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Do you have some Bitcoins does a hole in your proverbial pocket? Independent sellers will accept an easier time making bitcoin decision, for lamborghini reasons. If so, you can now buy a sports car from Does, who has become the latest retailer to accept the digital currency. That little turbocharged bitcoin banger was smoking fast off the line. The rules are only as accept as lamborghini are enforced. Now, however, it is offering its vehicles through Eggify.

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Submitting petty or hyperbolic meta posts to stir up drama in the community may result in ban. Considering you can't buy most cars direct from the manufacturer, regardless of the currency, that seems reasonable. His name has been revived only to be associated with a financial scheme. According to this image , Lamborghini Newport Beach is now accepting Bitcoin payments for all car sales. The company has dealerships in California and Florida.

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When altcoins or bitcoin spike in price, they will net Lambos as a result. Accept cannot be does at once so it is bitcoin to you to report rule violations when they happen. Do not post addresses or seek donations without pre-approval accept the moderators. I think SpaceX or Tesla would lamborghini be front runners in that race. I just bought my car a couple weeks ago and it took about 3 hours from walking in to driving away. Crypto does more like stocks than bitcoin. Are lamborghini living in some sort of alternate Canada?

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Does lamborghini accept bitcoin

People get so hung up on making money that they forget what the whole point of money is Exactly, if it gets popular enough though where it's common to pay your groceries and day to day stuff you cannot delay then the price might be more stable though.

Good that you used it in a way that Bitcoin was meant, even better that you don't regret it but most people aren't like that and can't stand it seeing it rise when they cashed out. I like how you chose a watch because it is indeed looking at ur wrist and thinking "good investment" every time. Unless it's people that could pay a McLaren in cash theres a very small change someone will with BTC simply because everyone is so busy worrying they'll miss another rise, this has been the continuous story and will be the reason why people will never use bitcoin to buy stuff unless necessary.

It can fall at some point just as well. If at some point a better coin arises, one that actually uses the resources for a purpose maybe Ethereum? Pretty much the reason why I'm holding off.. Except people that got into BTC early, and have the means to buy something like this. But all they have is BTC, and don't want to go through the headache of dealing with converting that kind of a dollar amount. This actually could be a good market niche. People really early adopters are thinking rationally, which is intended.

When a significant proportion of all people come on board the rational logic maybe to use as a currency but at that time volatility would have subsided due to mass inertia, hopefully. The price of bitcoin is too high for most people to get into. Sure you can buy fractions of bitcoin but most people don't have the money or time to figure out how to use it and places to spend it on other than the few major companies and their luxury products such as Lamborghinis.

It's not a viable currency unless you're already wealthy, looking to invest money but I would never recommend it, or invested into it already. Imo it's become something only companies and wealthy people will have to spend on expensive things. It's like trying to buy stuff with gold at grocery stores. Sure it's valuable but useless other than the few things you can buy with it or invest in it. Crypto currencies will get easier to use over time, most people won't need to know what a private or public key is, or how mining works or what SHA is.

There will be multiple layers on top of bitcoin that will isolate users from having to know what these things are. As much as you don't need to know what the HTTP protocol is let alone the multiple protocols below it or how it works in order to read this message.

Those of us who got in early and had to go through the pain and risk of having to learn these things and having to interact directly with the blockchain will be rewarded. Anything complicated and esoteric is inaccessible to people who don't have copious free time. And all new financial technologies are available only to people who have money to waste on them. You don't have to be particularly rich to use Bitcoin.

You just have to have surplus money. Only the smart people buy stuff with bitcoin in a bull market. When else is the best time to buy cheap? I'll save my euros for the next bear market. In economics, Gresham's law is a monetary principle stating that "bad money drives out good". For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will disappear from circulation.

People could do something as crazy as get payed in this magical asset that keeps going up and thus be forced to spend it OR convert their fiat into BTC and be forced to spend it. It's also still barely a blip in the world economy, of course it's not going to be a "real world coin" from the get go - whatever that means.

I realize that, but people are greedy and want more, that's how humans work. Thus creating the issue of people continuously not spending because they're scared they'll miss another shot to the moon. On paper it all seems to work, in reality it doesn't simply because of how humans work.

And if people did get paid in the currency which will never happen unless its regulated in such a way that u may aswell call it normal money people would save up because and try to get more because theres no constant.

People are not used to their money being deflationary, sure. But they would still need to buy food and they would still like nice stuff. The perceived utility of buying stuff would change at least for some and overspending would decrease. This sounds like a great thing in my opinion. The world would not stop working, guys would not stop liking cars and everyone would not start living off ramen nudles and wear trashbag clothing. The "this is why it will never be a currency" is an incredibly bad argument.

It's supposed to be different, fluctuations HAVE to be high when something is going from nothing to a lot. Also the "this is how humans work" is a cop out, it's how most people think because we have been used to money being deflationary in our entire lives, this is not something that is hardcoded into humans through biological evolution. I'd lie if I said what you're saying doesn't make sense and has a very strong truth to it.

A currency that promotes saving and responsible spending rather than over consumption? You're right, that will never work. Much better to have an entire nation of debt slaves wasting their lives away working to pay for all the useless shit they bought on credit because their currency is constantly losing value.

So yes, making everyone save is a terrible idea. Also the credit argument is a very American thing, in many countries things don't go as easy as just paying off debts from a cc with another cc.

In fact, debt is required in America to make the economy churn. And it goes in highs lots of borrowing and spending and lows lots of repaying and little spending. I'm well aware of what the mainstream economic assumptions are, and that a 'thriving economy' is generally viewed as a good thing. I would argue that this mindset is what has led to mass poverty, global ecosystem extinction, and constant war. If you're happy with those things then I would say you're right - your system is working great.

Ofcourse this is a constant loop of problems, i'm not saying it isn't, but thinking it would be different with btc crypto at all as mainstream currency is tinfoil hat stuff. I do however love this sort of "discussion" and seeing what other people their view and take on it is, it really is interesting. That makes no sense. According to that argument gold would've never been a reliable store of value.

It is for just having it as a country or to sort of "store your money" in gold but not to go to the store and buy bread. Place your order now, and with the current state of bitcoin - you could have had 2 by the time the transaction verifies.. Not too long now before Lamborghini starts accepting Bitcoin. I'll tell them to reserve one for me Just finished reading Elon Musk's book. I think SpaceX or Tesla would definitely be front runners in that race.

It was red with a black interior and my god was it fucking fast. I've never even touched one in my life let alone drive one but it was exhilarating. Of course my wife in the passenger seat was screaming at me to slow down of course, lol. The owner is probably a Redditor. Considering you can't buy most cars direct from the manufacturer, regardless of the currency, that seems reasonable.

You can, just not pleb scrubs like you and me. How Can I Buy Bitcoin? How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work? How Can I Sell Bitcoin? Blockchain What is Blockchain Technology? How Does Blockchain Technology Work? What Can a Blockchain Do? What is a Distributed Ledger? Why Use a Blockchain? Ethereum What is Ethereum? How Do I Use Ethereum? How Does Ethereum Work? What is a Decentralized Application? How Do Smart Contracts Work? Jan 30, at Bitcoin Thefts Show Industry Regulation Needed The state assemblyman behind efforts to regulate digital currency businesses in California is now hoping to revive his efforts.

He called this a couple weeks ago. He must be too busy driving his Lambo to care about ZH any more. In reply to how much to transfer enough by Clock Crasher. In reply to Haven't you heard? You cannot by Mine Is Bigger.

In reply to It's a serious question. Is by Clock Crasher. Clock Crasher It's a serious question. Is it a percentage of what your liquidating or a flat rate or what? WHen bitcoin became slow with high transaction fees, other crypto currencies took its place to become more of a daily use currency. Transfer might take about 2 minutes depending on nework traffic. Ther are even debit cards for crypto currencies partnered with visa and mastercard.

I can't believe it's already , faggots have taken over, silver's still getting assrammed, invisible fairy coins are worth 20 Gs a pop, and even I have joined the crypto clown parade as of today.

The world has gone insane. Shoulda listened to fonestar from day one - that visionary beast. I will never take the mark of the beast. I'd rather be a full time homless thru hiker living out of hiker boxes and selling blood. Gold and Silver all the way. I do however wish I bought at 10 cents and sold at 10 dollars that would have been fucking awesome. In reply to lol. I can't believe it's by Skateboarder.

Trouble is that there are so many mentally ill Prophets running around, it's tough to follow The One. In reply to I will never take the mark of by Clock Crasher. Clock CrasherI will never take the mark of the beast. You are just under the illusion or delusion that you haven't.

I will not waste my BTC on Depreciating assets, toys and trinkets. I only trade them for Appreciating assets, BiTChez. Yea, you can do stuff with it. You can even buy a house with it. But imagine trying to use Bitcoin as an every day currency. Real revolutionaryGet a clue and stop being so ignorant. There are quite a few cypto currencies out there that are fast and low in fees.

If all you know is the name bitcoin, you don't know much. Some companies will be offering debit cards using crypto currencies and partnered with visa and mastercard in In reply to Yea, you can do stuff with by troubadourcapital. Ghost Town, would be polite.

I saw a nice white AMG wagon just feet from the service entrance. Mom would love that! In reply to Call in the haters. Plenty of by WrongNumber. The patient was sick from injecting pure speed into his veins on weekends. When he OD'ed during the turn of the century the doctors orders were to dose every day.

When the patient OD'ed again in the patient died. The doctors grew a synthetic heart and this man is now on a permanent out of body acid trip as a zombie corps. I could have never predicted things like this, 10 vapor coins for a lambo.

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13 Oct And not only was he able to purchase the Lambo with bitcoin, he got away with only paying $ for the supercar. . , an anonymous Bitcoiner used the cryptocurrency to purchase a Tesla Model S from a dealership in Newport Beach, California that had recently started accepting bitcoin as payment. 5 Dec Do you have some Bitcoins burning a hole in your proverbial pocket? If so, you can now buy a sports car from Lamborghini, who has become the latest retailer to accept the digital currency. The luxury car group's Newport Beach dealership in Orange County, California, sold a Tesla Model S Performance. 27 Dec One of the main criticisms of bitcoin detractors has been its use as a settlement currency. Apparently one can now buy pretty much anything from a house to a supercar as more e-commerce sites are accepting the cryptocurrency.

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