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Free Faucets need to claim bitcoins certain time intervals, could be time consuming but efforts free off. It legit payout, as I stated you need a high enough IPV. Checked bitcoins address free correct multiple times, and no legit to contact admin of app. Steven Miner January 21, miner I haven't heard anything from devs on how to actually receive my satoshi.

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Domenic Sandri January 14, Bitcoin Miner Android Miner Coin. A week has past. The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements. Have been using eobot and hashflare for a long time now Don't use genesis-mining https: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. These are the sites I use!

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I downloaded the app, but bitcoins doing any anything I read the reviews beyond the good eye catcher statements that, no one Legit one has been paid. I didn't get any response legit my previous comment. Reading the notices it's clear the developers care about miner app and the miner. I had clicked 2 times more free it shows I recently tried to withdraw my satoshis in excess of 10, and without depositing the funds in my wallet, the bitcoins now reads I have free x amount of satoshis, the same figure as I had earned from mining.

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Any updates on the free cloud mining sites you mentioned in your post 8 months ago? Which one is legitimate? Cloud mining all the way for me.

These are the sites I use! Then send it over to Eobot to boost my account their. Unbelievable -and when I posted all legit faucet sites that pay in a minute then the post was hidden!!!!

We all know referal links are kind of spam but I guess some are allowed to do it here and some are not!! If anyone wants it then just email me. Please and Thank you!!!! Hi guys when i posted this new cloud mining site which i had my. Freind actually already get a cash out on i forgot to leave this one so you guys can learn the best things to do so you can have it mining great.

Learning site and pays out!!! Pleasr do this as well! Robbie Wallis January 17, As many have stated, after reaching and exceeding their withdrawal minimum, I twice attempted to withdraw to my wallet. Twice my satoshi total went down, but my wallet never received anything. Its been over 3 weeks now and nothing.

The worst BTC miner. Even though you can build up a stash of bitcoins fast, you can never withdraw them! When I click on withdraw, it tells me I will get the balance in my wallet in 10 days, and charges me a lot of satoshis for trying to withdraw.

But I never got the amount. I am using Electrum wallet and have much more than the withdrawal limit. Marcelo Carvalho January 4, Just downloaded, seems like a good app. Coming back as I have spent more time with the app, I have already asked for 2 withdrawals over 15 and 20 days ago and still have not seen anything arrive in my wallets. Still nothing from the withdrawals don't waste your time like I did mine Full Review. Christian Forisek December 30, Got over Satoshi so I requested payout, it said wait 10 business days.

I waited 12 days so far and nothing showed up in my wallet. Due to permissions requested I worry that this may even be spyware! Ricky Goble January 11, Wish there was a way to either shut this app down, or get the 41 million satoshi I have built up sent over to my wallet. Hey Google, pull this trash down. Samantha Payne January 10, About an hour ago i had over , Satoshis Just checked my account read over a negative 1,, And over the past 15 minutes. I am not over a negative 3,, While i was typing this message a notification popped up saying my offer has been completed and has been "added" to my account.

Gregg Gardner January 22, App seems to work good plenty of opportunities to earn satoshi. However it has been over two weeks since I requested my first withdrawal and not long after a second withdrawal and nothing is being deposited in my wallet. Starting to think the pay out is just wishful thinking. Cameron Palmateer December 27, Complete waste of time, over a week and a half with no transfer after I requested withdrawl. Even if they do payout to some people it's probably just to keep them from being flamed like crazy.

Most of the reviews here are probably shills, don't waste your time or money. And yes money, if you want any real reward you need to spend money on ads or an exorbitant amount of time on games. Learn from my mistake.

I was playing and I had around Justin Rogers December 20, After reaching , satoshi and attempting to withdraw into my wallet, the , disappeared. The app FAQ says it might take a few days, but this is ridiculous. I haven't heard anything from devs on how to actually receive my satoshi.

Mohamed Abdirahman January 20, Looks the app is scam. You make millions of Satoshi and you can't withdraw. What makes even worse is no one to contact to question of the apps scam! Don't waste your time as they pay nothing!

It a scam, they never send anything to you I've been with them for 2 months and after collecting some coins they've reduced everything and put my account in minus of k Satoshi. Didn't know that is even possible Anyway, I suggest to stay away from this app and not to waste time on it Full Review. Chris Noz December 25, Totally fake app, made it to K Satoshis and the moment you withdraw it says it will be deposited into your account. After 10 days nothing happened, seems the app just clears your data and starts over again.

Checked wallet address was correct multiple times, and no way to contact admin of app. Don't waste your time on this BS. Juice Jacob January 6, After earning the minimum threshold of , satoshi there is an option to withdraw this amount to your BTC wallet. Let me say I have waited over 3 weeks and still nothing has been received. D Y January 20, I downloaded the app, but before doing any anything I read the reviews beyond the good eye catcher statements that, no one No one has been paid.

Smh trying to see are y'all just building downloads. SMFH won't risk it. Jeffrey McLemore December 14, Fake app is fake. They don't even pretend to give you Satoshi for completing the extra activities. I did two surveys, luckily in only a few minutes, and they won't even show their fake satoshis. M Manatad January 13, This app doesnt payout. There are just going to let you watch advertisement. Never trust an app that doesnt have payment history transactions like this.

Vijay Kumar January 31, I earned Satoshi and clicked withdraw button. My balance was reduced but I don't know the status of my request for withdrawal even after 2 days. There are no contact details for contacting the developer.

Full Member Offline Activity: No, what happens is over time the difficulty rises and it eats into your profit until there is none left. Im pretty sure you have no clue how the whole system works. Also, best way to earn is to spam? LightZ on May 30, , Donator Legendary Offline Activity: MPolite on May 31, , I'm a beginner so i don't know one. But when I asked my brother he says the miner gate he is using it and he said he can make bitcoin using the miner gate he can also make ALT money using that app so i think it is legit because he is using it on almost three months since then and his money is growing.

Genesis mining is a proven cloud mining company. But, it's not profitable on Bitcoin mining anymore. ROI takes too long The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements.

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Alright so recently I have seen many posts showcasing some bitcoin mining things where you can either pay bitcoins to earn more or have a free account to earn minimal. A example is wearebeachhouse.com, I am giving you the URL and not my referral link to show that this isn't me trying to scam you into giving me a referral. TOP 10 + Faucet Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin - Daily Updated Bitcoin Faucets! Bitcoin Investing Sites and much more Litecoin Faucet s, Dogecoin Faucet s and Bitcoin Faucet s, Get free bitcoins from Best Bitcoin Faucet here Get free bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucet here Get free bitcoin from Bitcoin Free Faucet here Get free. I'm newbie here,Are there any legit bitcoin mining company or basically most of them are just scam. COM ONLINE CASINO ] 5 BTC WELCOME PACK + FREE SPINS [ JOIN NOW ] .. Some of them dudes are making 2x more then a good paying job pays and its all under the table and tax free to.

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