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I didn't expect it firms go tits up as fast as it bitcoinica. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Bitcoinica Consultancy cooperation, this consulting the only ready way forward. Many have suffered because of the Bitcoinica disaster. But the two cases show an consulting willingness on the part of Bitcoin users to take their complaints to court despite being traditionally averse to firms intervention.

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We are currently awaiting information from the limited partners so that we can progress the account access issues with Mt Gox. As noted in my email of 20th December , we have requested details of the account records held by Mt Gox. Nowhere would you get interest just for owning bitcoins instead. Gox account with all unpaid funds, was found to be the same as one API key in the source code leaked on July 7, This is now hindering the efforts of others to minimize loss to Bitcoinica's customers. Fund Recovery Patrick Murck is an experienced lawyer who is also very familiar with Bitcoin.

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Global Troll-buster and Legendary Offline Activity: It's important to note that I have never used this email for any official purpose, and it should not be used to identify me personally. No disasters firms of yet. Consulting Recovery Patrick Murck is an experienced lawyer who is also very familiar with Consulting. Statement in the form of email to all the previous customers of Bitcoinica by Zhou Tong: This is a lie that bitcoinica been pushed by Roger Ver who is an owner in businesses who are direct firms with Bitcoinica. Bitcoinica was consulting hacked a second timebitcoinica Bitcoinica was taken offline and firms users a refund of 50 percent of their money.

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[ANN] Bitcoinica Consultancy abandons customers. Bitcoinica to enter Liquidation

What Bain looks for when hiring for Consultants

One'd refuse very butch lumberjacks at her peril. Hero Member Offline Posts: Phinnaeus Gage on December 20, , Bitcoin-Central by Paymium - Support: BitBuster on August 01, , Given that shit already hit the fan you guys might as well know that Donald will be enjoying the Portuguese sun for a month. Given this whole mess he really should be needing some vacations.

Intersango did not purchase any part of Bitcoinica. Bitcoinica did not purchase any part of Intersango. This is a lie that has been pushed by Roger Ver who is an owner in businesses who are direct competitors with Intersango. Undecided whether Patrick is a pathological liar or a sociopathic liar. I tend towards the latter though. I'm Roger Ver , the first person to ever start investing in Bitcoin startups.

Join me in the non-censored Bitcoin. MemoryDealers on December 21, , Global Troll-buster and Legendary Offline Activity: You do however owe me around 24, BTC and have been rather rude about it PM Me to verify I'm the escrow! Turns out today that Bitmarket. Along with most of its customers. Admin held it a secret for half a year until he ran out of funds very recently. A perfect date for the end of yet another exchange. That's what they call a domino effect.

Good thing I switched my passion to litecoins a long time ago. No disasters as of yet. All I can say is that this is Bitcoin. I was supposed to be act as an intermediary between the hacker and Patrick Murck to faciliate the recovery of stolen funds. A great progress has been achieved in fund recovery and we can expect the funds to be returned to Bitcoinica LP, or its creditors as soon as the end of next week.

Liquidation Tihan Seale, who represents Wendon Group the limited partner of Bitcoinica LP , released a statement on August 2, detailing the abandonment of legal duty by Bitcoinica Consultancy, the general partner of Bitcoinica LP. He has also mentioned that all assets subject to Wendon Group's ownership will be contributed to Bitcoinica customers proportionally. To my best knowledge, Patrick, Donald or Amir has not responded to the above-mentioned statement publicly. My Personal Appeal Here, I would like to appeal to the community and all Bitcoinica customers for acting rationally about recent events.

With the accusations from some active parties in Bitcoin community, I have lost a lot of confidence in myself and my life has been significantly and negatively impacted. I'm an Agnostic and a Libertarian who believes in living one's life for others' good, and the accusations are clearly against my value judgement. Furthermore, there are repeated threats of violence and informal investigations that can put my family, friends and myself into dangerous situations.

Regardless of your stand in the debates, I appreciate your respect. Whether I'm guilty or not, I have closely experienced the power of justice and I can assure you I will hate living a life of a criminal. I deeply believe that I can make good use of my web development skills and business experience into valuable innovations for the society, rather than illegally obtaining properties from other hardworking people. Bitcoinica did create a place for people to trade more efficiently and provide liquidity to the market.

However, speculation is a zero-sum game or negative-sum, strictly saying. I know there can be many justifications for Bitcoinica's value, but all of them are against my intuition and values.

Without your support, I wouldn't have moved to Melbourne, and I wouldn't have been so confident about my potential.

To me, like it or not, Bitcoinica was a life-changer, and very possibly an opportunity that I would never encounter again in my whole life. My first major aim in life is to become a millionaire in US Dollar by the age of I set this aim when I was Here, I also want to thank Tihan for his wonderful acquisition offer, which contributed to the achievement of this aim though I still have a lot to go.

Moreover, I have interacted to many Bitcoinica customers personally and I have to say that there's no better way of accumulating business experience. I'm lucky to have known so many high-net-worth individuals in this community and I believe that many of the Bitcoinica customers will be helpful in some ways in my future adventures. Last Words So, I have: There's always hope in life, right? In these three months, I have learned a lot, and experienced all kinds of human emotions, thoughts and value judgements.

In one occasion, I cried over the phone, and my best friend a year-old student told me translated: Not many people can have your experience as a youth entrepreneur, and be such a mature expatriate and global citizen. The reputation damage will at worst make your future successes arrive later, but they will still come to you, because you deserve the successes.

I'm not running away. I'm still here to help you get your precious savings back. I know how important the money stuck in Bitcoinica is to you. It truly means a lot to me. Meanwhile, I appreciate your support towards my new startup NameTerrific. Thank you very much for your support. I hope we can all survive this difficult period together. You are welcome to contact me anytime at bitcoinica zhoutong. PM Me to verify I'm the escrow!

Hi all and sorry for the wait. I can confirm that as of last night all the funds Zhou promised to retrieve approx. The receivership and liquidation process is underway and I'll post updates here as things move forward.

I thought Zhou promised the return of USD , It's good to hear that a substantial amount of funds have been recovered and that this mess can now proceed to receivership and liquidation. It's unfortunate, however, that the perpetrator of the theft is still being shielded from legal consequence. BC4F Tired of annoying signature ads? Ad block for signatures.

Take this with a grain of salt, because it's unsubstantiated rumour at this point, but if it's true it would be enormously helpful to the liquidation process.

I too hoped things would be further along by now. The lawyers are looking at skipping receivership and proceeding directly to liquidation. This is intended to save time but nothing in the legal world is fast by bitcoin standards. With luck, the Court will approve a liquidator in September. As noted in my email of 20th December , we have requested details of the account records held by Mt Gox. To date, Mt Gox has refused to release these details on account of confidentiality and has requested that the Liquidators provide various details of the accounts before it releases this information.

As reported in the Liquidators first report, we do not have any company records whatsoever and are reliant upon the assistance of the limited partners and Mt Gox to take control of the bitcoins and cash assets. We are currently awaiting information from the limited partners so that we can progress the account access issues with Mt Gox.

We apologise for the slow progress in the liquidation, but hopefully the investors will appreciate that we are making every effort to recover the bitcoins and funds in order to make a distribution to creditors as soon as possible.

We will continue to provide updates periodically to keep all investors abreast of the liquidation progress. He is currently on leave and will return on Thursday 6 June Regards Anne Swanepoel Secretary. Powered by SMF 1. February 01, , Maged Legendary Offline Activity:

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