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A rule-based system consists of if-then annie, a bunch of facts, and an interpreter controlling the application of the coin, given the facts. Similar models are decision trees and decision graphs. Keep you informed when or if I got the first block solo mining, will take some hours. There are currently self Driving cars Google, Memory, 18 Wheelers, etc and eventually self driving cars will have coin front seats facing backwards so that the front bitcointalk backseat annie can all be facing each other while the car drives itself. And according to legend, the plants themselves actually told the Natives how to make Ayahuasca, since you have to mix 2 specific plants in the jungle. Buy memory a beer Bitcoin Bitcointalk Jar:

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At that point the symbols matched in the data base are replaced with those found in the RHS of the rule and scanning either continues with the next rule or begins again with the first. It is a III-V direct bandgap semiconductor with a zinc blende crystal structure. And that way there would be more reason for the surrounding farmers to grow corn besides making high fructose corn syrup. So I looked at some old screenshots of the site and started to rebuild it feature by feature and I brought BitcoinStarter back from the dead so that the community could use it Protests are not going to accomplish much more than getting the word out, and eventually you have to tap in to Democracy and protest by getting new people in Office as Judges, Sheriffs and Mayors.

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Game items should definitely be bitcointalk tokens like Spells of Genesis is developing. It is similar to cob, and cob can be used as mortar and on the outside and inside to make the walls flat. That's a good idea, I'll add that to the list annie things people are asking for: Memory would kind annie be like if a church started a coin, and asked all their members to donate any books they could that were written about Bible history or written by Historical Priests. Everyone thinks that the most important Election in America is when we Vote for President, and bitcointalk a lesser extent when we Vote for Congress. Coin voting body or city was known as the "Polis", and the Center of the Polis was the Agora. Each person will have at least three acres, memory we won't be making small ones.

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I'm assuming there's some kind of rpc-based wallet out there for either linux or windows? You are wonderful personality great work by you. As development progresses, I'll do updates and then find a way to reward the community: I just mentioned a minute ago that time will come lots of special people will meet here on steemit and there we are an ex NASA engineer.

Its nice to have you on steemit cloverme, hope we can get to know each other. Im nothing, Im just a nobody. Not true, everyone is someone my friend.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Remember this, build upon it and good things will happen in your life. All anyone really needs is a friendly smile and a handshake in life. Glad to be here and bring you along: Really keen on giving this game a try when it's launched. Not sure what you could do about implementing Steem but all the best of luck to you good sir. Thanks, I have the site down right now spacepirate. I'm a huge fan to say the least!

I just posted my own introduction with pictures and a short video! I have a friend that who use to help writing programs for NASA. He has the same idea as you. I truly believe that this will be the future of online gaming. Crypto makes a good use case for things in games, tracking assets across platforms, etc. I think it's just a matter of time before large crypto systems like iota and other crypto is leveraged into games. I think it would be interesting to leverage steem for some in game things, but I haven't settled on who, what, how I wish you good luck in your endeavors , cloverme.

I think you dont have to be scared about any site that will help you with crowd-funding. Because steemit is probably the best one: I think that you can get more donations,not only from votes over here. Good luck buddy,im waiting for your game to play it: Thanks, I keep working on it and hope to have a playable version up soon.

For me, this is less about the rewards in the post and more about working with the community. I have my own crowdfunding platform that I built, so I trust that, but yeah, I get your meaning: I'm not techy enough to know what Steem would do vs BTC as a game currency.

Keep your options open. Maybe you could integrate Shapeshift from within the game and you could then trade with an 'exchange NPC' or another player's avatar in a virtual marketplace.

How cool would that be? Game items should definitely be blockchain tokens like Spells of Genesis is developing. Maybe Steemit could be used for leaderboards, and as an alternate staging area for groups ready to go adventuring, raiding, etc.?

It all sounds awesome I've been waiting for a game with real crypto. I'm sure you are aware, don't hold even a single customer satoshi on your servers This is great advice and your line of thinking is right along the same lines of what I had in mind and currently in development. I had been watching spells of genesis and at one point was considering making SP a card-based game, but I wanted a true campaign that people could lose a full night of adventuring into.

I like that the Spells game has an element of ephemeral quality to it as an asset outside of their game. Leaderboard that's steem based, I like that idea, very original and has that community tie in. Oh yeah, security is a big must, there shall be two-factor authentication, encryption, and hashing for the game functions. Each game roll is also currently probably fair as well, even though it's not gambling, I want to prove there's no "rigging" involved: It sounds familiar, I did play a star trek like game though in the early days but can't quite remember what it was.

Very intense, hellacious learning curve. Great topic you've got So yeah, I actually looked at Digibyte and bought some that I was holding onto for awhile. They went to new york and gave a presentation and I think it fell short of what was needed. Their wallet for Chrome started to fall apart and well, it's sort of lingered there. I started to look at Game Credits as well as Hyper which seem to have a good following.

I think if a game just picks one currency, it might alienate pun intended the other communities. So I want to say a game should support a few different ones. That might be a bit of a coding nightmare though, the solution might be through services like ShapeShift.

I sold off my Digibyte coins, but I think these types of coins are important to gaming. Assets, tokens, or coins will be important to gaming in the future, that I'm convinced of. Nice insights, I edited my post because I forgot to mention BitCrystals as they are releasing the game on September supposedly, do you think it will have some success?

Thanks, I hadn't heard of this. Found the announce thread though. Working together to make this happen. Excellent intro, welcome aboard At the time of me writing this, you are at 7k so around 3. Thanks, I did see that typo this morning and thought it was an interesting pun given Steemit in that I'm finding a new crowd. I changed it though lol The game will also give out rewards in the form of cryptocurrency to players, so some of the funds here will cycle back to players, so people are rewarding themselves in some fashion if they decide to play the game.

I fully believe in paying it forward. I often "make it rain" in chat with tips and will do so in SpacePirate as well: Cool idea, you could allow for the game to use any crypto - set up an exchange https: For sure, been thinking about shapeshift.

I dig the article on security, I see it is trending as well. Here's kind of where my head is at security-wise in general as far as best practices: This could be a great Steem Starter kick starter experiment. You should create an account just for the game and use the posting here like a kick starter. You could fund raise and give updates on Steemit!! Is this the Mark guy from Devcoin? Devcoin could have really worked if you guys hadn't started banning people.

Most of those people using Devcoin were doing so because I was posting about it all over the place, when I stopped posting about it they stopped using it. You guys messed up. So far nobody has managed to pull it off a good game with bitcoin curency, bitcrystals and others are taking an age to move to a full game, I will have retired and be pooping in an old folks home before somebody manages to do this.

It's a tricky pickle for sure, I think there are some aspects that make a good game for crypto and others that doesn't seem to lend itself well to it. I hope people like the game, it's old school, retro, but it will be fun.

I need confirmation about your age. I found out you're I need it for https: I'm working on creating a science fiction based RPG adventure game that uses Bitcoin as a currency. With enough support, I could add Steem as a currency in the game as well. You and your friends gathered around and played for hours, questing, conquering, and arguing over who's saving throw was really valid or not. As computer games became more sophisticated, I found myself drawn into those worlds, games like Myst which had a rich story and puzzle driven quest.

Then, everything changed as the first-person shooter came out and gaming took a different path. I loved those games too, especially the splinter cell series. Anyway, back to the game development Cryptocurrency is the future of gaming I became fascinated with cryptocurrency, I dove in head first and never looked back.

In fact, I sold my star wars collection and bought a Bitcoin miner back in I wanted to get a little help with it, so I had an idea to crowdfund it, but the site I wanted to use was down. So, I ran into the member on BitcoinTalk who had built it and he was telling me that he had worked with a developer to build the bitcoin crowdfunding platform like KickStarter but for Bitcoin Bitcoinstarter but all the code was Which is currently off I read some articles about the Roicoin as a CPU mining coin and I like the idea therefore I decide to try to mine some coins with my old XP computer in spite of the fact that I have no experience with mining coins and if my old computer is able to do this.

The processor of my computer is a 3,00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 with 8 kilobyte primary memory cache and kilobyte secondary memory cache, Hyper-threaded 2 total The O. It was working for one hour showing the message: After that appears the following message On the left down side of the screen "No block source available This situation is staying for more than 15 hours.

Will be happy if anyone will try to help me solving this problem. Anne - just checked there does not appear to be one https: Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , This is a self-moderated topic. If you do not want to be moderated by the person who started this topic, create a new topic. Junktroep Newbie Offline Activity: Fishmaster42 Hero Member Offline Activity:

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[ANN][ROI] ROI Coin | CPU Only Solo Mining Hybrid | 15% POS | % Term Deposit. libcurl/ OpenSSL/g zlib/ libidn/ librtmp/ . of my computer is a 3,00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 with 8 kilobyte primary memory cache and kilobyte secondary memory cache, Hyper-threaded (2. Codebase: Bitcoin Website: wearebeachhouse.com Proof of Work 1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo- random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the. Temple Coin will be announced by the Temple Coin Team here on Bitcointalk January 20th or just after (the day we do our Initial Malawi Offering), the .. And according to legend, the plants themselves actually told the Natives how to make Ayahuasca, since you have to mix 2 specific plants in the jungle.

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