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Start Cloud Login Join the most profitable mining pool in the world. Account allows you to buy, sell bitcoins store login, ethereum, litecoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum made easy. Bitcoin Games is a provably fair gaming platform that allows you to play bitcoins test account or actual Bitcoins. Deva Hanna January 18,

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Learn About Bitcoin Bitcoin is changing the way people think about money. Item added to wishlist. Use Bitcoin Tools Bitcoin. So as soon as you click on the app, you are straight in your wallet, anyone can get i if they access your phone. Now, this may not be the app's fault and it's certainly not the developer's fault, but it still hasn't been the best experience ever. Looking for a different wallet. Frank Zen December 18,

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Download the official Bitcoin. Easy to use Bitcoin account with login security features. All right Full Bitcoins. Also need better ways of dealing with stuck transactions and seeing their status. That's the only bad thing.

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Dominic Johnson January 26, Can anyone explain in very simple English Full Review. Rex Gongob January 30, My widrawal didnt appear on this wallet Full Review. All right Full Review. This is so easy to use Full Review. YoungIntegral 78 January 29, Brendan Delear January 20, This app is great I have used it for years.

The high transaction fees at the moment are a necessary evil at the moment. The seqwit and lightning network are the exact opposite of what bitcoin stands for. By using nodes to hold open transaction lanes you are basically creating banks and opening up the possibility of your bitcoin becoming taken from you. Also coinbase is spamming Transactions pushing out legitimate txs. This app is great it has everything you need and you can also backup your private keys in case you lose your phone.

Robert Nasiadek January 18, I really like this wallet, but lack of Segwit support finally made me switch away. I can live without fingerprint reader support, but Segwit is kind of a deal breaker these days: Lacks any sense of intuitive functionality.

Pair this with their costumer service which is less than half-ass quarter-ass? Robert Grabosch January 12, Wish you could implement encrypted backup to Google Drive. Alhaji Mustapha January 23, I forgot my password and no way to recover.

Glenn Hobba January 23, Reza Jalili January 24, Beside high transaction fees I lost all my bitcoins because there is only one option to backup on the phone and when you miss your phone or wipe the data it's all gone.

Hopefully there wasn't so much bitcoin on my wallet but I don't use this app anymore Full Review. Sairjis Coleman January 23, Simple, easy for mobile payments and scanning qr codes. Needs better ui to explain fees and give users a better idea of how long a payment will take. The current options are hidden and not really clear. Also need better ways of dealing with stuck transactions and seeing their status.

The network is very backed up right now, so you have to be careful about what fees are paid. Igor G December 31, It is OK for inexperienced users just to send and receive very small amounts of bitcoin.

But you cannot manage your addresses, export private keys and cannot select exact fee. It either offers too low "normal" fee around 0. MelissaWrites December 18, I have no idea where the rest of my money went.

I'm so glad I kept this balance low. Meet Pande December 16, This app creates a new wallet address every time one wallet receives a payment. So I can't even access my older wallets. I have a concern. I sent ywo payments of approx. It's been three days and it's still not confirmed. I'm getting worried that I sent my money into a black hole. Is it normal for tranactions of this kind to take days to get to their destination?

Will I end up losing my money? Very concerned about this. I would like some feedback fromyhe developers. Lothar Li December 29, This App is hiding my priv keys so I cannot access my funds.

That's the only bad thing. Everything else works very well for me. Bitcoin Wallet developers November 15, Frank Zen December 18, The fees on this are ridiculous. Economy transfer ignores your fee until you do the upgrade which is more than the normal cost. It's essentially a trick to make you pay the bribe. Looking for a different wallet.

Alexandria Maguire January 15, It's bloatware that can not be moved to sd card and doesn't give you as much in return for all the ads watched. And they knowingly make sure it can't be moved from internal to external, basically you need a non network phone to use this app ore but the latest greatest phone just so you can have space to use this idlegame. I don't trust aps that can't be moved to give me more space to use these apps.

B - Achatstuff December 18, Easy to get the money in but outrageous fees to get it out. Never seen that elsewhere. Choose Airbitz any time! Then again you cannot close your wallet, you can only move it out. So as soon as you click on the app, you are straight in your wallet, anyone can get i if they access your phone. I moved out my money and will now uninstall.

A Google User January 12, Love this simple and safe app. The only thing that needs to change is the default blockchain explorer which had adopted the erroneous view that Bcash is going to supplant Bitcoin and now displays a pop-up to this effect. Andrew Nelson January 10, Lookup a transaction, use the Bitcoin Cash calculator, generate a paper wallet, and more!

Check out the Tools. Start learning about Bitcoin with interactive tutorials. It is peer-to-peer electronic money that features low fees and fast transaction times. Bitcoin Games is a provably fair gaming platform that allows you to play with test tokens or actual Bitcoins. Available for mobile and desktop. What Happened to Bitcoin?

Learn more about Bitcoin Cash with our guide. Get Started With Bitcoin. Learn About Bitcoin Bitcoin is changing the way people think about money. Use Bitcoin Bitcoin makes it easy to send real money quickly to anywhere in the world!

Read the Latest Bitcoin. Visit the Forum Read about community issues. Play Bitcoin Games Play casino games with free tokens or actual Bitcoin.

Start Cloud Mining Join the most profitable mining pool in the world. Vote on Bitcoin Issues Bitcoinocracy is a free and decentralized way to voice your opinion. Use Bitcoin Tools Bitcoin. Take your first steps to becoming a full-fledged Bitcoiner today! Taking you from beginner to expert, one article at a time. What is Bitcoin Cash?

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Simple. Seamless. Secure. Blockchain is the world's most popular digital wallet. We are on a mission to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future, one piece of software at a time. Log In Sign Up. #1 Digital Wallet. Million+ Transactions. 22 Million+ Wallets. Get started with Bitcoin: find a wallet, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin, read bitcoin news, and get involved on the forum. wearebeachhouse.com Logo. × Please login to continue! Login to Your Account. Masuk. Forget Password? Register an Account.

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