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I stewed it for 2 hours until the genesis block was nice and tender. Lasergun on February 19, I found on wikipedia a better explanation bitcointalk number 42, News guess we should stick with this: V on January news, Man, I want to mine just because of your avatar. GeopByte on May 26, TheWorldNews on Bitcointalk 27,

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I think is a sweet dream, but in a little instant is not! December 19, , How will the Decentralized News Platform project profit? Or will it be focused on politics, or crypto-related news, or sports, etc. Full Member Offline Activity: Any plans for pools at launch? January 11, ,

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Notice Cryptopools is news down their 42 pool for now you can go to their bitcointalk address to withdraw your coins. May 22, There will be no fumbling at launch. Lasergun Legendary Offline Activity: Kriptos Member Offline Activity:

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42 bitcointalk news

[ANN] coin Development Discussion Thread

You lack some level of proficiency in English. If you want to make an impact, you first have to start by making a good impression and in this case as you're approaching an English speaking community, that starts by having someone other than yourself write up the introduction, and With regards to your project. The UIX is absolutely awful. The UIX is not very user-friendly. I can't for the love of me figure out why the hell I'm incentivized to actually invest in your project? What is the point of your token?

Why do I need it? How do I benefit from it? Despite my obviously cynical tone, what I offer is constructive criticism, do with it as you please. JNR on December 18, , Complete Mobile Point of Sale System.

News on the blockchain sounds pretty exciting. You can predict the exact time when each input will find the block with the "scaninput" command. Select from the wallet menu bar: Help - Debug window - Console - type "scaninput" - press "Enter" and follow the instructions. Lasergun on May 23, , Lasergun on June 07, , Unlimited PoS target spacing: May 24, , Also, you do not need to vote there anymore. Please, support 42 by your donating or voting: Here are 42 things to fuel your fascination with the number Do not forget that you have one free vote on Novaexchange everyday!

GeopByte on May 26, , Lasergun on May 26, , Where does it say that? Please login or register. Electrum users must upgrade to 3. Full Member Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. TomiJerry on December 25, , But how do you plan mange all decentralized news? How you will filter fake news? How you will manage rewrights? I think that idea of decentralisation not good for all in this world. I still have some doubts about the AI being able to recognise from bad and good news.

Some fake ones go viral on multiple sites and accepted true even though they are just made up. Hope your system will manage to do better. The growth of your platform appears huge these days. There is a project such as the SNIP which solve the same problem as you. But yet they are not doing very well , I hope you will succeed in this market will be the competition December 26, ,

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Press Release & Media News wearebeachhouse.com currency-bitcoin/prwebhtm · wearebeachhouse.com · wearebeachhouse.com wearebeachhouse.com Quote from: TomiJerry on December 25, , PM. But how do you plan mange all decentralized news? - such question as quality of infomation? How you will filter fake news? How you will manage rewrights? I think that idea of decentralisation not good for all in this world. We already collect. Right now, the project gathers, monitors and publishes sixty thousand (60,) news stories per day. Within month, the number would reach a quarter of a million (,) news stories per day. This way, developed on block chain technology, in a short period of time, wearebeachhouse.com will be the biggest.

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