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On the Matter nushares Why Bitcoin Matters medium. CryptoAndCoffee, just keep strong and hodl: I would not annie that shit! How high can Bitcointalk go today? The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Landscape startupmanagement.

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The distributed computing solution for industry. Ltc going to 20 if it gets past 14 kurbeks: PriceMaker, clam is flexing its mussels? Welcome to a Nu world of stable digital currency December 10, — Ein Presswire In the wake of continued losses this year by Bitcoin, digital currency enthusiasts begin to look for alternatives that display semblance of price stability. Maybe further down the line if it catches on more that will change. Dividends could be paid out from the result of the votings if there is a revenue stream.

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Bigolas, 13 days bcf-golden: TheDonald has awarded nushares 50 marks need to pink bitcointalk pink Moonrise: Penfold, nem keeps a very low profile to avoid hype, but is bitcointalk very annie project with annie serious partnerships Nordman: Don't judge a Bitcoin by its price whoo. When it is confirmed once it will be credited shortly after, see https: Nushares Bitcoin by email Pay with a bitcoin credit card Read more.

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Nushares bitcointalk annie

Please dont say real things here! This is trollbox Banhammer: Xoblort, it's been 8 days already Xoblort: No cheerleading, thankyou for understanding.

Nordman, we area kind lot here Xoblort: Folk, They should be in contact soon, This is something I can pass along to the team. Give me the number please Banura: Hello, why me withdrawal 0. MYR is killing my trading.. Xoblort, oh man, thanks a lot! Ticket please edebice: Ripple is ust a treding word. Pink is getting volume urbinapro: Banura, no transactions bellow 1btc are accepted on Mondays cosworth Xoblort, hey ive wanted to send btc away.

Here we go LTC laanoussarrr: I hate this fact wbe4ever: MemberBerries, The confirmation email can give that error depending on how the mail client handles the redirect. It will have confirmed.

Sparc, which coin do you suggest? MYR coin better than bitcoin!!!!! LBC and steem Sparc: TheDonald has awarded wbe4ever 50 marks need to pink the pink Moonrise: Please don't talk about steem golansenior, olufemi. Sparc, Will love to have both short and long Banura, Please file a support ticket at https: Include the transaction id, amount sent, and where it was sent to.

Folk, You are welcome wbe4ever: Why Transaction not found: Barrakunta, hello i will be as pink as you 1 day mmmm lol AbyNormal: Banura, it is getting confirmations right now! Sparc, thanks boss i ll look it up Barrakunta, i could say some pink jokes but im a lady lol Msthcoin: Thankyou for your patience Nordman: Bigolas, what is Ticker Spam wbe4ever: Rippler, they can see you from space thats how pink you are yinchuanxin: Msthcoin, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.

Rippler, flash pink Jardi: Pasc ready for a pasc? Msthcoin, Avoid the price hype please. I have bought more that earlier Msthcoin: Xoblort, will do it Bigolas: Bigolas, get you almilehi: Nordman, stay tuned for daily episodes in this new show gripping the cryto world by storm speedz: Closing open tickets for issues that have been resolved saves everyone time and allows tickets to be resolved quickly.

Thank you for your support. Rippler, lol, i wouldnt know hun Msthcoin: Xoblort, you see my pretyy name lol konopka. Rippler, yeah i heard there are , work mate has an issue with red , makes driving fun lol Xoblort: Msthcoin, bleep and bleep laanoussarrr: BaconTrader, i made 2btc at pink and hope much better at myr herath. People should always make sure their personal wallets are up to date and synced to help ensure successful withdrawals and deposits.

Hmmmm if pink is underpriced for wallet means when wallet issue is fixed price will jump! What is the lates price that the chart shows? Is it the price of the latest trade? Is it deepest Sell order? Is it the highest bux order? I freaked out some DR one day for a work physical when I was in early 20's bigvito I told yall antpool was going to signal for segwit cccandychw: BCN Temporarily Disabled said.

Has anyone tested the bitmark RC yet? Im new to this LuckwithMe: MYR move pls too Bigolas: Antpool support segwit ltc StofMiner: BCY sell wall of btc get eaten mmmm DaSmooth: Unac, price is constantly changing sometimes Please avoid spamming prices and moves, Thank you all greenmon: Rippler has awarded said.

LTC will stand 15 today rgayaimohammed: What do you advise me to buy speedz: Bigolas, thank you Rippler: The one labeled volume is a literal indicator over a rolling 24 hours. Antpool ltc support Unac, sell offer I say I need to reseacrh that question now hlod: Wow Antpool LTC herath. The change indicator represents price change over rolling 24 hour period Capricoinn: Bigolas, i want to stop the withdrawal Capricoinn: New high for LTC prader: Rippler, ok ; Crypto7: Capricoinn, Bullish for both LTC and btc speedz: MYR round 4 cccandychw: What is your opinion on SBD?

What to buy abitserious: Pasc fake pump Interference: Why are PINK withdrawal's temp. Is coinbase adding ltc support soon? It is not usually in YOUR best interest, dont trade with emotions.

Bigolas, i make a mistake to a wrong address now,so what can i do Xoblort: Rippler, ok thank you Sparc: BCN on fly mode DaSmooth: Why me want withdrawal coin PINK not can? BCN go go Lain What about BCN is it good givemeurcoins: Xoblort, sorry i won't again speedz: Xoblort, i sent some bcn over and i did not no deposit was shut will it jusrt go in wen its back open?

Unac, thank You for the question. You are welcome olufemi. Sparc, What about bittrex? Yall take bcn all the way high PicklePirate: WaveFCollaps, don't forget to go on about how it's the end of btc like you always do, too. Look SBD and plz recomend me? BCN going down Banura: Xoblort, why me withdrawal coin PINK not can?

Razoo, i think polo knows this, so they disabled the wallet kevin-2f Sparc, wasn't thinking of selling - just keeping as proof of stake! PicklePirate, btc will get Segwit too Include the transaction id, amount sent, and from where it was sent. Banura, I am sorry for the inconvenience, as soon as the wallet is re-enabled your deposits and withdrawals will credit.

Antpool just mined a segwit block LTC. If they are now signalling, it's as good as done. WaveFCollaps, zdoge best tech, best security, most anon, everything. Xoblort, no thay still on the way i did it yesterday of minergate herath.

Myr volume increase all the time and Pink is selling WaveFCollaps: Xoblort, after you log in it should tell you what wallets are disabled , im sure that will lower complains to support AltsTrader: WaveFCollaps, do you have a web link??

I do not have the tools to assist further. Let's try to make posts with more substance than just a coin name and one word. Antpool also supporting all. Interference, dare to dream big Interference, Avoid the price hype please. Xoblort, i wont lose them will i? Ltc going to 20 if it gets past 14 kurbeks: Jihan the Fool Acube: Happy investing to all! AltsTrader, Please refrain from the campaign wbe4ever: Its everything up day wbe4ever: Hope no-one was shorting LTC mycool Second Ant pool segwit block xkrajnan: Please do not incite others to buy or sell..

Antpool signalling LTC segwit: Second antpool segwit block mined. I really wonder when segwit get act. Can some one teach me the Technics of short time trade? Razoo, dolbyprologic, Lain33, bloodyboy, guido2, bigvito19, , and xkrajnan banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort. Patience may pay off. Refrain from posting segwit news every minute please,Thank you all razeth MYR 3 tops in 1 day?! Xoblort, i wont lose my coins will i? Xoblort, ok, but I want to withdraw coin pink ok i wait Deposit and withdrawal to be.

Weazal, and a Stupid one too. No you won't Weazal: What should be invested? Xoblort, ok thank you once agin you mods are allways very helpfull xx cryptomillions: Xoblort, my appologies kurbeks: Wut Jihan highon drugs if he signals Segwit? Quiet1, just remember the 50 ltc baghokders will be laughing at you also smogm: Banura, Let me look into a few things. LTC clearly safest money rn alvarezda: Editeur, ahhh man i hope sooooooooo wbe4ever: Xoblort, you need a gold star lol chuckwilliams AwakenedChain, sorry 50 dollar ltc bagholders Jardi: BTC is the king hlod: AwakenedChain, They could be in profit in a month Bigolas: Every time i see Jihans Twitter pic, i wanna punch him in face.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo ppcPT: Banura, your withdrawal is fine, I solved that dgb dust withdrawal also BeeBlack: In one week LTC will be dumped as hell since other altcoins are gonna go up again, til then, enjoy!

Editeur, cant wait ; Xoblort: Banura Usually it only depends on the blockchain speed. When it is confirmed once it will be credited shortly after, see https: Editeur, sweet dreams colossus: BeeBlack, but is on??

He likes to preent to be friend Bigolas: Some rely on charts, others rely on Trolls. Barrakunta, usd Shutdovvn: It looks like most pumps are over. Buying some low priced quality coins now LuckwithMe: Banura It may take a while to show, It would all depend on how quickly the network confirms it.

Hes like someone who backstabs you koalaterbang07, Banhammer: Shutdovvn banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort. CLAM looks good criptofund-4b Time to buy BTCD.. Editeur, You dont know that LTC is being implemented into Coinbase, so the request for it is huge and will become a lot bigger very soon Xoblort: Infector banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort. Refrain from posting segwit news every minute please,Thank you all koalaterbang Coinbase implements LTC as we speak, thats why the price is moving, get ready it has just started olufemi.

Rippler, give me some trade guide Barrakunta: BCY train on the way siraph DEMI, knock on it and find out. What do you think about XRP? Banura I would suggest contacting wherever you are sending to for assistance. I think they just require confirmations! PicklePirate, ok lets do it chuckwilliams Ltc i love you WaveFCollaps: Bcn is crazy today CryptoAndCoffee: Hope BCN goes a bit up still so I have a bit profit: LTC implementation will be in at least 1 month in think speedz: Learning to trade from scratch, good place to start?

Appreciate the patience onepunchcrypto: How high can BITS go today? The picture is my answer Editeur: DEMI, is within a week propably Bigolas: Editeur, its 2 week after reach 75 Sparc: CryptoAndCoffee, What does it mean? PriceMaker, clam is flexing its mussels?

WaveFCollaps, u mean market cap m?? SYS ok, pls buy senayyemane: Any thoughts on where STR price is heading? Looks like we finally have LTC in a position where taking on 0. MYR wall rebuild ibrhmblgn Sparc, Where did you put your handcrafts? WaveFCollaps, what about the triangle from the start at ?? TimeIsMoney, they have real development, beta game came out this month so why would you say that? It's where xrp could end up: NegosyoNiBob, trollboxtrader, and amirdoank banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.

Acube, that's a fanatastic Xoblort: DEMI, think big, hold tight like titan hands, dont care of FUD all the way which will come to shake weak hands moneyboy: Be leery of TrollBox advice. CLAM is gonna be What's the CB launch? MYR come on make our day wbe4ever: WaveFCollaps, I'm big in Jihan trying something dirty shutaru Sparc, Is clam a good idea? XRP up up ibrhmblgn CryptoAndCoffee, Is clam a good idea? DEMI, my shorttermtarget within days is CauseToBeKinder, Yes it is..

Will probably drop out of segwit later or something herath. The chart is nice, but its not as technically sound as some other coins.

Antpool start segwit signaling jownconz: PriceMaker, gonna be trash PriceMaker: POT looking good herath. LTC will try to break last hit Papke, with this news LTC must surely now have locked in segwit for all intents and purposes Blestyashce: Blog entries and forum post are not news Reports. Avoid relying solely on blogs for your trading advice. Xoblort, k sry Leafscoin: Blestyashce, I have no timetable for its return, I do apologize.

From time to time wallets need to undergo maintenance for a variety of reasons. Bigolas, forum posts Xoblort: Bcn finally breaks through wbe4ever: Nordman, lol its been 3 days Bigolas: Bigolas, news reports no initial caps needed ;- wbe4ever: Bigolas, eta on GRC maintenance?? Sparc, Which one do you prefer in long walks?

EMC2 is pretty down, right time to buy? Nordman, im being nice and its back firing Bigolas: MYR on bittrex Techno Support is working to resolve that as soon as possible altcoinhere: MYR is crazy kurbeks: Bigolas, surely you must know if its later today or next week? MyLittleTrady, I do not Pineglow: Bcn possible today to ?

I think I have a stash of MYR from years ago.. CryptoValue, or sats oliver-af Xoblort, ok sry almilehi: SuperclockedSSC, what do you think where is it going herath.

CryptoValue, it's a dead coin wbe4ever: Does it take some time for it to appear? Nordman, so its on you lol speedz: PriceMaker, beautiful pattern right billybigpotatoes: LTC to 15 - 16 today? Do you guys think the rotund chinaman is getting scared now with his LTC sell walls?

Nordman, 17 year old got mauled by a shark , poor kid BUD: We can read charts. Capricoinn, the antpool move could be interpreted as Jihan softening his stance on segwit. ManWithThePlan, i think were going straight through simontower Antpool started signaling Segwit and increased hashrate from 80Gh to Gh Josefma, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.

Ternic, burst looks premo. Nordman, sharks dont like the cold here perchi: Please, let's try and keep the language to english in the trollbox.

LTC how not sump yet tanhatlinhpro: Nordman, that made no sense lol BigWins: Why would LTC crash? CandleSurfer, that is nature wbe4ever: CandleSurfer, charlie needs fresh hookers speedz: A lot of litecoin shorters gonna be sending the next spike high CandleSurfer, get in before to late almilehi: DEMI, I am in lol wbe4ever: Xoblort, nice mate it helps unwind perchi: CandleSurfer, if some malicious darth vader looking bugger stopped signalling it would hurt ManWithThePlan: Segwit is not inevitable - there will be no LTC crash.

DEMI, glued to this troll box now simontower What if he will stop signaling GoodNews: Refrain from posting segwit news every minute please,Thank you all cryppaul: Isnt btc getting segwitt? Poor ETH has been abandoned but nice to see the smaller coins getting some action perchi: Xoblort, ok sorry Sparc: Sparc, yeah true divlji-zec: Sparc, do you have a link where we can see whos signaling?

Sparc, Why is everyone so excited over ltc then? DGB back to 77, come on reach 78 you little rat: Here's a good place for Polo FAQ's: What is going on btcd? Bigolas, hi, where is chat feature with administrator? I'll be very shocked if ltc doesnt crash contact Zagreb, divlji-zec, Please stick to english in the box, Thank you. Bigolas, There is at least 1 normal specialist on the Polo? Since the last support response was 5 days and 12 hours! Im not even selling PondSea: Bigolas, PondSea, Refrain from pump talk please.

BigWins, It wont coinbase is implementing it as we speak, the prices will be redicouales ashish Antpool signalling for SegWit on litecoin! Xoblort, don't know engl. Weazal, Go on coinbases twitter BingBangBoom: Thankyou for your patience wbe4ever: Has anyone got a link for LTC signalling speedz: Zagreb, oh it is good ;D Hello there, welcome to Poloniex.

Where does it say Antpool is signalling litecoin? Locin, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you. BigWins, in your dreams Xoblort: Let's not get too carried away with the link-spam please. Refrain from posting segwit news every minute please,Thank you all WaveFCollaps: LTC with Segwit is now so sexy isachenko. I have not received a response to my request for 4 days WaveFCollaps banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort. This is just a guess. They are working to get caught up on verifications due to larger than normal queues harry DGB is also segwit: How do you think about primecoin?

WaveFCollaps, the shilling is getting on repeat , get creative emem: Bigolas, So you think that to delay payment for 13 days - it's good advertising for Polo? My question is solved in 1 minute!!! D 23myr a day awaisywoo3pgt: Bigolas, Ticket vancouvercolonist: PriceMaker, sideways for another couple days Phoenix PicklePirate, yeah i know , its smells on desperate cryptomaniact7: All withdrawals look complete.

PriceMaker, up up up moneyboy: BTCD killing it erikriyans: I apologise, looking at coinbase's adaption, that would be fairly huge wbe4ever: PriceMaker, unless of course btc does its thing and ruins it all PicklePirate: What do you think about primecoin? What do you guys think of DGB, digibyte? Walkmooner, what if the chinese pulls out of litecoin suddenly?

DGB is segwit or not? Bigolas, whats is going on with the coins that are down for withdraw and deposit Bigolas, Check the hash of the last withdrawal. Capricoinn, bitcoin looks like down in couple of days I guess wbe4ever: PicklePirate, steak knives thrown in in you purchase in th enext 5 min youtub To take part in these duels is a steeper MMA ; beatmaker: I am not holding you back maximgahov: Ive just made my first deposit, nothing is showing harry AMP is going to LTC run has not even begun PondSea: Lets not be suggesting trades please.

Fillmakraken, takes a while mate mins Holopolo: XPM will be doubled Xoblort: Please don't start the buy now, sell now type of spam. LTC after segwit activation is going to be hilarious vancouvercolonist: Ive recorded it PMasterTrader: Schelle, Avoid the price hype please. PMasterTrader, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you. PicklePirate, Muscle for pocket as well Xoblort: JaredVennett, Please avoid spamming prices and moves, Thank you all vancouvercolonist: JaredVennett, no, the technology doesnt matter, going up and down like a yoyo does.

PicklePirate, Pirates deserve muscle wbe4ever: PicklePirate, that is what happens Fillmakraken: JaredVennett, it could go anywhere, no matter what they volatility will be so huge you could make BTC pretty quick roland STEEM has pattern triangle to grow.

CLAM helps everyone to build muscle. Bigolas, can support post something Bigolas, Can you confirm that the transaction does not exist? Walkmooner, How can I write the link. PicklePirate, all in tgulmez: Bigolas, why have i not have heard back from your time on increasing my daily withdrawal limit? JaredVennett, yea btc doesn't need segwit, it just needed popular altcoins to validate it Thankyou for your patience ManWithThePlan: Litecoin could take over from btc if BTC fails to adopt segwit - totally plausible - old tech gets left behind PolarIce: Bigolas, clearly there is the Notices box below us Fillmakraken: Lets watch the moon references even if they are not attached to a coin , Thank you JaredVennett: DarthTader, let me know what you think after looking at this cryptolization.

JaredVennett, even the pro LN effort will push segwit if it's a raving success Barrakunta: Don't banhammer me bro!

JaredVennett, yea it's pretty much impossible statistically JigglyPuff: Xoblort, just checking Xoblort: HUC was relase Janliwoo: Xoblort, how are you? I am on the lite coin traine to heaven mawi: JaredVennett, it's a good chance for seeing a hard fork at some point PicklePirate: Janliwoo, little hectic here and there now ;D hello, happy trades to YOU! MrChow, have a look at a chart, it's been steadily growing in value over the past 3 months.

I believe it will pass ETC market cap this week. LTC wave going down? Xoblort, keep it up. CryptoShroom, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you. JaredVennett, maybe it's possible once litecoin lights the way, but right now ltc reversal looks like it's locking in Xoblort: Aboinit, Let me look into a few things. LTC will go much higher before a retrace Janliwoo: JaredVennett, yea i'm just upset i didnt' see it and push another 10btc into it Tanphongblog: Pumb to the moon at HUC.

Welcome comeback polo DubaiDude: Xoblort, thnks its for btc contact BTCD finally getting going. Been waiting for a while johangro: Is FCT understimated anzien Now time for pascal BingBangBoom: Good day people from Earth. Aboinit, Maybe check for a message here https: I don't see it.

LTC is insanely cheap CryptoShroom: Janliwoo, Zuma maak my ryk cryppaul: BingBangBoom, how did you know? DGB has segwit too johangro: XRP is a future!!!! BTC signalling for Wigset jeffquist2: Janliwoo, haha hi earthman JaredVennett: Hogwarts signalling for HedWig Xoblort: JaredVennett, i love it Janliwoo: DubaiDude, JaredVennett, this is just the start of a major run up simontower Walkmooner, Check the blocks at litecoinpool They have 5 blocks with segwit until now.

Open antpool for real hashrate, they increasing like hell marquix: Janliwoo, aaand Good morning, people from Antarctica: Note is perfect Xoblort: Big dislike noting being able to do what I want with my moneys. Using a mobile device? Check out our mobile site: Link is also located at the bottom of the page. Add us to your home screen. Fillmakraken, low sell orders. PinkCoin x today Xoblort: Aboinit, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval it will be processed automatically soon, Appreciate the patience.

Xoblort, Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? JaredVennett, a lot of people talk ETH can survive irrespective JaredVennett, we dont need a btc clone Janliwoo: Capricoinn, yes me in 30 mins ;D Siva Rippler, you know it notabrick: Xoblort, dammit you know it already! Janliwoo, eth is smart contracts, GeronimoIceberg: Now time for pascal 98bcn CumLaude: JaredVennett, yeah true, but there are more ways to rome: Pineglow, how smart is ETH?

Janliwoo, smaerter than your honor student gabrielbogdan Is this legit or just a troll? Please, let's try to keep the topic on Cryptos and light banter that won't possibly offend others.

CumLaude, agreed, all road leads to rome. Pineglow, thanks for the info. Bigolas, can you add Segwit to the spam filter too JaredVennett: CumLaude, LTC strong point is its a btc clone and old enough to have an history firefighter: BingBangBoom, raining here DubaiDude: JaredVennett, i should say, in how many years is this likely?

PicklePirate, any analogies that are from this century? If it was not for Zuma, id never be into crypto , gold and silver. Thank you showerhead, for making us rich. JaredVennett, offcourse, i am in both as well ltc as dgb bcf-golden: JaredVennett, i agree ltc is insanely cheap, i've been saying it to everyone i know over the last 2 years. Pineglow, yea it's not exactly realistic rootg XBC wants to play lets play onepunchcrypto: JaredVennett, i hope the best for all coins here: BingBangBoom, perfect weather for sitting in front of pc all day: Xoblort, you know it: Be leery of Trollbox advice.

Siva79, cloak pls nizartharuwala XRP is slow dead fish? LTC will be the next btc Antpool is signaling segwit: BingBangBoom, if it keeps raining here ill have to teach my cat to swim! It's been a day or os crack6t: CheesyBites, me too notabrick: CheesyBites, Support will respond within 48 hours so check your email in the mean time, thank you for your patience! Transaction times depend on many variables, including transaction fee, network activity etc Xoblort: CheesyBites, They are working to get caught up on verifications due to larger than normal queues Siva Dogecoin seems to barrelling forward PicklePirate, XRP is long term hold only?

Joey, keep it white collar will ya? Capricoinn Are there reasons for undervalued of FCT? CheesyBites, Support require between hrs to reply to new tickets. They are very busy at the moment and some are taking longer Walkmooner: Please, let's keep the topic on alts traded here and such.

Vox and its virtual reality thing is pretty amazing crack6t: MYR still on buttom of market cap.. What a joke bcf-golden: PicklePirate, best crypto if i want to daily trading with 5 btc??

XBC law supply causing its price to the sky onlinehandelen ETH been sideways for too long its getting boring Rippler: LTC pump just started: Pineglow, quatloo sounds like qualude so much johangro: CumLaude, heb je hem weer hoor kerel Banhammer: What happened to all the DCR fan boys have they given up at last almilehi: Hype and Fud is not wanted. Thankyou for understanding GelatinousCube: TX fees become unbearable.

ETH is stable, not going to anywhere ; vancouvercolonist: Please avoid spamming prices and moves, Thank you all NL CumLaude, Xoblort, lets keep it english, but we can still speak in our stone coal english notabrick: Bigolas, please help with my ticket Authenticator Clayton, reported 13 days ago rootg ETH is in an accumulation phase before skyrocketing Walkmooner: I was cvherishing banhammer..

Jihan just mined 3 non segwit blocks. I heard about news coming this week about pink? Really laidback atmosphere and n onlinehandelen Oh and antpool increased their hashpower on ltc by x6. Pineglow, as of now it's cheaper to send cash in the mail than to send btc httuyet Please, lets try and keep it civil in the TrollBox. I want to buy MYR Xoblort: LTC right now Capricoinn: Bigolas, 13 days its difficult to trust in this plataform!!!

Xoblort, ban vancouvercolonist hes spamming Banhammer: GelatinousCube, we do all our social money in clams and doge in our housd thanabordeesingkuabbpy: Is BTCD worth buying right now? Linux, ltc could take a part of btc Siva Xoblort, need more coins here!!! Poor troll again PicklePirate: MrChow, people accumulating before skyrocket coz it s cheap and nice annoucements are coming Linux: Bigolas, Hi Clayton, Sorry for the delay, rest assured this has been sent for review and as soon as this is processed we will let you know.

Your information w sunishot: Prinsses, freedom, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you. Stable coin that has remained within the expected price. Centralization Public VS private: I prefer the public, has more guarantees. BitBay is also attempting to do a similar type of pegging, but it remains to be seen if the developer can recover from the debacle that was the launch of that coin.

NuBits and NuShares - 1: It seems like FEDs. I would not touch that shit! True, if you want 1: This is negotiated in a peculiar exchange, With this is apparently centralized.

That's where they had their first official release of nubits. It was quickly adopted by many other exchanges.

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A representive/manager of NuShares to aid the shareholders (2) [NuShares] (31 ). [Voting] Implement South Korean and Japanese NuBits [Motions] (6). [Voting] 1,, EUNBT for Liquidity Operations [Grants] (3). [Voting] 30,, CNNBT for Liquidity Operations [Grants] (3). Supply, Reserves, and Equilibrium. May 4, – Bitcointalk. B&C Exchange It is two coins (NuBits and NuShares ) and a decentralized process designed to peg the value to roughly $ US. Read full article Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK recently added two new NuShares trading pairs – NSR/EUR and NSR/USD – to its platform. Read full. 28 Apr Hello, I am Nagalim, a fairly active member of the Nu community. I am writing this specifically for the cryptocurrency subreddit because I think there is a lot of information on this topic and it is hard to learn it all in a short period. So, in my very biased opinion, here are the reasons I think NSR is a good.

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