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We need to start a campaign where hundreds of us claim bitcointalk be the "Real RealSolid". If the mcxnow is undergoing a major ownership and administration change, wallet security and newspapers of coins in dead accounts may be a real issue bitcointalk the sale of the exchange. Want to add to the discussion? That was me wondering why Newspapers only got half a dozen feathercoins out of tailfeather. September 06, Mcxnow Member Offline Activity:

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Hi, I just got my Jupiter and I'm trying to set it up to a power supply. We could use some of that here. Not even the power supply. Powered by SMF 1. Guys, RealSolid is one of the most prolific Bitcoin scammers of all time.

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Want to add to the discussion? Electrum users must upgrade to 3. Bitcointalk last time it hit. Isn't that what newspaper do all the time'? And I don't know newspapers they keep saying he's such a great coder. Mcxnow at it's price of.

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The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bgold & Bdiamond pump! Brhodium & Bprivate news, Steemit, Bcandy?

Check out his other work here. We previously collected donations to fund Bitcoin advertising efforts, but we no longer accept donations.

The funds already donated will be spent on some sort of advertising, as intended. As of now, If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for more info. Right now, he needs to perform some site maintenance. So naturally, he shuts down the entire website for weeks at a time and is going to wipe out everyone's wallets if they don't withdraw in time.

What an absolute moron. People have thousands of dollars worth of coin on here and will automatically forfeit it if they happen to not log in this month. This isn't on the scale of mtgox but it is not good at all. RealSolid has put customers of the exchange in this same situation about 11 months ago. I left the exchange then and never looked back But that does not necessarily mean, that it is in the best interest for all Why did you use this unreliable site in the first place?

Shouldn't that be your mistake, not his though? Last I heard RS is giving up ownership of the site to new owners, to work on Microcash.

If you talk to RS one on one his personality is totally different. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. For an alt exchange I looove Crypto-Trade. Guys, RealSolid is one of the most prolific Bitcoin scammers of all time. How is it possible that he's openly running a service where people actually deposit money? Actually, RealSolid might have even invented scamcoins himself back in I'm trying to remember if there was another scamcoin before Solidcoin.

And before any troll claims "its not stealing if you gave it to him!!!! He has contractual agreements, either implied or explicit, that he must agree to, and is subject to regulations whether he likes it or not. Sure, people should have been more careful and its their 'fault' for trusting him, but it's his fault for being a thief.

Lucky that I heard about it and withdrawed all coins, and yeah never going back there, this is not serious!

I don't believe that he "destroyed" the wallets. I believe he kept all the remaining coins for himself. Not so much a moron really. If he was planning on selling an exchange shortly after creating it, he should never have made it. I told you so since day 1. And I don't know why they keep saying he's such a great coder. He doesn't even know the basics of web security.

I've followed the chat feed and it appears the exchange is changing owners, or at least adopting some co-owners. I'm optimistic for this change. RealSolid was just one person and it was difficult for him to do customer support as well as updates, fixes, admin, etc.

The security, speed, interest payments, and feeshare options are all very good and this exchange innovated some of these concepts in the crypto world, some of which are now copied by other exchanges I plan to continue to use the exchange once it returns in whatever form.

His requiring withdrawal of coins as per the subject of this post - is a bit strange, I agree. You really gave your cred a boost here today. That was me wondering why I only got half a dozen feathercoins out of tailfeather. I took some time out of creating mcxnow.

Actually the FTC post was just a ruse so that I'd have lots of sockpuppet accounts to troll you with. Nice to see you again bitcoin express. Hero Member Offline Activity: Krusher33 on September 27, , MarpleTrading on September 27, , Thank you for warning me for this scam. Also that they have this special chatroom I didn't know, very smart of them because where else could they draft their hideous plans? You do get interest every 6 hrs. Just found this article, nice job MCXnow. Lots of new buyers coming in.

Hi, I just got my Jupiter and I'm trying to set it up to a power supply. I've plugged everything in but it doesn't power on. Not even the power supply. Am I doing something wrong? Isn't that what newspaper do all the time'? So far there are positive signs that leads us to think that this is more than a rumor.

It could be more of a when will this happen than if this will happen. What will it do to XPM's price? If this was to occur, the exposure will more than triple XPM. Currently at it's price of. The last time it hit. That's one less 0. So judge for yourself, this a good time to buy XPM or not?

It recently dropped from it's normal. Well the gold rush has slowed down a little and people will return to buying XPM. Now looks like a great time to get some and hold. It takes an act of god to get a successful block of xpm. This site is run by a bunch of theiving scumbags.

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You guys realize that if MCXNow was regulated like a bank, realsolid would have to publish the change of terms in the newspaper and give at least a 12 month window for users to withdraw? His 2 month inactivity rule is going to to wipe out many accounts of people that left their coins there for safekeeping. 29 Jul *UPDATE* of the available are already asked for. I will still accept small orders mcxNOW features * Written entirely in C++ by an experienced cryptocurrency developer that is very familiar with Bitcoin. Customers on Bitcointalk have been known to wait 3 weeks before any action occurs and even then it takes posting to an external forum sometimes to force any For the past few days, due to an article in a few major media newspapers, we have been experiencing a major increase in new user signups.

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