proxies Non-UK Citizens simply enter their Wallet Address and email if they wish to receive updates from Sterlingcoin and they will then receive a random amount between 1 and 50 SLG. It's not fair to non-UK players, give equal distribution coins to all, why partialities to others.

Finally a alt worth registering on BTCtalk for. August 04, , Some information on the upcoming Spacedrop and Faucet. It is a new form of distribution. An "Airdrop" for those who don't know is when cryptocurrencies are distributed to a specific group of people. The Sterlingcoin Spacedrop is our effort of making an "Airdrop" that everyone can participate in. We didn't want to make anyone feel "left out" just because of their geographic location.

The Sterlingcoin team wants the distribution of SLG everywhere, not only in any one specific target area. We have strong roots running from the United Kingdom that are going to help SLG hit the ground running harder then any other new coin has. Hero Member Offline Posts: We are happy to announce the second merchant to accept Sterlingcoin. Mr Snappy's Video - https: Sterlingcoin on August 04, , August 05, , Full Member Offline Activity: I'm so freaking excited for this coin but the launch is still so far away.

August 06, , This means upon launch you will be able to tip other users of the MultiCoinTipping app on Facebook with Sterlingcoin.

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2 Aug limit my search to r/Sterlingcoin. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author: username: find submissions by "username"; site:wearebeachhouse.com: find submissions from "wearebeachhouse.com"; url:text: search for "text" in url; selftext:text: search for. 18 Nov [ANN][SLG] Sterlingcoin v | United Kindom | Bleutrade. https://bitcointalk. to/wearebeachhouse.com?topic=msg#msg . I've gone through maybe out of all the altcoin announcements, mined maybe , bought around 10 different ones, got burned few times, got profit some times. Steven is getting the faucet ready for the 20th of October so that everyone can get free Sterlingcoin every hour. He is also continuing to tweak paperwallet. wearebeachhouse.com for mobile devices. We will warn you now, the amounts from the 'Faucet' will be a fraction of what you saw from the 'Spacedrop' i.e.

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