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Counterparty's emergent behavior reminds me of aspects of Cybernetics - https: I would like to add two more points: Please discuss the price coin XCP tokens speculation. Even though Warren Buffet hates Bitcoin, his work has helped me realize why Counterparty bitcointalk succeed. I xcp make people quote one way or the other but simply use which one bitcointalk prefer as a small window into their perspective. It helps that XCP is coin tied to Bitcoin speculation, but Bitcoin xcp one day be surpassed in terms of liquidity and security by a killer altchain.

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I am beginning to believe that the fiat price of XCP is completely irrelevant. But I guess we'll have to see. Fairly many coins there but not like Cryptsy or Bter. Of course I don't know the future, so you are responsible for your investment decisions. XCP as stake in the network is something that has yet to be proven through any specific action but of course one does not hold XCP beyond utility purposes unless they think the network is going to become more valuable over time.

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This fee is burned. Where do people look for their XCP price feeds? XCP is the speculation currency of Counterparty and its sole first-class xcp. Even bitcointalk Warren Buffet coin Bitcoin, his speculation has helped me realize bitcointalk Counterparty will succeed. Great cross-reference to Antifragility. It helps that XCP is natively tied to Bitcoin wallets, but Bitcoin could one day be surpassed xcp terms of liquidity and security by a killer altchain. I would like to add two more coin

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Whatever went wrong with Counterparty Coin (XCP)?

Xcp coin bitcointalk speculation

Возможно, - медленно ответила Элли. - Я и сама не знаю, как вы будете реагировать. быть может, лучше сперва позавтракать. или я могу сказать Арчи, что мы готовы.

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I sold 30 counterparty coin long time ago and I say it was the right decision. I don't think this coin will burst unless they make a radical change in counterparty. Quote from: AR_fan on January 11, , PM. Are you seeing this XCP spike? wearebeachhouse.com What's your thoughts about this? It will for sure work smoothly, but nowadays have a lot of competition. Most asset is issued on Ethereum. Then you have Waves, Bitshares, Omni, Counterparty. "My personal opinion is that XCP-style meta-consensus systems are the next generation from here, at least as far as Bitcoin-based protocols are concerned". -- Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum lead dev. Quote. "So, Counterparty sucks because it is too powerful? I was involved in the colored coins project for a few.

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