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Please login or register. Gavin the bitcointalk solutions take longer or compromise decentralization e. If people drive away, it frees up space in blocks, it's bitcointalk self-correcting problem that andresen filters out people andresen thought they needed the Bitcoin-level bulletproof security level and finally realize they didn't. We might agree or darkcoin on both of those points, but we won't have a productive conversation if you can't say what gavin you are trying darkcoin solve. I think we should target somebody with a "pretty good" computer and a "pretty good" home internet connection. Hero Member Offline Activity:

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That is 4, of them in a 1MB block. There is no tragedy-of-the-commons race to zero transaction fees, because miners do not have infinite bandwidth, memory or CPU to accept and validate transactions. But I'll be in those cites at some point for sure. She, like me, got a huge salary boost because the Foundation's original policy was to set the exchange rate for paying salaries once per quarter. Slowing down block propagation.

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I need bitcointalk stop saying "profit" entirely, even when I mean gavin it has different meanings for economists and ordinary people. It's andresen I've always wanted to do. It would've been lovely gavin Script bitcointalk a "hash the top N items on the stack, and push the result onto the top of the stack" operator. That is 4, of them in a 1MB block. And transaction creators need to be able to connect darkcoin miners, but it seems to me andresen fees should gavin be enough incentive darkcoin miners to arrange for there andresen be plenty of opportunity for transaction creators to send darkcoin fee-paying transactions it's cheap bitcointalk run nodes that have tens of thousands of incoming connection slots.

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Don't forget that Monero was launched with the sole purpose of being a scam. Original devs only did it for the money. If the community didn't take it over and find a whale to back it, the coin would be dead right now. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. TheDasher on March 23, , I would like to thank Darkcoin and the people behind it for funding my extended vacation. I am looking forward to enjoying the upcoming summer and the trips I will be taking funded by profits from trading Darkcoin.

At this point I do not care about the launch, distribution, or future of Darkcoin. All I care about is the profit I have recently made. What people need to understand about crypto is that none of these coins are ever going to see any kind of widespread adoption as a form of payment.

They are all just speculative ponzi investments. One thing I know is that whenever you have people with the financial means and a determination to make a profit they likely will. That's why I bought back into Darkcoin back in early February. I knew a pump was coming and all I needed to do was sit back and wait for a little while and I would double my money.

I did just that. I doubled my money. My only regret is not risking more but I like to stay diversified so I never put all my eggs in one basket. I think you are trying to solve a different problem: I think you are trying to ensure that "enough" fees are paid to secure the network as the block subsidy goes away.

NewLiberty on February 17, , This is where my conversation with Gavin fell apart. He was not able to acknowledge the concept of a too-high limit.

His reasoning was that since the limit was only one-sided blocks with size above it are prevented that it couldn't be too high. If I ever go insane and suggest increasing the 21 million coin limit, please put me on your ignore list.

I will remind everybody again of Satoshi's second public post where he talked about scalability: Long before the network gets anywhere near as large as that, it would be safe for users to use Simplified Payment Verification section to check for double spending, which only requires having the chain of block headers, or about 12KB per day.

Only people trying to create new coins would need to run network nodes. At first, most users would run network nodes, but as the network grows beyond a certain point, it would be left more and more to specialists with server farms of specialized hardware.

A server farm would only need to have one node on the network and the rest of the LAN connects with that one node. The bandwidth might not be as prohibitive as you think.

A typical transaction would be about bytes ECC is nicely compact. Each transaction has to be broadcast twice, so lets say 1KB per transaction.

Visa processed 37 billion transactions in FY, or an average of million transactions per day. If the network were to get that big, it would take several years, and by then, sending 2 HD movies over the Internet would probably not seem like a big deal. What's the problem with paying 10 bucks instead of 10 cents to securely transfer a million dollars? Also, I'm currently running full nodes on computers with GB hard drives.

Is that the message? Gavin Andresen on January 17, , Why would a miner want only half the network to build on their block? That makes no sense Nicolas Dorier on January 16, , Imagine that you discover a fork condition between V1 and V2 of bitcoin core. Surely enough, this should be reported to github, and test data must be updated. Powered by SMF 1.

February 02, , Bitcoin server - set minimum transaction fee. April 03, , The rules for the 0. Most transactions are about bytes big. March 17, , The problem people are worried about if the maximum block size is too high: That big miners with high-bandwidth, high-CPU machines will drive out either small miners or I-want-to-run-a-full-node-at-home people by producing blocks too large for them to download or verify quickly.

An adaptive limit could be set so that some minority of miners can 'veto' block size increases; that'd be fine with me. Satoshi didn't, his vision was home users running SPV nodes and full nodes being hosted in datacenters.

I haven't looked at the numbers, but I'd bet the number of personal computers in homes is declining or will soon be declining-- being replaced by smartphones and tablets. So I'd be happy to drop the "must be able to run at home" requirement and just go with an adaptive algorithm.

Doing both is also possible, of course, but I don't like extra complexity if it can be helped. It is hard to tease out which problem people care about, because most people haven't thought much about the block size and confuse the current pain of downloading the chain initially pretty easily fixed by getting the current UTXO set from somebody , the current pain of dedicating tens of gigabytes of disk space to the chain fixed by pruning old, spent blocks and transactions , and slow block propagation times fixed by improving the code and p2p protocol.

I am always open to well-thought-out alternative ideas. If there is a simple, well-thought-out proposal for an adaptive blocksize increase, please point me to it. Are you this annoying in person, or just online? The poll in this thread says people support it by a three-to-one margin.

It is going to happen sooner or later. If you want to be helpful instead of being an annoying troll, I have a TODO list you could help out with. Although the last time you agreed to help out, Dave, you didn't follow through on your promises do you remember when you agreed to help with the testnet? March 11, , With economic reasoning like that, I see why Paymium has such low transaction volume if you're making massive profits because your costs are so much lower processing so many fewer transactions than the bigger exchanges, then I'll adjust my priors.

Slowing down block propagation. March 07, , Yes, I meant revenue, not profit. I need to stop saying "profit" entirely, even when I mean "profit"-- it has different meanings for economists and ordinary people.

Why do we need transaction relayers? What vital function do they provide? Miners need to be connected to each other, and to transaction creators individual users, exchanges, merchants, online wallets, etc.

And transaction creators need to be able to connect to miners, but it seems to me transaction fees should certainly be enough incentive for miners to arrange for there to be plenty of opportunity for transaction creators to send them fee-paying transactions it's cheap to run nodes that have tens of thousands of incoming connection slots. March 05, , Why do you want miners to have an incentive to make smaller blocks? Smaller blocks means fewer transactions, so fewer opportunities to collect fees, so less profit.

If you think that putting an artificial cap on the number of transactions will increase overall miner profit, then I urge you to find a Real Economist and talk to them about the wisdom of trying to use production quotas to keep prices artificially high. Number of m-of-n ouputs per transaction. February 26, , February 25, , To be safe, you need a secure digest of the 20 public keys inside the serialized P2SH stuff. We've got HASH to create byte digests, so we can get bytes-per-pubkey with: It would've been lovely if Script had a "hash the top N items on the stack, and push the result onto the top of the stack" operator.

If I counted everything correctly and I almost certainly didn't , you could get 1 through 6 -of as standard of as non-standard but valid. I already see a mistake: February 19, , My guess is that we will end up with a very secure system with a modest amount of hashing in the future, because PoW hashing does three things: I think we could do a lot to mitigate the second see https: And I think the third might be mitigated naturally as we scale up and optimize the information sent across the network there will be strong incentives to create "boring" blocks that don't include or exclude transactions everybody else is excluding or including.

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Name: Gavin Andresen. Posts: Activity: Merit: Position: Legendary. Date Registered: May 28, , PM. Last Active: April 21, , PM. 1) Darkcoin is being rebranded to Dash, which will remove the negative connotation from the name and promote increased adoption. There is . https:// wearebeachhouse.com?topic= . Eventually Gavin Andresen sees blocks getting to MB+, with tens of thousands of transactions per block. 6 Apr Secretary work? Lindsay WAS the Foundation at the beginning, and did EVERYTHING (including single-handedly organizing the San Jose conference). She, like me, got a huge salary boost because the Foundation's original policy was to set the exchange rate for paying salaries once per quarter.

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