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Full Member Offline Activity: These are long rich investments. Seems like nobody knows about it. Full Member Offline Activity: The key to success bitcointalk research. Invest in ethereum and hold it for log term surely the price forum have huge growth in future. Coin by SMF 1.

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Powered by SMF 1. Bitcoin Forum February 02, , Bitcoin Forum February 02, , Good luck to your choices. Hero Member Offline Posts:

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First goal rich project is to produce most bitcointalk coin at the market and to collect money for charity fund. Agapelove Member Offline Activity: Wherebitcoinmy Newbie Offline Activity: Safest bet is Forum, followed by Ethereum, followed coin Litecoin. February 02, Here is table of burning line during time:

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[ICO][ANN] RICH Coin Pre ICO has started!

RICH Coin - Not another Scam Coin

I think that if Tezos will decides all of its legal problems, then all the altcoins that you have named will be left far behind. Of course its still a hype but what if I totally agree with you.

All altcoins which are listing on bittrex and binance will make you rich in and Flash back to few years back and check the litecoin price history. Introducing the COIN token: All these five coins are expected to rise and do well in this year Neocoin and litecoin are my favourite and i am trading them from past few months and they are getting demand day after day, so lets see how well my list of coins performs in this year. All are good project and hope they can make me rich next year.

Good luck to your choices. I highly recommend that you look at these projects!!! Indeed an anonymous coin which is dynamically developed by the community! Here is an article about the fact that a very profitable investment project - https: Goosebump on December 17, , Hello everyone, in todays video I talked about the coins that I think will have significant rises in price wise.

As always the information in my video is simply opinion and I do not claim to be a financial advisor or anything of the sort. Xaad on December 05, , OMG is a safe coin. Its a little expensive but it has a great future and it is very undervalued. I would try in looking into ICO for that amount of money.

It can pump up quick. But then again it can pump down hard. Unless you have lots of money I doubt ETH will do that given the current price. Altcoin that I like the most and feel most bullish on is Viacoin.

It has everything a coin should have - great and active development team, usecase, been started by bitcoin core developers. Bitcoin make you rich in the next following years, Etherium is next to bitcoin so good to invest now. As of now they have a good potential in the market so better think twice before you make your move.

Some of which are Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar. Our Pre-ICO is almost over. Full Member Offline Activity: I will suggest that you go for minexcoin now that the price still low. If you enter now within a short period you will be in profit. NEO is very promising for generating income. But today it is at the peak of value. This is not the best time to invest. You need to wait until the price decreases.

In my opinion, it will make X2, or even X3. Maybe a fresh coming one. Just keep looking for the unicorn. Well you can do research and start with the coins with price range less than a dollar,i suggest you stay away from ICOs most of them are scams. The key to success is research. Safest bet is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum, followed by Litecoin. Right now, DeepOnion is trading on Cyptopia at.

Additionally, once involved you will be participating in their DeepPoint's airdrop. How much you earn there is up to you. I each about Onions per week on that, you can do more or less. It's dependent upon how much effort you put into it.

Finally, I expect the price of Onion will rise because there is a limited supply of 25 million.

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Any altcon can make you rich, it all depends on how much money you have invested and how much you are willing to wait. It depends on the altcoin you were going to invest. Buy an altcoin that has a potential, ethereum, waves, and neo these are very promising coin that offer profit in the future if you will. I dont know about other promotional activities but I am really satisfired with @ Viberate Here is my reward from @Viberate for 2 months of participating in their promotional activities. ACCOUNT BALANCE VIB It is also very simple to participate. All you have to do is register on their site. dollars is a suitable budget for newcomer. with this fund, you should choose new cheap coins which are potential to grow up strongly in the short term. my recommend for you are Bitclave, Neumark, and Paragon. You can research to know both they are released from successful ICOs.

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