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This article should working be taken as is, and mining not intended to provide, investment hub. Hi, thanks for your reply. It didn't take even 24 hours after the source commit. The disadvantage of MPH, is that setting up the auto tools or mining specific coin exchange algorithms may require experience with not batch scripts and using command lines interfaces. Only amounts earned after pool exchange was setup will auto exchange.

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This sub is dedicated to MiningPoolHub's service and nothing else. I updated about 8 hours later the hard fork. Stay tuned, and please follow miningpoolhub twitter account. Not sure what affect this has on the switching portion some speculate it may not be required if using Awesome Miner. NiceHash has higher fees and payout requirements, and only pays in BTC.

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Unconfirmed probably means it's in a pool that is yet to be mined and thus confirm your work or some other type of exchange. You are also dependent on buyers for hashing mining, so if your GPU doesn't have any profitable working to offer hashing for or if there are no buyers of hashing power, you don't make money. Here's a descriptions not these customizable fields. Note — You will want the first download not the remote agent installer. To be sure that you not mine on zpool hub can remove auto -wallet line Some of the additional algos listed by me are not available on MiningPoolHub and require mining on Zpool:

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Mining pool hub auto exchange not working

Mining pool hub auto exchange not working

You cann see the auto exchange setting page if you sign in. As soon as ZEC blocks are found and confirmation is fulfilled, pool send these coins to the highest bid exchange automatically. Pool exchange them to desired coin what user selected at first , withdraw, and credit to target pool. This was actually intended for auto switching feature, like multipools mining several coins. Many miners are using this feature for their longer investment.

That sounds really cool, something similar to what nicehash does - get paid in bitcoin directly etc. I want to be directly paid in BTC for now. Quick question if I select my account's auto exchange to Bitcoin, do i need to put in a BTC address in the start. I understand the concept of auto exchange, but I'm not sure how to go around setting it up correctly. Set BTC address at https: It will be easy to configure.

Same goes to most of other coin pools. We provide txid for withdrawals at Transactions page. At first, txid column is empty but it will be filled when send operation is done. You can track transactions by txid at https: I deleted it because I was able to set up the auto exchange correctly as per your instructions after trying a bit!

I had asked for help in that deleted msg. Anyway, so far it seems good. Much more stable, reconnects well, and colorful. The main window of the script will remain open and refresh frequently to give you a summary and you will see miners start with the information of yours accounts on MiningPoolHub and Zpool according to what the API's of MPH and Zpool have determined that is more lucrative now according of the hashrate obtained during the benchmark.

Think of visiting the Github of MultiPoolMiner on a regular basis weekly to see the improvements and bug corrections made to this script. Overview I wrote this tutorial to explain to everyone who asks me how to register on MiningPoolHub, download and configure the famous MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace and mine the most profitable coin of the moment to exchange them automatically against the cryptocurrency of our choice.

What do i need to mine with multipoolminer on Mining Pool Hub or Zpool? You must create a new account if you don't already have one or simply log in.. How to create a MiningPoolHub account? Please remember your Pin, is needed for withdraw your coins to your personal wallet. Your new account is now created. You are now logged on MiningPoolHub. You Auto exchange setting is now updated on MiningPoolHub for your favorite coin.

How to find the most profitable coin to mine on MiningPoolHub? How to mine manually the coin of your choice on MiningPoolHub? However it only works with the api of MiningPoolHub and Zpool for now. Here are the steps to install MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace: You must now customize the script with your account information and some choices that will be specific to you.

Here's a descriptions of these customizable fields. Windows 7 need PowerShell. You need to download excavator to add manually after launched the script. Choose your "Version" or "Distribution" Chose installer yype "Network" or "Local" Now, you just need to download and install with default options.

How to install PowerShell if you have Windows 7? The script start to download miner software for benchmarking each algo You need to check the script, each time than a new miner start benchmark, your windows firewall if enable ask you to open port.

You have error message like: Balances You see what you have mined and what coin is credited for auto exchange for your favorite coin.

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7 Aug How to mine on MiningPoolHub with MultiPoolMiner (Multialgo, Auto Exchange to any coin) Standard Internet connection (low bandwidth needed); Know how to install the video driver and how to extract zip files. You Auto exchange setting is now updated on MiningPoolHub for your favorite coin. Pool fee is %. Lower than any other pools. FAQ How to set up multi-algo switching? 1. Set your favorite coin at "Auto Exchange" page. Any coin you mined will Normally you will get more favorite coins since auto profit switching will dynamically mine the most profitable coins. It's not each pool's "My Workers" page. Pool URL: wearebeachhouse.com Features - Auto profit switch. You can switch mining coin/algo by profitability. - Exchange mined coins to any other alt coins (like We encourage miners to payout to alt coins (not Bitcoin) to make alt coins healthier. Super powerful monster servers are running.

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