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There are redlistings posts shouting out the newest price usually of very similar posts at a time. If it bitcoin, then we start creating bitcoin market for trading bitcoins for bitcoins, euros redlistings euros and so forth. Overall, bitcoin personal moderation stance is as follows:. Yes, this is the question of "someone reported their coins as stolen. Whoever redlistings the coins would receive unmarked coins. Patrick, what sort of best practices would you be thinking of?

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Important decisions on moderation and the direction of a subreddit should be made by at least two moderators, or a consensus for really big decisions. With Bitcoin, every transaction is on the record forever. The Red List, which it calls aBarometer of Life identifies which local species are at. Of course I know that won't be easy. So, no, I can't see this happening without incentives. How to Bet Using Bitcoin.

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For lack of an alternative, I'd venture for the following policy: For example, redlistings like "Buying BTC" or "Selling my computer bitcoin bitcoins" do not belong here. I suspect it would be good to sound out the larger members of the commercial groups on here to understand their redlistings about the reputational bitcoin, and operational cost. You will get replaced bitcoin another mod sooner or redlistings, and the capacity of a subreddit to function will be restored. Some basic information about why the coins are on the redlist would be presented.

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Bitcoin redlistings

Bitcoin redlistings

Anybody can track any bitcoin on its way through wallets. So it is easy for a third party private company, government, organisations, This company now only needs to offer a nice api to this data. My prediction is that there will be hundrets of bitcoin 'redlist' entities.

So when you are about to spent some bitcoins on anything in the future a few years from now these apis will be consulted to verify a bitcoins validity.

Make your peace with it. And hey if you have 'non redlisted' money its value will increase with every bitcoin put on a 'redlist'. Bitcoin redlisting Bitcoin What are the pros , cons of Ethereum balances vs. Apr 11, More than a quarter of the UK s birds are struggling to survive, with species including curlews , puffins joining the at risk list in recent years, a report highlights.

Bitcoin moderation three years in review Brave New Coin Dec 7, the rise of initial coin offerings a method used by internet entities to raise capital in exchange for a new cryptocurrency.

Five of the most endangered species in images. Mar 7, About 10 haulage operators are on ared list" because of the risk they pose to other road users, the body that enforces lorry safety in Britain says. Nov 15, Even Mike Hearn admits that criminals can simply use a mixing service redlisting to counter act his Redlist proposal.

Here he is talking about. This completely contradicts his argument that Redlisting does not impact on fungibility: But in no circumstance. He is actively trying to destroy Bitcoin. Operational Distributed Regulation for Bitcoin Dinesh introducing a regulatory framework based on redlisting Bitcoin hidden. Bitcoin Advertising review Jan 8, outputs that comprise a bitcoin account.

In effect, creating a blacklist redlist. Is there a pull request , requests that relates to this, can someone provide a direct link. Frontline Dec 16, art dealers. Now it probably won t last another 30 years unless it is protected, according to the International Union for Conservation of NatureIUCN which on Tuesday bitcoin added the.

We do education, research, , development. Created Espionage, plausible deniability software. MacUpdate gave it a red listing as aHot. Aredlist" is an automatically maintained list of outputs derived from that output, along with some description of why the coins bitcoin are being tracked. When you receive funds that inherit the redlisting, your wallet client would highlight this in the user interface.

Some basic information about why the coins are on the redlist would be. So recently Mike Hearn proposed an idea ofredlisting" Bitcoins. Here is the gist of what is being proposed: Say some place does research on human embryos or human cloning in a country where that is legal, but since some western country thinks that their law trumps over regional law, they start redlisting their addresses.

Transactions and addresses are started to be added to it indiscriminately because some government agency says they are tied to this or that crime. Whoever is keeping the redlist can't say no since they have some order from the agency, and they can't tell anyone why they are adding those since they have a gag order. Soon you start having a currency controlled by the political powers of one country that houses whoever is making the redlist since they can muscle their way into controlling it.

There is also a flip side of the coin, be it digital or not. If anyone wanted to track coin taint, nobody can stop them anyway. With Bitcoin, every transaction is on the record forever. You can track your pizza taint until the end of time. This also means that any government agency can use this information against you if they know your addresses. Going away from the negative things, if the redlist was implemented well, it could be a good tool for stopping bitcoin theft.

The proposed idea is an indiscriminate bomb, but consider this approach: Anyone can report a theft of their coins to the proper authority - police and the like. Same as credit card theft. Them reporting a theft officially not through some forum rant , means that they are accountable in case they are lying. This would deter any wannabe free loaders that want to spent money other people entrusted to them. Again, same as credit card theft.

If the proper authorities acknowledge the claim, they can ask for voluntary information to track the thieve, or can obtain a warrant to audit any Bitcoin business operating in their jurisdiction for the record of their transactions. A proper business would be required to keep that information anyway - especially the Exchanges. If the authorities come across evidence that a given person has been paid with tainted coins, they can ask them if they know who they got the money from, or with a warrant request that information.

It is in everyone's best interest to help fight the criminals. However, unlike say, buying stolen merchandise, one should not be required to forfeit the tainted coins unless they are connected to the criminal and so forth.

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1 Dec Recently, it has become fashionable in some bitcoin circles to suggest that blacklisting, or the more palatable term of redlisting, can be implemented to discourage the large-scale stealing of bitcoin wallets or even the ransom demands of petty criminals like CryptoLocker. Either way, it boils down to some. 14 Sep I just sent this note to the Foundation people: You should be insisting that the USD is taken out of circulation because it is by far the. 11 Nov Consider an output that is involved with some kind of crime, like a theft or extortion. A "redlist" is an automatically maintained list of outputs derived from that output, along with some description of why the coins are being tracked. When you receive funds that inherit the redlisting, your wallet client would.

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