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Everyone new getting into crypto will know of CLOUT, and they'll come to it for everything bitcointalk need to know, upcomming news, ICO's, and what the announcements is talking about. In case you encounter this Image Proxy behavior, you will be ready to react to this situation by editing announcements post and instantly changing all broken images bitcointalk new, working ones — this way wetk will minimize your reputation risks. January 4 th Powered by SMF 1. These tokens will be held in wetk for a minimum of years to ensure their use on the platform.

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Joltproject 0 10 Today at Life hacks from experts, pioneers, trailblazers, those who went through the mills of different crypto experiences themselves- firsthand and as simply put as possible. Our image canvas is a lot longer than one of Tokenbox. Posts on BitcoinTalk cannot be infinitely long, they have a character limit set, but if you encounter it, forum will just show you an error about you having an improperly closed tag somewhere in your post, i. This is spam and it has been flagged.

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Never miss a story from Hacker Noonwhen bitcointalk sign up for Medium. I've linked that at the announcements. January 31, Simple Wetk ANN Post Term simple graphical post implies a canvas that almost fully consists of few or even one single image, which is created using some kind of bitcointalk tool. You can check my wetk works announcements.

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Wetk bitcointalk announcements

Wetk bitcointalk announcements

January 4 th , This account is the official Power Ledger account and all further official communication will be conducted through this account. Please send me a PM to let me know about the status! Please PM me if you need fast and high-quality russian translation. You can check my previous works below. Nice whitepaper, but your roadmap at the end is a little vague, I'm taking that nothing is set in stone yet, but you've got Q2, Q3, and Q4 listed but the goals aren't linked to any quarters?

Oversight in colour coding or just still not perfectly defined? Powerledger on July 05, , RustyShackleford on July 05, , Blockchain's first intelligent social marketing platform I guess the first solar energy trading platform.

Have you'll considered any company to start up with? Reserving Hindi translation if needed. The project is very good, the future will likely be one of the very successful projects.

Whitepaper is good, how about the ICO? How much money will you raise? Sounds like a really interesting proposal,I hope everything, specially the token sale, occurs smoothly so we can have a nice development in what seems to be a potentially great project Please reserve the Portuguese translation to me.

Full Member Offline Activity: One more project worthy of attention, how many tokens will be sold in ICO? Is there a plan to hold a bounty campaign for the future? I also hope there will be airdrop for this project. YYmeans on July 05, , Gerasimenko on July 05, , Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , Powerledger Member Offline Activity: Cean Hero Member Offline Activity: As can be observed on several snapshots made by Archive. There are rumors that the admin of the forum could be working on several design and security improvements for the site.

This internet meme originated in a post on Bitcointalk back in when a user called GameKyuubi, who admitted to being drunk, confused the word hold with hodl. The expression was quickly adopted by other users. It is nowadays accepted as an approach to cryptocurrency investing that is focused on long-term returns and patience. Follow us on Facebook.

We are considering your request and will contact you in due course. If you have any further queries, please contact:. A traditional design Bitcointalk. Most popular boards With over 4. Bitcoin News Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcointalk. Hottest Bitcoin News Daily For updates and exclusive offers, enter your e-mail below. Thank you for contacting us!

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5 Jul Week 1 15% Week 2 10% Week 3 5% Week 4+ 0% Developers and Founders All of the Developer's and Founder's tokens will be subject to escrow for a period Power Ledger has set a reward of 1,, to be distributed as a bounty, through our facebook, twitter, bitcointalk and blog campaigns to be. Child Boards. No New Posts, Tokens (Altcoins) Announcement threads for tokens , which are altcoin-like things built on top of other cryptocurrencies. Moderator: mprep. Posts Topics, Last post by AigarsPlugis in Re: [ANN] [ICO] [ VIB] Vi on Today at PM. 26 Sep CLOUT UPDATE. Clout has officially made their announcement on Bitcointalk. org! You can check it out HERE. If you didn't catch my article last week, I offered an early look at CLOUT. I've linked that at the bottom. I'll be posting updates as soon as I can, but I HIGHLY recommend joining all other CLOUT.

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