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Hero Bitcointalk Offline Posts: Dice bet can have darkcoin different stake. January 30, For more details please visit the following thread in Games and Rounds: Just traditional banking where clients have only a few bitcointalk numbers, with Bitcoin people can create an unlimited just of dice addresses. For more darkcoin please visit http: To participate in the giveaway please follow the instructions in the following link:

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We now accept multiple bets in a single transfer transaction. June 07, , I only list investments of 0. Bitcoin and Litecoin rate remains unaffected. We then take the first 5 characters of the result, which are 5 Hexadecimal Digits, and convert them into a decimal number. This non standard way of sending coins is not supported by our automated system.

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Click the 'history' tab. DirectDice on April 26, It's been up darkcoin than a week and already attracted over BTC in investments. Bitcoin Forum January 30, May just, DirectBet bitcointalk June 22, May 09,dice

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Just dice bitcointalk darkcoin

How the blockchain is changing money and business

If your Lucky Number is with a bet stake of at least 0. This Bitcoin address is also your Bet ID. Refresh this page to obtain the most up to date Bet Status.

An identifier is a name that identifies that is, labels the identity of either a unique object or a unique class of objects. August 30, , What is this "limited time"? And what happens after that time? What if two people both roll with regular 0. Will you pay out two separate 10 BTC jackpots? Also, when going to place a bet, I see: The bet ID identifies the bet that you ordered event, selection, betting option, secret, etc. In Direct Dice, your bet will be rejected and refunded if you send in your bet after the secret was already revealed or if you bet more than the maximum advised.

Complete information on how we process and handle bets can be found here: We also have the option to decrease the max bet size should we be interested in reducing variance. Furthermore, payouts are issued instantly as soon as there is 1 confirmation in the network for your initial bet transfer, so if you have any concern, you can simply wait to receive your winnings before placing another bet.

Do not send multiple bets in the same Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin transaction. This non standard way of sending coins is not supported by our automated system. If you do that, one of your bets might be processed normally if it's the first one in the transaction but the others will not be processed and therefore will not confirm and we will have to refund them manually.

DirectBet on August 31, , The Direct Dice is then rolled as follows: We create a string that includes your bet transfer transaction ID followed by the original secret and hash it using SHA cryptographic algorithm. We then take the first 5 characters of the result, which are 5 Hexadecimal Digits, and convert them into a decimal number. Finally, we multiply that number by and divide it by All digits after the decimal points are discarded and the result is The Lucky Number which is a number between 0 and The probability to roll any number between 0 and is identical to all numbers and is equal to approx.

The probability to roll is approx. Where to gamble with your BTC? StinkyS4L on August 18, , DirectBet on August 18, , Powered by SMF 1. January 30, , This leaves a 0. I don't see the 'no house edge'. Josepht on August 19, , DirectBet offers a unique feature where you can parlay a provably fair dice roll along with horse racing bets and a wide range of sport bets!

Farmer17 on August 19, , Why no house edge though? I'll be honest, I'm intrigued but I wouldn't try without some sort of faucet or something to try it out first.

It's free to enter. You need to earn at least 10, loyalty points during the month to earn a VIP reward.

If you see that you are short of some points toward the end of the month, you can use our new provably fair Direct Dice to pump up your points and get the reward.

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I just wanna give some sugestion for yours next facebook/twitter giveaway.. Its would be better for yours marketing and for yours web link position in any search engine(backlink), if you make new post/tweet before you ask us or any of this forum member to share/retweet it Thats all. Not any longer. Loyalty points are now tracked separately for each payout address. If you must use multiple payout addresses of the same coin, please continue to enter your e-mail address when betting, as before, and we will manually merge them upon request when you claim your rewards. Direct Dice is a provably fair, block-chain based dice betting game that can be played with Bitcoins, Litecoin, Dogecoins and Darkcoins! Key Features: Lowest house edge for frequent bettors! Direct Dice built-in house edge is just %, and with DirectBet VIP Rewards Program, frequent bettors can earn.

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