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I wanted to run something by you for your input. Hero Member Offline Activity: Please email bch swcpoker. December 20, Please login or register. Micon on February 20, Shut the fuck up.

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July 28, , Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Please email bch swcpoker. Once you have submitted the proper information, your Bitcoin Cash will be sent within 48 hours. If Seals does not return, I am finished with online poker.

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Full Member Offline Activity: Sigh I literally cant. In the era of Swc Translate, Poker doubt that the lack of a multilingual website is bitcointalk non-English speaking players from using SWC. Bitcoin Forum February 01, Take a annotation at the previews here, Album link:

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SwC Poker | No Banking, Only Bitcoin

SwC Gameplay - H.O.R.S.E Freeroll

SwC Poker is run by a small but dedicated team. Our development resources are limited, but we are working steadily towards client software that will run on multiple platforms and provide a better playing experience than our current Windows only client.

Bitcoin Cash We expect to announce a system to claim your Bitcoin Cash tokens within days. This has taxed our already limited development resources but we felt it was too much value to our players to ignore.

Once the system is ready, we will announce so on this forum, on our website, and on our twitter account swcpoker Over-Raked and Under-Raked Pots Some months ago we discovered a system bug where pots were both over-raked and under-raked.

We will make no adjustment for under-raked pots and will fully refund over-raked pots. The bug happened rarely and did not affect many players. This process will include a full auditing of our hand history system and will be resource intensive. The scale of this issue was small, and will be addressed in due time. Excellent, thank you for the update! It's been a long time coming, but I am still looking forward to the new software.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. August 12, , I have looked into the issue myself and have found absolutely no wrongdoing, though I've found the administration to be veering from the normal protocols in a concerning fashion.

This is simply not a crime. This is not to say that other poker sites will not face disciplinary action under the same exact circumstances.

With that said, I guarantee there is no bias nor special treatment going on here. This has nothing to do with SwC being a favorite site for many of the investigators involved. I were to speculate on the scale of the activity, which I don't like to, I would argue that I have given out enough chips to enough degens to entirely neutralise the problem.

Please email bch swcpoker. An automated response will give you further directions. Once you have submitted the proper information, your Bitcoin Cash will be sent within 48 hours. Thank you for playing SwCPoker. We have gone through great effort to make sure our players capture this value.

An update regarding concerns listed above, Bitcoin Cash, and future development Over-Raked and Under-Raked Pots Some months ago we discovered a system bug where pots were both over-raked and under-raked. August 13, , Has anyone here received any form of higher education? Think about some of your points. You walk back on your more inflammatory statements multiple times, and somehow you come to conclusion that site is not safe to keep funds on, without even a hint of technical evidence to back it up.

I've never had a problem with my funds being lost on this site, and I trust that any actual issue of scale will come to surface on its own. Sigh I literally cant. I'm so anxious and threatened right now. Anyway I came here to say all this bullshit is just the result of people thinking they might have money floating around out there when BTC is at an all time high.

I don't actually know what is going on, but as a player I'm willing to reject any form of compensation the site tries to provide me. Nobody here has yet to talk numbers, provide any analysis; it's just a few cunty long time players of the site trying to find something to do other than drink Smirnoff through a straw.

Shut the fuck up. In retrospect, I regret originally referring to this as an "overraking" bug. As you can see from the below HH player names removed , we aren't talking about pots being overraked by a few cents, we're talking about pots being shorted by an order of magnitude more than the correct rake. For example, this pot was raked 0. You will also note that the timestamp on this hand shows it was played a full 4 days after SWC said that the bug had been addressed in this thread, so either SWC didn't consider it important enough to restart the server for at least 4 days after they patched it or the bug still isn't fixed.

We are deploying a fix to this bug with our next restart. We had thought to have fixed this, but after a subsequent patch was applied it seems to have come back. Pot Limit Big O - 0. Powered by SMF 1. That's been "coming" for a very long time now. It was supposed to be here over the summer. It's now the winter. What's finished on it? How far along are you on the parts that aren't finished?

How many people are coding it? How many hours have they been working on it thus far? Also I'd like to add "Why did you lie about not being able to post on 2p2? Hero Member Online Activity: You should check out this topic: December 23, , The website will reflect this soon. Ender is now available in game chat to process cashouts less than 20 chips. An automated system will soon follow. Krill is being changed so it is accumulated faster. Expect this to take place within 2 weeks Krill rakeback is being changed to offer more value now that we ended tablestarter rakeback.

Expect this change to take place within 2 weeks Tablestarter rakeback for last week will be sent soon. Expect this to take place within 2 weeks. DarkDays on December 20, , Is the new rakeback system in place? If so is there a minimum you have to rake in order to get something back? If it's being advertised but isn't in place that's really scummy. If it's not in place yet but the old system was eliminated without anything replacing it in the meantime that's almost as scummy.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Buy me a beer Bitcoin Tip Jar: Still waiting on my BCH match but it's only been a week and they say to wait two weeks.

You know whoever is running SWC is a richhhhh mofo lol. January 11, , Im sure they will make great exitscam again. So players dont be naive and just cashout btc and leave this scamers to play arround with my btcs.

Powered by SMF 1.

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SwCPoker does not endorse “Bitcoin Cash,” and will remain a Bitcoin poker site, however we will allow players the opportunity to withdraw the “Bitcoin .. Nobody here has yet to talk numbers, provide any analysis; it's just a few cunty long time players of the site trying to find something to do other than drink. [Original post 2/27/15] RIP wearebeachhouse.com Rising from the ashes, like a brilliant degenerate phoenix, is wearebeachhouse.com! 1) Please cash out all balances from wearebeachhouse.com 2) Balances are fully available for withdraw, users have reported a consistant flow of cashouts. 3) Seriously, please go now and withdraw your. RUchamp, who posts about how insolvent is swcpoker but expects to win free money from an insolvent room by registering a freeroll no later than today (see below) wearebeachhouse.com I am just astonished by the dishonesty of certain posters in this thread. I cannot believe my.

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