п»ї GitHub - bitcoinjs/coinselect: An unspent transaction output (UTXO) selection module for bitcoin.


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If you have more than one input of course you bitcoinjs provide a transaction for each one. Browserify is assumed to be installed for transaction steps. Sign in to comment. Half bitcoinjs links on this thread points to Coinbase's API on my end. My first guess, according to the comment is that I need to look into the last received transaction into the from address, then transaction the tx hash and add it as an input. Bitcoinjs removing the above transaction, it appears to work fine for either transaction. Create a transaction with BitcoinJS Bitcoinjs 28,

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Optimized code, uses typed arrays instead of byte arrays for performance. Node community coding style, Browserify, Node's stdlib and Buffers. You need to be running a node to have the data to put in the transaction or be able to get that data from somewhere else. From github we have:. Take a look at mastering bitcoin.

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This isn't over yet Should I use this in production? Sign in to your account. Sign transaction using Email and Password. Support for bitcoinjs features, such as multi-sig, Bitcoinjs Wallets. As you are new to coding, whatever you do, try it on the testnet first in transaction to prevent losing btc.

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Bitcoinjs transaction

Question creating a Transaction · Issue # · bitcoinjs/bitcoinjs-lib · GitHub

February 02, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 06, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 10, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 11, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 12, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 14, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 15, , Kolder Hero Member Offline Activity: Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 16, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 17, , Create a transaction with BitcoinJS April 18, , Yes I have read the documentation and I have had a number of attempts.

Fi3 6 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Stack Exchange in Review. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Cheers javascript transactions bitcoin share improve this question. After some more looking through the code, it appears the error is created in the prepareInput function under the "else if input. It all appears to work fine for a partially signed transaction, but not for an unsigned transaction.

When removing the above clause, it appears to work fine for either transaction. This is probably not a solution though. Closing in favour of I tested it a few more times with incomplete transactions and did not notice any further errors.

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18 Jul Hello. I am trying to understand how a transaction works and I am having bad time figuring out one of the parameters. In your example you have this: // Add the input (who is paying): // [previous transaction hash, index of the output to use] var txId. 22 Sep var signTxSegwit = function (txhex, pubkeys, privkey, utxos, n) { var txb = new wearebeachhouse.comansaction (wearebeachhouse.comx ( txhex), wearebeachhouse.comt); var upair = wearebeachhouse.comF(privkey, wearebeachhouse.comt); var pubkeys_raw = wearebeachhouse.com(function. 4 Aug So just to be clear, your official recommendation is to use a third-party API to broadcast? 3rd party, 1st party, it doesn't matter, bitcoinjs-lib doesn't connect to the bitcoin network, so you need to use something else. But that something can be your own bitcoind node.

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