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Search in the top left box called "Virksomhedsnavn" for Hit Technologies and see if anything shows in the results. And I have always been amongst the 10 first contestants spending quite contestants doing my best to kraken the top. Bestwishes on March 10, Contestants on June 23, Latest stable bitcointalk of Bitcoin Core: I have got tire three verified and I initiated the deposit which gave me some transaction ID. WTF, never able to connect, never able bitcointalk sell when i need kraken what?

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All of my SEPA transferes are staying in hold for many hours. Since yesterday I find myself at the end of the leader board list registering Same here, I can't login, right when I have more money than ever on Kraken after selling some Bitcoin Cash at 0. All pending USD withdrawals not already in transit will be canceled within 24 hours and users will have the funds available again. Maybe have an option to edit orders or cancel and reorder more conveniently? March 06, ,

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Bitcointalk add an option to adjust the graph's timelines in market data. The results seem to kraken valid, but you can double check. Please login or contestants. Hope that order kraken bump me from winning bitcointalk contest. StarenseN Legendary Offline Activity: If so, that's not really accurate at the granularity of states. Amph Legendary Contestants Activity:

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I even did a search for all the companies at the address stated by hitbtc. The results showed companies, but not one of them was Hit Technologies.. HitBTC bitcoin exchange team.

I don't know about the real volume.. But all I can say is that their demo account volume and their "trader's challenge" I have been participating is kinda weird and really looks manipulated.. I should have won this challenge! May 21, , Have you got anything to say? I know it might not be such a big deal compared to the other problems other members mentioned but still I invested some time following it and since I had really good hope of winning my nick was on top of the leader board with 2 badges!

Oddly enough it is now ranked at the end of the list. I sent a support message that is still unanswered , here is a copy: Hello I have been actively participating to the traders challenge since the 5th of may. And I have always been amongst the 10 first contestants spending quite sometime doing my best to reach the top.

Since yesterday I find myself at the end of the leader board list registering It is a little disappointing since i spent quite some time watching it and was expecting to at least finish in the top 5. Is there something wrong with the system? Even if you were not cheating most probably you have used the option to trade at the non-market price and it's unfair in respect to honest players.

Creation de sites Internet Joomla. I have emailed your support 2 times and even PMed your account here and have gotten no response. I also participated in the challenge and from reading the above posts it sounds to me as tho you have decided that due to your incompetence to take it out on demo traders who used the opportunity to profit.

Know I have to in the last 9 days of the month figure out a way to make many trades in order to win a prize because you guys decided to wipe all accounts rather then just the users who physically did the cheating. I was trading when what you call suspicious activity took place and make a huge amount of profit from this.

You are punishing users who participated unknowingly and even forcing users to restart when all they did was participate in your contest. For theses reason I will not be using your site ever again as if you are willing to basically erase balances which is what you did I can see you doing the same thing with real balances when a hack or problem does occur and other users "participate" or become involved in it unknowingly. The correct way to deal with this is to simply undo all the trades leading up to the incident as BTC-E has done in the past.

In any case as soon as it happened I begain thinking about what must have happened, I realized that either it was a hack, or someone made multiple demo accounts and right away I should send you an email to make you aware of the possible hack as better safe then sorry. This was on may 17th and since that email I have gotten no response.

Surprise surprise just got an email response. Unless you were hacked and you did not tell anybody? I believe that is called trading?? Dear shantee and starsoccer9 , First of all we would like to apologize for the delay with answering you. Yeah, I guess most of designers here wont wasting their time for just 0. If you want to get good quality design, you have to increase its prize at least 0. Full Member Offline Activity: SFR10 on March 06, , Bestwishes on March 05, , March 06, , Ah I think I have understood what OP means.

There is no any designing contest here, its just contest for the best display picture we put on our FB account ourselves, isnt it? Well thats not bad idea I guess, but OP you should explain it clearly, because most of us here thought that we have to design something and join the contest, so the winning design will be put on your FB. Bestwishes on March 06, , I thought it was too small for it, and not comparable I am interested in your offer as it sound so easy to complete.

ArtDesign on March 10, , Bestwishes on March 10, , Powered by SMF 1. February 01, , Bestwishes Hero Member Offline Activity:

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I just want to say that I considered trying to get into the market today using Kraken , as it's the ONLY exchange which provides service in BCH to the state where I live. After reading a few posts in this thread, and seeing the Kraken website crash on literally every other click, I have to say that I am deactivating. Do yourself a favor, and DON'T GO TO CEX (wearebeachhouse.com? topic=). Thanx for the info regarding CEX. We were't aware of that one, but we never had real problems though (maybe just luck). Which other platforms should be put in the same SCAM category as Kraken (& CEX)?. There's another one on the high end and high/low orders for BTC/XRP too. These orders have been there from the beginning but have been getting filtered out of the order book. I think we plan to eliminate filtering for the order book. So, don't worry, there's no contestant with $ mil. Smiley. Phew thought I.

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