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What the hell is redistribution of wealth or progressive gulch A few well meaning people come up with a good idea and then in come the opportunists stocks eventually chile all evolves into infighting and lawsuits. There is no clear answer bitcoin me on this matter. Livelet live. Dec 9th Update: It was mere weeks before I started getting the run around from Johnson galt legal paperwork establishing property title, ownership rights, other investors, corporate structure, etc. I could take issue with you here.

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And I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Galt s Gulch Chile. They couldn t buy more water rights, because of Chile s environmental regulations covering the area. A GGC celebration was held this April, … The alleged purpose was for people to finalize the selection of lots and other paperwork. After letting it show a time or two—and probably being punished by a parent as a result—the sociopath covers up the truth and keeps it covered. Jeff I think you need to make a Paraguay rehab page to for all the victims of your recent Paraguay passport fraud too.

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But what sort of gulch oasis is going to arise in such a situation? Until, in fact, human predators completely enslave mankind, which is the current state of planet earth. The survivalist galt has something to be said for it. Stocks started as a publicity stunt and continued as a joke. And the statist solution bitcoin always a collectivist chile.

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Galt s gulch chile bitcoin stocks

That means that at least every thirty-third man is a sociopath, and every hundredth woman. Most of us have a feeling that everyone has some goodness in them.

That last one is a predator without a conscience. We need to face the facts, and we cannot treat these people like we do everyone else. Emotions that are not quite right. But they can never fake them completely. Authentic expressions of emotions are very complex, involving dozens of muscles, increased or decreased blood flow and pressure, pulse rate, posture, tone of voice, and more.

Normal people are deeply familiar with these complicated arrangements and innately understand their patterns. He or she must mimic them. But because of the great complexity involved, the sociopath can never mimic them terribly well. So, you must notice inauthentic emotions, remember them, and not ignore them in an effort to be nice.

Sociopaths have a profound lack of empathy for the feelings of others. They lack the internal feedback system by which normal people monitor themselves. Sociopaths understand that they are different from normal people and learn to mimic normal behavior. This mimicry has a purpose: It gets the sociopath what he or she wants.

The sociopath hides his or her difference. After letting it show a time or two—and probably being punished by a parent as a result—the sociopath covers up the truth and keeps it covered.

Since sociopaths have no empathy for others, making use of normal people feels just fine to them. Likewise, they feel no remorse. Because they lack an internal feedback system, sociopaths are excellent liars. A sociopath is likely to maintain a group of people who believe whole-heartedly that he is a good, kind, honest person.

Here is what Hervey Cleckley wrote about sociopaths in his classic text on the subject, The Mask of Sanity:. Beauty and ugliness, except in a very superficial sense; goodness, evil, love, horror and humor have no actual meaning, no power to move him. Recent brain scans indicate that sociopaths have unusually small amygdalae the part of the brain associated with emotional reactions, decisionmaking, and memory processing.

This region, which communicates with the amygdala, is also involved with decision making. So, the cause of sociopathy is almost certainly organic. Someday it should be curable with genetic engineering, but for now, there is no cure at all. That means that you have zero chance of talking a sociopath into behaving well. And it gets better. Aside from natural causes like diseases, the number-one source of pain on Earth is political systems.

Governments, like all hierarchies, are havens for sociopaths. And governments have, over the last century, killed approximately million people. See Death by Government, by R. So, what would happen if millions of people, because they were able to recognize sociopaths, stopped empowering and obeying them? Furthermore, it would be easy: The concepts are simple and potent, and the motivation to avoid pain is inherent in human nature.

For far less than corporate charities spend, something like this would change the world… more, better, and faster. However, one can easily become confused while making the judgement of who qualifies as human predator.

Rather than write a long, involved, careful analysis here, let me just give an analogy. You know quite clearly that roughly This is the appropriate way to classify human predators. Even many animal predators go days without killing another animal chewing on the remains of their most recent kill, or chewing on plants until they get the urge for meat again. Just as certainly as someone who hires a hitman to kill someone is a murderer. All that remains is the last chapter, when we learn the exact mechanism by which they exterminate themselves.

All that remains is the last chapter, when we learn the exact mechanism by they exterminate themselves. I have not commented to any article or person for years, but your comments indicate a rare level of reasoning. And as you say, good friggin riddence. History does repeat and this feels like a time warp.

A few well meaning people come up with a good idea and then in come the opportunists and eventually it all evolves into infighting and lawsuits. What did I learn from Minerva and Atlantis? In a truly free society the incentives to avoid predation would be high. Most predators would make the rational decision to be productive rather than take the big risk of death by trying various predator tactics common today.

Humans have done quite well for thousands of generations being predators. That can easily continue for an indefinite future. It just requires channeling the predatory instinct into productive modes. In a truly free society such people would be likely shot for trying their various scams.

It is only under government where such scum will rise to the top for bureaucratic systems reward the lack of empathy and ruthlessness of the sociopath. I did not bring up how badly employees have been treated by Ken Johnson because it was a side issue to my main goal, which was to ensure no one else has to live in their car because they invested in GGC. But Ken has harmed many people who were not investors.

I did pay for my husband, however. I immediately asked for one of the charges to be reversed and I was assured there was no problem. I dealt with a very nice young woman, whom I will not name because she has since joined the extensive list of people who have wantonly ruined GGC…or so the story goes. What does that say about him? The woman was caught up in organizing the conference so we dealt with the matter afterward. Despite written confirmation of our arrangement, Ken refused to reverse the charge.

So I registered my first conflict resolution request in over 15 years with Paypal. Come to learn or at least to hear that Ken approached another investor at the conference and asked her to use her various financial connections to facilitate a flow of money.

But Ken was quite, quite willing to let an struggling employee take a real hit simply for being imprudent enough to give Ken access to a paypal account.

I offer this small anecdote because it is one of the few incidents with employees of which I have first-hand knowledge. I do not doubt most of the other stories…but I did not witness them myself.

At the time I was still laboring under the delusion that Johnson was honest, if incompetent. But it was typical of the thoroughly unprofessional, disorganized operation from the beginning, and it has only gotten worse since then. Hopefully your expose and the many comments here have served to prevent more unsuspecting, hopeful libertarians to avoid getting snookered by this con artist.

Perhaps someday we can all sit under sunny Chilean skies, sipping one of the fine local wines or ales reminiscing together about these crazy misadventures we had to endure on our path to freedom. Deltajent…I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful posts here. I broke ranks and the ranks are composed of very good people who are doing the right thing as quickly as they can.

It is interesting that you had the same experience with Ken Johnson on the conference fee as I did.

I must admit to a bit of pettiness. I was damned and determined NOT to back down on this one because the man was starting to seriously annoy me. I would have backed down…but I would have waited to withdraw the resolution request until the 11th hour. Thank you for sharing this, Wendy. I had been approached to be a part of the publicity team for the project, which I turned down.

It was difficult for me to get information about the project, so what you have provided is tremendously helpful to anyone who has been approached to be involved in some way. It was I who contacted Naomi as she says but it was on my own behalf for my own independent project, Fort Galt.

I was not representing GGC or requesting her to do so either. The two projects are run by different people and very much separate from one another.

No hard feelings, Naomi. The misunderstanding is understandable. Gabriel, thanks for posting the explanation. I enjoyed meeting you in Chile and I hope the experience is a renewable pleasure. Good luck with Fort Galt. As of now, that is unclear. I made the comments that I did on your Reddit and Liberty.

Yes, I can certainly understand why you must have seen it that way. I have created a page where all those involved in GGC past and present can communicate directly and trade information: I was asked to not discuss your actions over the past year Jeff and I obliged those asking me to do so. There is a long list of things that you know you participated in that had direct negative impacts on GGC, those who invested in GGC, as well as me personally.

You know that you never paid me what is due to me from TDV, which you still profit from today. As mentioned to you, and others in an email a few weeks ago, I was the one who wanted to offer you a beneficial interest in GGC, even though none of us felt that you deserved it, but I was promptly told that that should not be done.

Serin would carry out if your demands were not met. Here is part of a little email chain between myself and one of the Founders, where he outlines some of his feelings toward you, which there are many more from the other Founders. I tried not to allow myself to get wrapped up in long email chains about you, or anyone, for that matter, as there has always been a mountain of work at GGC, which has proven to overwhelm me.

Wed, 15 Jan I quite enjoy knowing that I have kept millions out of their hands and in my own personal control. Jeff I think you need to make a Paraguay rehab page to for all the victims of your recent Paraguay passport fraud too.

As painful and difficult though it must be to write this expose, I thank you for taking your principled stand, Wendy. I decided to invest in GGC without doing proper due diligence because I had known Jeff Berwick for several years and was impressed by his history, and supposedly the window of opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what I thought would be a profitable venture as well as an escape from Amerika was to be soon closed.

I had never heard of Ken Johnson and now wish I never had. Gentlemen honor their verbal commitments, men such as Ken Johnson do not.

Jeff had no control of the project so we investors were at the mercy of what turned out to be an unprofessional, incompetent, dishonest, lying sociopath. It was mere weeks before I started getting the run around from Johnson regarding legal paperwork establishing property title, ownership rights, other investors, corporate structure, etc. Ken operates by isolating involve individuals so there is a minimum of information sharing, thus enabling him to manipulate the story to various parties to prevent blame for mis- or malfeasance from accruing to himself.

Eventually I was able to learn the identities of the other Founders and we began to communicate our concerns to each other, and I began to communicate my concerns about possible legal issues to Ken. His response was, to put it charitably, abusive and unprofessional. To say that he was unappreciative of the people who had provided the initial finances for his project would be an understatement. Ken Johnson, as we eventually learned, though totally incompetent as a businessman, is a skilled manipulator and liar, so he was able to convince us until earlier this year that, while not being perfect, he was the victim of circumstances and the misdeeds of others, mainly Jeff Berwick, whom at every opportunity was continued to be blamed for why nothing was being completed as promised and why the business was in total disarray.

Blame was assigned to virtually every employee that Johnson hired, all of whom, according to Ken, were incompetent, dishonest, lazy, or crazy. Rather than accepting responsibility for gross mismanagement, Johnson to this day continues to point fingers at others. As the situation continued to degenerate, the Founders pled with Ken to seek mediation with Jeff to resolve differences, mend fences, and put the project on solid legal and financial footing.

Hoping that reason and professional assistance might yet prevail, the Founders did ask Ken not to make public the controversy and to seek professional help to resolve issues. Such appeals to reason and decency have always fallen on deaf ears, and likely always will until Johnson is forced out and the project put under professional direction.

Today Wendy has done what we all have seen as the inevitable, given the failure to resolve the issues amicably. There is much more to the story, but this is already longer than I had intended, so I will leave it here for now. There are a number of potential investors waiting for the situation to be resolved and for it to become a viable investment with profit potential, so we still have hope that it can be salvaged. One well-heeled investor with contacts and resources is putting herculean efforts into getting Ken out and responsible management in.

Jeff Berwick, with his many contacts, is still waiting to assist with rebuilding. But, as much as it pains me to say it, do not invest your money in GGC now. Stay away for now but stay tuned.

Wendy thanks so much for your honesty. You are most welcome, Libertatis. Please consider GGC as an option when the rescue plan is realized. Really good people are working diligently. My responses are being done from memory as I type this, so there may be information left out or not thoroughly outlined. He said that he had a great piece of land that would be ideal for a real estate project, but that there was a current buyer with the land under contract, which he felt would not be completed, because this person was a close colleague of Simon Black and Mr.

Black was out of the country until early November or thereabouts. Interesting, to say the least. A company was set up, via a power of attorney, signed by myself and Mr.

Cobin to set up the company. He set it up under terms that were not agreed to, completing it the day of, or the day before, Mr. Berwick and I arrived in Chile in early November to purchase the land, which Mr. Cobin stated they have thoroughly researched already. Berwick and I almost from Day 1 of putting the land under a Promesa Agreement in early September, which I politely declined to agree to, telling him that if we worked out a deal to work with them, then we would discuss salaries for their work on development.

Berwick and I arrived in Chile for the first time in late August, where we both were supposed to go look at the land. Berwick did not accompany myself, Mr.

Eyzaguirre, as he had company at the 2-bedroom hotel room that he and I shared from the night before. About weeks prior to early November closing time for the land , Mr. It was later confirmed, by the real estate agent and Mr. Cobin was indeed working with another party on the purchase. This party was apparently Simon Black. It was confirmed that Mr. Black viewed the property, but I am not sure of his intentions of purchasing it, which he wrote about back then as I recall.

Cobin, with a non-disclosure non-compete declaration also being signed and notarized by Mr. Eyzaguirre was reimbursed for his costs and time for the set up of the dissolved corporation in exchange for them signing the non-disclosure non-compete.

In my opinion, Mr. Cobin did indeed misrepresent various aspects of the land, which was then followed up with the first law firm in Chile not carrying out proper due diligence, though they stated that they had done so, which their invoice for payment was refused and then renegotiated when transferring to a new law firm.

There was no under-handedness on my part. Eyzaguirre was in direct communications with me, via phone, email and in person, stating that he no longer wanted to work with Mr. Cobin, due to Mr. There are plenty of emails illustrating all of this, plus signed and notarized documents. Ramirez for the purchase of Lepe Norte and Las Casas. It was the same amount that GGC ended up agreeing to with Mr.

The offer from Eyzaguirre y Cobin S. Eyzaguirre y Cobin S. These payments were made to Mr. I was not paid, as agreed, which is the significant reason for Mr. Berwick and I not seeing eye to eye on things. Berwick came to me, yet again, stating that there were no profits from the programs that month, when in fact the screenshots of the bank statement showed otherwise. As per signed statements from third parties, there was an effort slightly over a year ago, involving Mr.

Berwick was asked to end his involvement with BitcoinATM by the two founders of that company. This is outlined in emails and messages. I, as well as the law firm, and GGC staff, met with Mr. Berwick, with the law firm being quite concerned with the threats that he made against the GGC project and myself, as we were simply down here working.

More information came to light about Mr. Due to these events, it is my opinion that quite sizeable revenue was lost, leading to the restructuring of the land transaction with Mr. Ramirez, which is when the sizeable late payments were made. I am not sure of the current status of this, or the exact reason s for it occurring, but that was the case when last checked. It is true that the first law firm did not carry out with due diligence what they represented that they did, as well as what they invoiced for, along with the same amount being invoiced to GGC by the Argentinian firm that referred me to the first Chilean firm.

The Argentinian firm was referred by Mr. Lepe has a large watershed area, with virtually no water rights owned by other parties in the watersheds. I, and others, have been amazed by the actions of some associated with Mr.

Berwick, as well as his own actions, which he likes to keep his hands clean of as much as possible. I do take fault for bad decisions that I have made, such as trusting the wrong people with mapping and development. I have been duped more than I care to admit, that is for sure. You want to attempt to convince people that I have the intent of defrauding people, but things have been done in earnest to build a community, though the events of the past year, or so, have prevented that from happening at this point in time…which truly is unfortunate.

I am working to have their investments properly secured. Del Real, as well as his colleagues and family, wanted to participate in GGC because they communicated to me that they could greatly assist with efficient development of the project. I, as well as those from GGC participating in the meetings, believed that Mr. Del Real and the team of people whom he brought with him would be a large benefit to the GGC project, as he promised to get approvals on the map prior to the April Celebration, assist with accounting, farm management, legal work, etc.

It seemed like a big relief, after having some bad experiences with past law firms, and some others. Client documents on wires are obtained, but there is evidence of third party dealings to interrupt GGC banking, which is outlined in documents provided to me.

Where do you come up with this stuff? There are two, possibly three, Bitcoin wallets, which are all accounted for. Second, he had a lot of accomplices. Some were willing, but most were unwitting. I came here to build GGC because I believe in it. Your representations are very inaccurate.

Carey Law was introduced to me by one of our first round Founders, as he, myself and others were not happy with the work of the second law firm utilized in Chile. They advised on properly correcting errors made by the second law firm and we were discussing their work on behalf of GGC, but a conflict of interests with one of their other clients arose that I felt was a problem. Carey simply asked if documents should be released to the second round Founder of GGC whom has worked to align people with much of what is being misrepresented here.

They emailed me and we declined. I have not hidden information from people, nor do I care to. I have invited the second round Founder to meet with me and go over all details of GGC for all to see, but have also been working to rectify things that benefit GGC for whomever continues on with managing it.

As mentioned above, those no longer with GGC, for the most part, did not fulfil obligations to the project. I just let them work.

When wires come in, sales staff has always been instructed to collect a passport scan and a source of funds letter, which are then kept on file, with a letter then also going to the bank, outlining what the funds are for.

When staff was organizing clients files in recent weeks, it became evident that a former longtime sales team member was not properly keeping client files, nor was our former sales manager. This has been addressed by our admin staff. Your intention is to paint a picture of someone stealing money, or defrauding people, as has been Mr.

We work everyday on farm items and I have been working diligently to correct bad decisions that have been made, while awaiting meetings with those who state they want to come in and manage GGC, which I have welcomed for months now. I shared with him the location of a possible solution for those who are awaiting smaller lots at GGC, which I also shared with a former sales staff member.

I have been following this opportunity for many months, which was my hope to make a part of GGC. Now, it appears others may be taking credit for this opportunity and pursuing it. Anyhow, I do hope that this opportunity does come to fruition for those awaiting lots at GGC, as that has always been my goal. I do believe that all who have put their trust in GGC, as well as myself, should have equity in the project and I would be happy to help in doing that, or to allow others to carry it out.

I just wanted to have a nice place to live with clean water, food and energy. The pressure and workload though proved to be immense and I do hope that whomever carries on with GGC can make it fruitful in the near future. Ken, you neglected to answer the question I posed yesterday. I will ask again. In your email you mentioned that the final payment for the purchase of the land had been renegotiated.

For once in your lifetime, do not send up an obfuscating fog of ad hominems and accusations in response to a straight, simple question. Please answer the one posed by Brad R. Please also answer my question that follows….

No one has received one. Will you now, at long last, live up to that contractual obligation? You cannot be unaware that at least one investor is now living in his car because you gobbled up his money and returned nothing…not land, not a refund, and not the respect of a straight answer. Conditions and circumstances absolutely beyond human control. We had everything mapped to roll those rails, but unforeseen developments set in, which nobody could have prevented.

I know little about you or this particular venture. I do know a bit about scam artists. Obfuscation is a primary means of keeping the suckers on the line. You seem an expert at that. People need to buy back in their own culture and fight to make it free, not go to Chile and be suckered. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are still owed to John and his partner for services rendered in finding the property Jeff and Ken took over. One of the worst things is that libertarianism has received a black eye in Chile.

They are no longer assumed to be trustworthy. Of course, I have heard the rumors of Cobin being ripped off by Ken Johnson but I have no knowledge of details. It announced his lawsuit against Cobin because of some frippery, like Cobin speaking badly of him. I bought the paper, of course, and it is also online http: Do not sue people who buy ink by the barrel. I think an article about that lawsuit is available online as well. Sue, threaten to sue…it is one reason why so many people were so quiet for so long.

I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement along with the papers to purchase land. I refused to sign it. And Jeff Berwick stood up for me, calling the requirement ridiculous. It sucks to try to build a liberated community in a place with draconian water and zoning restrictions. Actually, Chile has a great deal to recommend it. For example, you can open a business in one day and it has a solid reputation for being the least corrupt nation in South America.

And, good God man! I understand your reservations — they are the same ones my husband and I discussed in detail — but nowhere is truly free and we were moving to be in good company as much as anything else. Someone has been using Tor to vote this article down. I allow free votes on my site. I find it amusing, and, my preferred target audience is free, as opposed to herd thinkers. Something about Simon Black always seemed fishy to me. Not sure why but his stuff never added up.

Property ownership in South America is a tangled web. They do not appreciate property ownership as we do. It is only for their elite, not us mere peasants. This is incorrect Angela. Some countries have shady property rights. The Ecuadorian government, for example, claims ownership of all land in the country. Chile has strong property rights. And farmland has zero to little property tax.

Like anywhere, you just need to know the law, or understand your risk, before putting any skin in the game. It is not incorrect at all. Do any of you even know the history of South America? Someone saw something they wanted and allowed themselves to be sold an empty bill of goods and now they cry about it when everyone involved should have known a lot better.

And that would be different from the US how, Angela? You know, where all property is owned by the govt, pretty much the way it is anywhere there is a state. Do you think you actually own any land anywhere North America? You might have some mineral rights, but not in the US Not sure about Canada. You are allowed to work the property the state leases to you and improve upon it, as long as you do so within certain dictates. And you MUST pay them for the privilege. Then cease paying your overlords their fealty and see how much longer you get to keep living on their land.

Chile is no different, in this regard, although there is some argument that some of the uber-wealthy old families actually own property outright.

However, property rights, at the sufferance of the state, are strong in Chile. And taxes are very low in most cases. It is easy to be blinded by the BS thrown at one by scam artists, especially when you are an honest person yourself.

The fault here lies with the thieves both Chilean government that demand bribes for proper zoning in a damned desert and the con men using honest people like Wendy and Brad.

The government demanded nothing. It was the other way around as to who offered the bribe and the government declined. Latin America is made up of very different countries and cultures. Be careful with unresearched generalizations. I was not clear. I consider any fee one has to pay government a legalized bribe for they should not have power over individuals and their property. Permits are a major method governments use to control individuals.

Live Consciously my friend. You wanted something to be a certain way, so you ignored all of the warning signs telling you they were not that way. You chose to not live consciously, choosing to live according to what you wanted to feel, rather than what the facts were showing you. It is an idea that lives within all Objectivists and is a symbol of all we strive for.

I would love to live in a community of like minded people, but the odds of that happening are pretty low. So I treasure the moments I do come in to contact with them all the more. I live in the now, not in some future that may never be. I am sorry that the process has been a roller coaster for you.

I hope that it works out and thank you for the heads up. I was actually considering investing and was doing a little research. While I love Canada I am getting on and the winters are getting harder on these old bones. Some of the best people I know are working behind the scenes to rescue the vision.

Until a renewed GGC is announced, however, you are wise to turn up the heat and endure the winter. I am not being glib…I live in Canada as well. I am pretty sure that you would never move to the USA, Wendy.

The property you have there in Canada sounds very nice to me. But it is true that here in the Ozarks we have very low property taxes, very little governmental interference in much of the backwoods, and much warmer winters. I often can start my garden outdoors in early March here. The summers can be hot and dry, though not so bad for the past two years.

Free men could do a lot worse than starting a community of like minded folks here where there is a lot of independent thinkers. When we get scammed, it is all too easy to try to hide in embarrassment. I think it was Claire Wolfe, who linked to this a few weeks back about a property development scam which was pulled on an Amish community http: Good luck with whatever you decide.

If the project can be rescued at reasonable cost, great! If it must be liquidated, I hope that the losses can be coped with. Your analysis is dead on. Believe me, I understand. But these people need to realize that they are the good guys, they are the solution. People like Ken Johnson operate because people like me do not speak out. BTW, all of us thought there were no more land sales. Also, BTW, and given how litigious Ken Johnson has been, the Daily Bell is pretty damned well on the side of the angels in publishing me.

I could not respect them more. The judge, jury, magistrates or whatever, will assume that the truth is somewhere in between — hence the psychopath gains. I have dealt with a flat-out sociopath only once before. He wanted to go into arbitration over an alleged offense but there was nothing to arbitrate.

I owed him nothing, absolutely literally nothing. My very acceptance of such a process would have been a victory for him because I would have been publicly accepting there was a matter that deserved arbitration. What makes a free market work well is good consumer awareness which means exposing bad dealings, and bad dealers.

Did Berwick disclose that he had been forced out of the management and operations of GGC a year ago to his blog followers and prospective investors in GGC? Wendy, I am so sorry. I know what it is to love a property and lose it, though at least you did not mix your labor with the land first as I did. I find the fact that you tell the story of what happened quite courageous.

Of course I realized immediately that the community was a non-starter for me since I know I would be unhappy in Chile since their culture is so different than my own. I ran into a similar problem in Mexico many years ago.

For better or worse, I am a white USA citizen indoctrinated by a lifetime in my culture. By the way, surveys have shown in the USA that first generation immigrants are usually unhappy in a new culture, but their kids are better off. So I see going to Chile or any other country to be automatically bad. I think libertarian types should start communities here where they understand the culture. There are still properties in the backwoods that are affordable, with water, and reasonably close by car to town throughout the USA and particularly here in the Ozarks.

Plus one need not learn a new language to talk to your neighbors. Scam artists are everywhere Lady. I hope you and Brad did not lose too much financially. But I also hope it is an object lesson for both you and those who read this article.

When it seems too good to be true, it usually is a scam. Good luck going forward. The experience has been exhausting and, for a year, it has consumed more of my emotional reserves than I care to admit.

We were, after all, preparing to sell our farm, adopt out our animals other than my dog of whom I am ridiculously fond …there were hundreds no exaggeration of details we were facing, including telling family — which, thank God, we did not do. Please be assured that Brad and I will survive nicely on a financial level whatever happens.

Unlike you, he makes life heavier, not lighter. Thanks for being my friend. More importantly, the culture change would definitely be a challenge for me and I suppose most folks born and raised Norte Americanos, but many, if not most, of us are not going there to enjoy the scenery, but to escape the rapidly metastasizing police state that the US is becoming.

I hope I can live out my days here at home in the US near friends and family, but just in case things go from bad to worse, I want a back door out of this place. Ask any Jew who escaped Germany in the 30s what they think about relocating to a foreign culture. As for wanting a back door out when the police state gets even worse here in the USA, I totally agree. I just do not think it is pragmatic to go to a culture that largely hates North American whites as their perceived oppressors.

The Jews who relocated from Germany obviously were better off than those who remained. From what I have read most relocated Jews hated being where they were, but their children were far better off. Are you familiar with the organization Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership? He co-author was Aaron Zelman who, I believe, started the organization but is dead now. They promote the idea of being armed to fight the police state rather than acceding to it.

I realize that running away is often pragmatic, however preparing for the possibility of upheaval is also pragmatic. The survivalist mentality has something to be said for it. Sadly, Fritz, many of us are too long in the tooth to be front line soldiers in a civil war, which many of us see coming — hence the desire for a backdoor option. That will be my backdoor. Which is vastly preferable for me and mine than having to live through it up close and personal. I am 62 and though I still pump iron my old body is pretty decrepit.

I live in the backwoods off the grid and would hopefully avoid a lot of the problems of any minor upheaval. But anything major will mess with us all. Just keep in mind that those same Chileans that are so friendly to you when you have economic power can easily turn on you as a despised gringo if the USA implodes financially.

I also doubt that the governmental types down there have any less police state mentality than they do here. When smartest businessmen means the best lying thieves, it shows that the culture of business has gone diametrically away from the concept of real free enterprise where integrity not dishonesty is admired and also pays with return business. Objectivism prizes survival of the fittest, not survival of the most honest or integrity-filled. That is why it breeds corruption. It is inspired by malice.

Rand presented the first objective solution to the problem of subjective ethical systems. This was her biggest philosophical contribution for mainstream consumption. I think it was inspired by her desire to free ethics from superstition so all of us who value truth as a fundamental goal would have a moral code commensurate with that value. Objectivism prizes rationality as our only survival mechanism. Honesty and integrity are rational. Both make us fit to survive.

Are you asking how Objectivism allows for individuality? Or are you asking how Objectivism would view a non-objective value, i. All moral codes are not as effective as guides to action. Some have flaws, as seen by the conflict and destruction of life. But, rationality can be defined in a number of ways. The Mises example is the strict ascetic monk who, by denying himself certain worldly health and happiness, believes that he will be rewarded with a future afterlife of peace and joy.

Given the premise and it can neither be proved nor disproved , this is a rational choice for the monk to make, if he believes it. So my question, to amplify, is does an Objectivist take a strictly materialist premise? I think a clearer understanding of rationality is my intended thrust here, although I may just be poking a stick in the dark.

If the question is still not clear, I will drop it for now, but any insight would be appreciated. What you are seeking an answer to is complicated and would require more space than we should take up here.

But it is worth the effort to pursue. You need to clear this up for yourself, if you value truth. A few quick points: And there is our conception of it. Our conception can be incorrect, which only means we, humanity, have not perfected thinking. That is the most important task a philosopher can undertake. And do not let anyone tell you certainty requires omniscience, failing that nothing is certain. That is a false dichotomy. Certainly there is certainty, and it does not require knowing everything, or nothing is certain.

Do not know about Ayn Rand, but objectivism actually would promote honesty and integrity in a true free market for those attributes pay off there with repeat business. The corruption you see as caused by objectivism is actually a result of a financial system which rewards corruption as ours definitely does. This is an example of moving the goalposts, whereby the argument changes as the conditions change. Specifically it is the No True Scotsman version. A GGC celebration was held this April, … The alleged purpose was for people to finalize the selection of lots and other paperwork.

Are the Chileans at least as receptive to the concept of individual rights as are Americans? I think a liberty oasis is going to take much more radical action. Obedience to the state cannot bring about freedom. Any country will have laws that determine land ownership requirements. There is no country that is anarchistic; indeed, it would be a contradiction in terms. We were — and are — people who wish to live cooperatively together in mutual support and fellowship.

I could take issue with you here. I could ask why you are so brave as to post anonymously about the anarcho-cowardice of others who act in a manner that harms no one. But I will respect the pseudo you have chosen and assume that you are serious about anarchism. And, just to make your day a littler better, yes…it hurts.

I hurt over GGC. Now is a good opportunity to kick me again. Because, you know, that helps freedom. It sounds like a nice place to live, and I wish you the best in finding a home where you are happier.

But what sort of liberty oasis is going to arise in such a situation? What happens when you encounter a Chilean law that violates your rights? Is a small group of wealthy foreigners who try to insulate themselves from the rest of the country going to change things for the better through the legislative process? Any American who thinks he lives in the Land of Liberty is thoroughly delusional.

The fact is, people in many other places around the globe enjoy far more real freedom than Americans. Sadly there is nowhere on earth you can live that has not been claimed by some political collective whose controllers assume that they in essence own you. I am curious as to how that could impact those farmers, and from where these water rights were granted.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing precludes an anarchist from being a criminal, but anarchists who live by the non-aggression principle do not commit lawless criminal acts of aggression against their neighbors or anyone else.

Natural law will direct the actions of the peaceful and deal with the aggression of the non-peaceful. I understand the whole stateless law thing. A place can be less oppressive than the US in most ways and still not be anywhere close to being libertarian. I take issue with political libertarians, minarchists, and constitutionalists as the definition of a state—a nation with a political government—is an organization that operates by claiming a monopoly on the use of aggressive force.

Of course having a community founded on libertarian principles in the middle of a political govt puts limits on how purely the residents will be able to follow the philosophy, but as you say, a place can be less oppressive. My answer would be education.

Until enough people learn that their own best interest and that of the people they care about involves treating others the way they wish to be treated and actually act on that knowledge, little will change. The principle that has to be passed from parent to child, teacher to student, friend to friend, is that aggression, the act of initiating violence against the innocent, is always wrong. It really comes down to making a choice for personal conduct that comes through understanding and understanding comes through education.

The choice is between choosing voluntary interaction or choosing to use aggression, between liberty and domination, between economic means of support or political means. Others are just tired of being taxed and regulated to death. The reasons vary, but all who have invested in the GGC project are looking for the freedom to live as we choose. The GGC vision is one of a community of like-minded individuals who would support and encourage each other to live the NAP, learn how it works in community, and spread the message of non-aggression through contact with others and by being a living example in the local political setting.

Educating whom, and educating them how? Are they going to be educating the Chileans with whom they will have minimal contact? Are they going to be educating people on how to obey the law in less-bad country? In these cases, employees of the corporation are rarely subject to censure or other punishment. In the anti-trust area, where industries have colluded to set prices, there have been many cases where company executives directly involved were tried separately from the corporation and sent to prison at least for a short time.

This is your crux graf. Corporate execs are being protected by the force of law state power from the consequences of their actions. The larger the corporation gets, the more corrupt its actions become. But there is no redress except regulation and fines. And thus corporations grow larger still. Most prewar companies in the US were relatively modest affairs. Even if they did get big, they rarely if ever broadened the way multinationals do. It is state-granted corporate personhood that expands the size of these entities, which in turn allows them to bankroll increased mercantilism.

Get rid of corporate personhood and expose corporate leaders to personal liability and you would soon see a more logical and competitive business environment.

Drop out, but continue to obey it, right? That sounds convenient for the elites who run the system. One less thing they need to bother with. Reality has no utopia. There is no place on this Earth where you could buy this amount of land that has no government affiliation. Far more admirable to be the man in the arena, and to get pummeled trying to improve the world, than to be a troll on the internet, pointing out how the strong man stumbles.

Not as good as many other progressive cities and progressive states, for a complex host of reasons. Why do you ask? Btw, Libertarianism currently only exists in a petri dish. Usually, once creatures evolve, they start working together; forming groups and becoming — like — societies.

Libertarians want us all to crawl back into the muck. The city has many areas that are growing and certainly many areas that are failing. Overall, the problems in my hometown are deeply historical in nature; white flight, failing automotive industry, racial tension, urban sprawl, limited tax-base…etc. Two things anathema to Libertarians. The auto industry was in decline for decades. Progressives had every card in their deck.

But Detroit just kept squeezing and squeezing. Tell us all what does that Joe Louis fist represent. The city most certainly is NOT coming back because of progressive ideas.

The GOV will do nothing but once more over tax and over regulate. Ok where exactly is that? Where are the great planners? I love this line. What you describe is exactly what held Detroit back and caused its fail. Massive labor force in Detroit… where were the businesses lined up to use that labor? Could it have been all the progressive unions and local gov regulation, taxing and turning Detroit into a toxic business environment?

You say you live there. How easy is it or was it to start a business in Detroit. Was there affirmative action regulating your labor force?

Detroit is exactly what needs to happen to America. A gov so bloated and collapsed that its depowered and out of the way so the PEOPLE can rebuild and once more create prosperity. There are many other VERY successful progressive cities and just as many successful progressive states. Eating your own is not a viable social structure.

And using Detroit as some catch-all to prove some nonsense anti-progressive agenda is lazy and disingenuous. That is progressivism in a nutshell. What the hell is redistribution of wealth or progressive taxation? Geez talk about self projecting. Forcing someone else to pay for education, health care, schools… how is that NOT eating your own? You are flat out criticizing this land fiasco as some sort of libertarian failure. I guess suffrage is impossible.

Failed businesspersons also find a home there. Politicians need only be superficially appealing. Once elected, they have carte blanche. The smart ones use their power to gain more.

Detroit, once the most powerful, wealthiest city in the world, was slowly looted into bankruptcy. It is the future of the US in microcosm.

A grassroots movement to rebuild Detroit will be in vain if the root of the collapse is not identified first. A rebirth would just start the looting all over. John Galt understood this.

Jeff Berwick on Bloomberg TV: Galt s Gulch Chile , he liked almost anywhere outside of the United States. The government, in the absence of a legitimate dispute, has caused more violence in underground drivers. Jeff sees a great.

Bitcoin Trends Bitcoin is completely unregulated in Chile, but the use of them is growing. Remarkably there is a community in Chile chile called Galt s Gulch Chile with an economy based on bitcoins. Designed as a residential organic farming community with clean waters, organic foods, renewable energy, , the project.

Galt s gulch chile bitcoin charts ripples in my silicone breast implants Let galts s take the figures from bitcoincharts , see if this spat makes sense. Wenn aus Freiheitsfreunden Bitches werden. El plan era simple: In , Ken flew down to Chile to inspect some land that might make a good Utopia. Nov 21, A libertarian fashioned community in Chile is now accepting bitcoins in exchange The leader in blockchain news, Bitcoin.

Galts gulch chile bitcoin Galt s Gulch Chile. Galt s Gulch Chile is a libertarian real estate project in Chile designed as a residential organic farming community with clean waters, , renewable energy. A libertarian fashioned community in Chile is now accepting bitcoins in exchange for plots of land within its boundaries. Galt s gulch chile bitcoin exchange Exchanges Bitcoin Galt s gulch chile bitcoin exchange. With the rapid development of the bitcoin community more galts , more ventures that accept bitcoins come to light.

Three years ago, the first of us met in Chile , began designing the community of our dreams. Also, as their chosen currencyBitcoin depends on it. Galt s Gulch Chile: First Libertarian Community Accepting Bitcoin. Live , let live. Libertarian enclaves Bitcoin paradise. With the rapid development of the Bitcoin community more , more ventures that accept Bitcoins come to light.

This time we will have a look at Galt s Gulch Chile, inventors, entrepreneurs , other Bitcoin enthusiasts in the heart of Chile, an extraordinary community of scientists, who have found a way to. Jeff BerwickDollar Vigilante on U. Broad ripple galts farmers market facebook weekly ad.

They couldn t buy more water rights, because of Chile s environmental regulations covering the area. Libertarian Paradise is Yet Another Bitcoin. I live in Chile, only one hour away from GGC. I know people who bought land there , are totally enthusiastic galts about it. GGC is an ambitious project but I never went there to see it for myself , the sales pitches seamed shady to me. What can t you buy with bitcoin.

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With the rapid development of the Bitcoin community more and more ventures that accept Bitcoins come to light. This time we will have a look at Galt's Gulch Chile. A libertarian-fashioned community in Chile is now accepting bitcoins in exchange for plots of land within its boundaries. The project is called Galt's Gulch Chile. Lessons Learned From Galt s Gulch Chile Borderless the bitcoin catalog, Real Estate. Galt s Gulch Chile. Galt s Gulch Chile is a libertarian real estate project in Chile designed as a residential organic farming community with clean waters,, renewable energy., organic foods Location: Curacaví, Chile., Santiago. It should be fully operational this. Jeff Berwick Wikiwand In , an anarcho capitalist blog focusing on gold, Bitcoin, offshore banking., silver, he founded The Dollar Vigilante, mining stocks Galt s Gulch. In , Berwick was a promoter of Galt s Gulch Chile project, a libertarian enclave in the Curacaví region of Chile that.

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