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A mnemonic that is 8 words lyrics is roughly bits primecoin 85bits if it is an electrum seed, bits for a diceware phraseseeds should be at least bits which wallet 12 wallet to be safe from bruteforce within our lifetime, so if this mnemonic you have is a seed locked whatever software generated it is lyrics. Walking reading reddit n saw this. No locked of free Bitcoin sites. Are you from the US? Hey sorry it's taken some time to get back to you, thanks for your comment 1. They could primecoin physically hire qualified people at the rate at which their industry is growing.

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So, you need to find the private key for that address. Coinbase's own convenience was its downfall. They need to hire more customer service representatives. Now about the 8 words. Then you should be able to send from it and the 8-word thing remains unexplained. Otherwise it means there is some other issue at hand that we haven't determined yet we'll go into that if the answer for point 1. To make your own brainwallet all you need is a brain and a mnemonic seed generator.

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If you have a fairly powerful computer primecoin is locked always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. So how did you get through this lyrics I'm a noob to all this. Is it worth writing wallet sort of queue system for my client? Powered by SMF 1. Yes, that was shady. I want to be able to buy and sell basically whenever I want.

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Coinbase's own convenience was its downfall. I agree on the bank account's fees, but are there lower fees for credit card purchases? If that is so, then you, alongside the redditor who made an Excel tracking chart and the one who enlightened me on how avoid BTC's huge fees to withdraw from Coinbase, will have made my Christmas. Please, tell me there are even lower fee for credit cards purchase because IMO they are the fastest way. They're the only 'exchange' I'm aware of that you can get into without verifying your identify, which makes it super easy to get started.

As for the time between buying and receiving the coins That's the issue with using ACH transactions instead of linking your card directly. I ordered some BTC last Wednesday through ACH and just received it today, but when I ordered it using my card it was added to my wallet within the minute.

Just comes down to spending limits within the month. I would actually probably prefer it. What options do I have? I want to be able to buy and sell basically whenever I want. You should also be held accountable then. You are resetting your ticket every time you message them; that is how ticket systems work in general. Have you tried sending your bitcoin to a different wallet that you could withdraw from their?

I have a friend that has the same issue with their CB account and I had them send me funds and withdrew funds that way. Not OP, but I can't touch my bitcoin until the fees change. I could exchange through GDAX and liquidate via litecoin, but they won't accept my verification despite emptying out my wallet on video.

Every single other exchange I have worked with over the past two years doing forex and crypto has all accepted my verification. Coinbase is the first one to give me roadblocks with proving who I am, and I even went as far as to make a video with my face and voice and even my SIN number on it. I could have my identity stolen by a nameless hacker with less than what I've provided for coinbase. They are crooks, straight up. Binance let me exchange right away, but I don't think I'm going to be doing any withdrawing from them.

Just as a mediary. Binance is my solution as well. Got fully verified within 24 hours to increase withdraw limit and I withdraw from them with ease. I filed a formal complaint with https: I doubt it'll make any difference but I'm really desperate at this point.

You and about half a million people per day. This is a company that is being faced with exponentially growing demand and thusly, service inquiries. They could not physically hire qualified people at the rate at which their industry is growing. It's going to take some time for things to level off and they can catch up. In the mean time, it should be expected it will take MONTHS, not days, or even weeks for them to get to every inquiry they have received.

It doesn't make them a shitty company, it makes them a company faced with unprecedented growth and demand. Ultimately, that's a pretty good place to be. There's a reason THEY are the company facing these kinds of numbers. They've been doing it right for a while. It's not a fiasco. A lot of people believe in bcash. It's a legitimate altcoin I guess. That's what the people have decided. I agree it's confusing for the uninitiated but forks happen and we have to deal with it.

I don't think an exchange should have to pick a side. If they are so great at what they're doing, then why is it that they are continuing to take money and signing up new customers without providing any help. I understand that they're overloaded but that does not make it right to leave "about half a million people" hanging without access to their hard earned money.

Money wires are expensive right? Poor customer service has absolutely nothing to do with regulation. There are plenty of companies in regulated industries who have shitty customer service. Coinbase's shitty customer service is indicative of poor leadership at the top level.

Too many people think customer service is simply about someone replying to their request for support. There is an entire ecosystem that needs to be put into place to run a successful customer service team. From having the correct and proper technology, process control, proper escalation procedures, time decay on support tickets, resolution tools available to a customer service rep, automation where needed and live help where needed, correct categorization of support tickets, workflow management, properly trained customer service reps, etc.

Coinbase clearly lacks experienced leadership in this area. And I mean leadership at the top. Any CEO worth their weight knows the number 1 way of improving revenue and capturing more profits is through happy customers. He doesn't have the first clue to how a successful customer service department should be run. I have had a high priority ticket for over three weeks that has had no update.

It involves a simple Bitcoin deposit and nothing with banks or wire transfers or any other legacy systems. Brian Armstrong claimed that the problem was hyper growth.

The simple fact of the matter is they have a choice on allowing new sign ups and launching new coins and every other priority. They are lacking sufficient customer support systems and processes as you have alluded to. I left Coinbase after 2 months of their complete bullshit. They are too busy to answer their customers, guess they just don't care about their community. Their twitter team seems to answer 2 people per week. They need to hire more customer service representatives. Take off your shoes and get comfortable.

I'm still waiting to hear back about a support ticket from the first week of October. I DMd them 3 weeks ago and still never heard anything. Also, are you sure the wallet you have is watch-only and not a normal wallet find the address that you sent the coins to and try right clicking and then click "Send From" and see what shows up? You can use an address generated outside of Electrum by importing its private key. But you say you are unable to send from this address, right?

This makes me think that the address is probably not imported. Otherwise it means there is some other issue at hand that we haven't determined yet we'll go into that if the answer for point 1. It is possible that you went through bitaddress. Then you should be able to send from it and the 8-word thing remains unexplained. It is also possible that after the address generation on bitaddress. Then you may should have printed the wallets or kept other copies.

But then importing that into Electrum would have been somewhat complicated you would have gone through something like this: So one explanation for the 8 words could be that they are the passphrase for a BIP38 Encrypted private key see 3. Another explanation could be that they are the passphrase for some encrypted Electrum wallet. I assume that by "regular access to the wallet" you mean when you had the normal not watch-only wallet that was destroyed when you reformatted your disk, is that right?

By the way, it may be worth it to try data recovery on that reformatted disk. There are a few topics in this section that go into details about that. Hmm, my Electrum's "receive" tab does not have a main account branch or imported branch. Maybe it's a different version, here's some screen shots: I'm pretty sure that's not what I want. It is possible I made a paper wallet then imported it to Electrum.

I can't quite remember doing that but I might have forgot. And yes, by "regular access to the wallet" I meant when it was normal. I'm hoping the screenshots will shed some light on the problem. Note the [watching only] You can't send from that wallet as it doesn't have the master private key. What you are using allows you to watch and create transactions but then sign them with another computer ideally one that is airgapped for offline signing. I was looking at an older version and assumed it's not much different in the latest.

I checked version 2. In older versions it is possible to have one watch-only wallet with imported private keys in it that you can directly send from, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. So, you need to find the private key for that address. Perhaps the address came from a paper wallet. Perhaps you have that somewhere. Try to find it. June 22, , Some have tried to generate shorter seeds outside Electrum and then use them in Electrum, but that's a different matter. When Electrum generates a seed it's always 12 words 13 with version 2.

I have this problem atm. I updated Electrum to 3. I've tried using my 8 word seed to restore and no balance or history is showing. The 2 ways I have tried are: New wallet from old seed.

It can create but no balance or history shows. I am using a 8 word seed. If you die, the wallet dies with you, but by that stage, bitcoins — and indeed life itself — will no longer be your concern. There are numerous reasons why it may be desirable to create an invisible wallet. To make your own brainwallet all you need is a brain and a mnemonic seed generator.

Electrum , Armory , and Mycelium will all do the trick. Address generation takes place in your browser, and no information is ever sent to our server. People have created scripts that can search through millions of wallet addresses and try known phrases against them.

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