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If gittip don't have a Reddit Bitcoin wallet, it creates one when they get sent coins. If your email address is a ai or something similar - bitcoins won't receive gittip, sorry. Bitcoins days ago I somehow read "Earn 4 bitcoins for any commit Since Bitcoin's scripting system doesn't support Oracles yet gittip thus, no time based transactionsrecurring payments can't be done in any other way currently. August 05, Guest Then,the most bitcoins part would be to get bitcoins.

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Side note, you absolutely will not receive the amount in BTC that you just bought, you'll receive however much BTC it can buy with the amount of money it just debited from your account. It really adds an incentive to contributing. January 31, , But philosophically, thegift economy" dream that great things can be built by freely cooperating communities of. News articles that do not contain the word "Bitcoin" are usually off-topic. Relatedly, the tip receiver might be fine with receiving BTC, so it would never have to touch an exchange

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Or is the bitcoins benefit of your proposed use case the distance of bitcoin value from perceived financial value ie you are willing to tip X bitcoin but have second thoughts when gittip it as X bitcoins On the pattern of Balanced contributing integration with their system 78my ideal would be to see a bitcoin processor such as Bit-Pay step forward and contribute integration with their service. I wouldn't want to be "that guy" and I wouldn't want to hire that guy bitcoins substantial gittip that takes advantage of a simplistic system to gittip paid. We were discussing it but haven't made gittip decision yet. Add an endpoint for bitcoins Coinbase callbacks, recording transactions which can be configured to instantly deposit into the gittip bank account. That way, people can directly send bitcoin donations peer-to-peer, outside of gittip. Google Plussquare icon google plus square.

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Gittip bitcoins

Gittip bitcoins

From gasteve on Let me see if I can find one of our integration partners to take on this project. I personally have very little time available. Richard Stallman is apparently pushing for bitcoin integration in the similar to gittip FreedomSponsors service:. Can you explain how bitcoin isn't stable? It has been steady raising and is actually quite stable.

Also better suited then any other since it was designed with mirco transactions in mind. There is nothing else that offers the same experience, comparing bitcoin to liberty reserve is like comparing teleportation to airplanes. The stability of bitcoin will increase over time, but it's definitely useable even right now. I've invited him to pitch us here if he wants to take this on.

I support accepting Bitcoin, but please don't include the additional bundle of copycat coins Litecoin, Namecoin.

These offer no value and are most likely a hinderance to the withdrawal of such donations into usable funds. I partially concur with karmaon. I don't think it would hurt to allow the forks, but it wouldn't add substantial value to the product, and would cost far more development resources that it would justify. I'm pretty sure you could set up OpenTransactions to automatically convert all sorts of currencies, and then basically leave that complexity to the OT side, and never have to update the code on your end when a new currency comes out.

The other side of that is learning and hooking into the OT library, which isn't necessarily a simple proposition. You might just want to hook up with a Bitcoin-specific partner and just be done with it. Chad and I had a long chat about this via a google hangout video at http: Also coinbase is having a lot of issues with those exchanges and people getting trusted so until that is worked out I don't think it is a good idea.

Bitpay has been for a while and I think they would work the best for this project. After that, bitcoin is easy - it's just another currency. It greatly decreases usability everyone knows what a dollar is, it is the established standard in international trade and also the most common reserve currency, introducing many currencies make everything very confusing, and especially with bitcoin there is extreme volatility, see also http: Well, in a way, I agree with that sentence.

I just think the number of currencies that gittip allows to be directly gifted should be one USD only. The difference here is that there's significant expense involved in converting all money to and from USD, whereas converting timestamps to and from UTC is free. I agree that the N currencies scenario is potentially complicated and confusing. I'm not sure yet of the best way to proceed here. The problem is with how to make it work for users, all users. A single unit of value is far easier to explain for users to understand.

My very limited understanding of Bitcoin is that converting into and out of US Dollars is messy notably, cannot be done quickly. I do think Gittip should allow one-time deposits of funds. I've been meaning to write up my thoughts about that under issue 5. I'm uncomfortable with one-time tips, but do recognize that many people do not want to sign up for endless charges to a credit card or bank account.

One-time deposits might help those people. There are several systems that provide bitcoin-as-a-service. Coinbase, who I "bank" with, also provides transactions allowing e. This is not something you have to code from the ground up every time. Have you looked at what it would take to integrate that? In my experience this was less than five minutes.

Whether Coinbase actually "gives you a dollar" at that point that is then wired into an account, or whether that becomes aggregated in an account at Coinbase to be subsequently pulled out into your account I am not sure. It is not, however, especially complicated. As far as presenting "a single unit of value," I suspect your Bitcoin users are pretty aware of what their btc are actually worth. If they say "I want to give you BTC0. This may be met with jeers, but you may want to look at SilkRoad's implementation — they traffic in bitcoins all day, and the base currency is the US Dollar or so I understand; I'd never use such a site.

The conversion from btc to usd happens continually; transactions are "pushed" to your wallet which could be Coinbase as soon as it is completed. There's no question about how many US Dollars you've received, because it's calculated at the time of the transaction. I think the muddiness you're referring to here is in fact the red herring Whit is concerned about. I suspect you aren't. Alex J Avriette http: On Mon, Jul 8, at 1: I've been meaning to write up my thoughts about that under issue 5 gittip 5.

Relatedly, the tip receiver might be fine with receiving BTC, so it would never have to touch an exchange All of this points at gittip needing to be able to keep per-user balances in an arbitrary number of currencies and to specify giving in any of them as well as being able to set up connected accounts for each type or one with multiple. Well, it's your site. This is not the way other sites manage bitcoin donations I presume because it is in fact more difficult to keep a btc wallet for each user….

I am not sure I see the advantage, and I do see substantial added complexity. On Mon, Jul 8, at 2: On Mon, Jul 8, at 3: The USD and all other currencies float in exactly the same way; it does not make sense to try to account for fluctuating exchange rates in one currency but not others.

On that note, there is also Coinpunk , which might be an easy way to set up an internal service to manage Bitcoin wallets. I haven't used it yet, but have been planning on exploring this same option for other projects.

I should have been clearer that that link wasn't aimed at you. I was merely pointing to additional conversation related to this thread. And apologies for having my knickers unduly twisted. It seemed kind of offensive to have the first line in the link sent to me without context was referring to same functionality as a red herring.

Thanks for being reasonably. We already do payouts in bitcoin manually via Coinbase, parallel to how we do payouts via PayPal for non-U. My position on bitcoin payins is that it's on the table, but personally it's not my highest priority. Ideally we'd have a bitcoin service provider step forward to contribute the integration, though as bruceadams pjz and martindale point out, user-friendly multicurrency is the harder problem here.

You don't have to go trough third parties to exchange bitcoin. A wallet can be run on your server and you'll create an address for every incoming transaction, the bitcoin daemon has an XMLRPC api.

Would you like to? Also more likely to notice abnormal behaviour patterns as their systems mature. Yellow pages, get a security expert to lock down a machine tight and a competent sysops to run it professionally.

My concern is that the stringent security required for running bitcoind might cripple the project's open source agility. Maybe that's wrong, but I just wanted to express the concern: One exploit and everything is gone, regardless of backups.

External services can help alleviate that concern is all I'm saying. This is true of any such system. To suggest "well, we better not do that because we might be pwned" is a fallacy. You might be pwned without gittip; your banking provider might be; your credit card processing provider might; your cloud services provider might; the NSA might steal your monies … and so on. One cannot simply not move forward because Big Scary Demons exist out there.

One notes the risks, attempts to mitigate the risks, and moves forward, as any rational, thinking adult does. On Wed, Jul 17, at Plus the credit card companies have boatloads of responsibilities as well. Plus any stolen money must be laundered or it has a trail to a bank account. None of this exists with running bitcoind directly. It's incredibly enticing for a malicious user to penetrate, much more so that any service working with Stripe.

That's my only point. If you don't think that's at least a cautious observation worth considering, then I don't know what else to say. I'm not saying we can't do it guys. I'm just trying to point out some of the stuff that I don't think has been raised yet, and which we, the presumed decision-makers, should keep in mind.

Also, if we're planning to do any conversion of bitcoin to dollars, then we might be an MSB and so running bitcoind rather than using an accredited MSB Coinbase could possibly be illegal. I'm a little fuzzy on the minutia of money services business licensing. I'm running the company. Gittip uses third-party vendors to process payments. Just as we don't process credit cards directly in order to avoid the direct burden of PCI compliance, we're not going to process bitcoin directly either.

Processing payments is not Gittip's core business. Gittip's core business is enabling users to tell a story about how they're making the world better, and to participate in one another's stories through weekly financial gifts and other encouragement.

The actual mechanics of the financial transactions themselves are uninteresting to Gittip, and are duly outsourced. That said, we do make appropriate efforts to ensure that Gittip is secure, and to monitor for fraud on Gittip. For more information, see https: It may take come convincing for others, but whit knows how much of a vested interest I have in seeing gittip support Bitcoin.

I've talked ad nauseam about it to a bunch of folk at Pittsburgh-area meetups. The time and attention of the Gittip team is better of spent building a community, not a payment service. When comes into existence a Bitcoin payment service that service a business model like Gittip's as close as we want it to, then I'm sure I'll be racing y'all to submit that PR ;-. What about integrating bitcoin in a way that's tangential to the way all other payments are processed?

That is, make a field for a bitcoin address to receive bitcoin tips. Givers can then send directly to the address using any means they like. The amount given can be tracked by periodically looking up the address on the blockchain. If givers don't want to be anonymous they can link their gifts to their sending bitcoin address by signing a statement with their private key. That seems to be the idea expressed in People can put alternative ways to donate on their profile, Gittip has nothing to do with it except vouching for that it was the account owner who put that info there and maybe surfacing this info in interesting ways -- such as showing logos, links, or tallying amounts from the Bitcoin blockchain as indicated above.

Once support rolls out widely in the Bitcoin network itself, and third party services start to make use of it, you could simply work out a way to regularly issue payment requests based on the current value of Bitcoin.

But I'm starting to think that it's better than holding out indefinitely for a perfect solution that may never happen. Payment requests may not be ready yet, but they're actually in the development pipeline of reputable people, whereas a transparent exchange system is total vaporware something like Ripple might someday solve that, but Ripple itself has a lot of serious issues, and I would not invest any serious trust or effort into supporting it.

Note you don't need a bank account to use Coinbase, you can simply make an account and send Bitcoins there from other wallets. It's true Coinbase only works with US-Based bank accounts for trading for USD, but you can still make an account and load it with Bitcoins from anywhere in the world for free.

I'll admit this isn't as smooth as butter, but I could see it working. Anyway you'd get the attention of "early Bitcoin adopters" as well as maybe some more global users. Surely you realize that you don't need to be in control of the funds in order for tipping with bitcoin to work right? All that's required is that you display the address of the recepient and maybe a barcode somebody can scan and that's it.

I know, it's dumb that we're not all on Bitcoin yet. But this system is for people who want to send weekly money to people on Gittip without the receivers having to worry about conversion.

Then don't worry about conversion. Those who want to receive bitcoin get to display their address, and those who want to send need to do so with their bitcoin wallet, problem solved. I've mostly been keeping out of the discussion, but suggesting that this effort bifurcate specifically on the bitcoin-as-currency issue is harmful.

On Fri, Dec 20, at 1: Also bittip is not recurrent. The bittip page itself says it: Flattr is not like gittip! I guess the closest gittip-like in the bitcoin world is http: I'd love to see btc integrated with gittip, if it's not a major distraction to the team to implement it well. It's not as simple as having gittip display someone's address, because gittip is about automating the tipping process.

If I have to go send someone a tip manually every week, I can do that without gittip. It seems like a btc integration for gittip would involve people depositing some btc, and then gittip would redistribute those btc.

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Our latest project is coindl, a digital marketplace that enables regular people to beijing — a major chinese exchange specializing in the trading of bitcoin announced on thursday that it would stop trading by the end of the month, amid.

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Gittip bitcoin exchange. Coin withdrawal would be delayed due to slow block generation server time: november 3,, utc. Mpos by bitcoin arbitrage is buying bitcoins on an exchange where the price is lower, and selling them at a higher price on another exchange. how bitcoin mining works. Where do bitcoins come. From: Chad Whitacre Date: /2/ Subject: Re: gittip and bitcoin. To: Chris Weber [ ] Bitcoin is definitely on the radar, I was chatting with someone about it last night. Here are the two relevant tickets: "pay in with bitcoin" wearebeachhouse.com /zetaweb/wearebeachhouse.com "pay out with bitcoin". 21 Dec While reading hacker news on my android device in bed last night, I came over the following story: wearebeachhouse.com gittip-part In essence it seems credit cards are linked to certain accounts, which can be used for monthly transfers of money to other accounts.

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