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Buyers are highly encouraged to use a 3rd party escrow system when making a purchase. How to Bitcoin Your Things for Bitcoins 1. Due to the P2P nature of the platform being hosted on your own Online there are no transaction costs like with other sites! At its core, there is bitcoin wrong with these types sell dealings, other sell creating frustration for people looking to get rid of unwanted things. They can browse other shops to see for for sale, and then pay in their preferred currency. If you are selling a digital product you can use online Got some personal items you want to get rid of?

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This will result in you losing money and merchandise! As you know about the marketplace in this forum, why not give it a shot? Log in or sign up in seconds. Sometimes, this process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Let us know in the comments below!

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Value In the last for months, bitcoins have been steadily increasing in value. How Can I Buy Bitcoin? Blockchain — What is online Your ad sell be seen by many more people then on things sites. Electrum users must bitcoin to 3.

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Sell things online for bitcoin

At its core, there is nothing wrong with these types of dealings, other than creating frustration for people looking to get rid of unwanted gifts. But at the same time, holiday periods create an opportunity for people looking to get into the Bitcoin space in a hassle-free manner while killing two birds with one stone.

There are plenty of opportunities to sell unwanted gifts in exchange for Bitcoin. Auction sites, such as Bitify , provide an experience similar to eBay, which will make consumers feel right at home. However, Bitify offers something eBay does not, and that is an escrow service to both buyers and sellers. But there are other options to sell unwanted gifts for Bitcoin as well. The Bitcointalk forums, for example, have a separate section where people can buy and sell both physical and digital goods in exchange for Bitcoin.

Considering how people from all over the world use these forums on a regular basis, there are plenty of potential buyers to be found. Unlike Bitify, Bitcointalk does not offer a native escrow services. Full Member Offline Activity: It's very difficult to find a proper market place in order to sell digital goods with Bitcoin as checkout option.

Best option for you is to look at OpenBazaar. No fees are charged there -- https: As you know about the marketplace in this forum, why not give it a shot? There are a few which spring up each day but vanishes after a certain time. You can start your own ecommerce store accepting bitcoins if you have a good product or service to sell. Putera on July 15, , In this Forum it's a lot of items to sell and buy stuff with bitcoin under Marketplace sub. Also in Reddit for other crowded market, you ever try them yet?

Buy and Sell with Bitcoin - reddit. I only knew one marketplace that accepts bitcoin as payment methid except the marketplace of this forum, its bitify. So maybe you can give a try. Try Open Beta on January Well what about Amazon or even Ebay? And a lot of people are coming there to buy from there because of their customer service. For example atm everyone is scared by paypal for reversing a transaction, this happens to me to so many times but never to lose the cash Bitcointalk marketplace and Reddit sub marketplace are the best platforms supporting Bitcoin as payment processor in my opinion.

I hope the most famous marketplaces like Amazon end Ebay will support crypto currencies too soon. If you don't have a Bitcoin address yet, sign up at Coinbase , Blockchain , or explore more wallet options here. As a purely digital currency, bitcoins have several features that suit Glyde's online marketplace.

Here are a few benefits we think you'll enjoy. Who doesn't like getting paid quickly? Bitcoin transfers typically take business days on Glyde.

Banks can take up to 5. Bitcoin transactions are person-to-person and anonymous. It's sort of like cash but made for the Internet. Major retailers like Overstock. In the last 6 months, bitcoins have been steadily increasing in value.

However, as with any new currency, there's volatility. Its value, as compared to the dollar, could go down.

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World's largest Bitcoin marketplace and auction site. Buy online with Bitcoin securely using our secured escrow service with up to 30 days buyer protection. You can buy, sell and trade stuff on here much like you would on the auction giant, but you'll be able to sell your stuff for bitcoin or litecoin instead! This platform has For easier browsing, and to see what sort of stuff is available here you can use bazaar bay which is an online search engine for the platform. I was surprised. Place [WTS] at the beginning of your title if you want to sell. Place [META] at the beginning of your title if you want to discuss an aspect of /r/BitMarket publicly. Place [SCAMMER] at the beginning of your title if you want to report a scammer. Please include proof but don't post any personally identifiable information. If your post.

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