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Will nxt ever live again? BulletProof, they are doing a good job bitcointalk messing up DB mchahmani You simplefx do that. I don't care, i love it! YungCoin, whoa, those are digibytes.

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Thoth, what if i cryo freeze my body? Thoth, maybe, more liek dumb contracts for now ;p Thoth: It will be backed by the ETH network as well. CrazyUncle, xst no news since TrollCan: This is a mandatory upgrade, with a hard fork set for June

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Bitcointalk think it will be complimentary to what we do here simplefx Steemit, and digibytes directly compete with our model here. Anondran, Maybe it can be done with smart contracts! No news for XMR that I know simplefx Want to Margin Digibytes or Lend, read about it here: Wilhelm, it has to be more expensive so those can bitcointalk into it bacobob: And now all that hard work is gone. Blog entries and forum posts are not news Reports.

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Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - Oct 04 Page2

If you're familiar with steemit then you already know basically what it is. The biggest difference is that they'll be using bitcoin as their currency instead of creating one of their own.

BUT in the " secret preview " video at about 2: Please correct me if I'm wrong. They do seem to be more user friendly but to be fair steemit is still in beta.

Since you're just getting into all this, I figured I'd blast a random assortment of link overload:. Alts - Info and Mining: Alt Projects that Interest Me: There's a whole lot more, but a good start for now. Also I'd check out some of Andreas Antonopoulos's videos, since he does a great job talking Bitcoin:. BTW, I really am optimistic about Yours. I think it will be complimentary to what we do here at Steemit, and won't directly compete with our model here.

We'll see how it plays out, but I think Yours will be pretty cool. It's interesting to note that many financial astrologers predicted a worldwide move to digital currency about ten years ago. BC astrologer Tim Stephens urged readers to invest in Bitcoin about two months before it suddenly blew up and now, he and others, are saying that from onward we'll see an entirely different financial structure that will include digital currency as the norm, small village-sized communities of like-minded people working together for mutual benefits, and bartering, both online and IRL.

Thanks for the post! Two awesome looking blockchain sites, and a site similar to steemit? If you know any local artists or Billboard Chart toppers point them toward ujo. Check the sites out and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Take it easy everyone. At the time of writing, only the Windows edition of the new Stratis wallet has been made available for download: The source code is provided at the project's GitHub page: The Bytecoin BCN project has released new versions of their wallets - both the command-line client and the graphical desktop wallet have been updated.

The version numbers are not synchronised between the two branches; the command-line client, known as "Bytecoin Reference Client" is at version 2. The new release of the world's 10th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation provides important performance improvements: These releases are focused on improved performance and stability to make sure that you can use Bytecoin at its best, even on lower-performing machines.

The following features are available in this version: Bytecoin Wallet can now sync and refresh faster; daemon stability was improved to avoid issues with freezing on slower computers; graceful exit is ensured by reworked controllers; corrupt database restoration manager was introduced to make the process more transparent Zcoin XZC is a proof-of-work Lyra2 cryptocurrency originally launched in September as a fork of Bitcoin, but with built-in privacy and anonymity features.

The project announced the release of version 0. Synchronized fixes with ported code from Bitcoin Core 0. We recommend starting with a new installation altogether without any wallet. First sync still takes a while but it shouldn't get stuck anymore. Make sure to backup your old wallet. If you have an old wallet with existing funds and wish to port it over, you can export your private key from your old wallet addresses by going to Help, Debug Window, Console and typing the code below.

Once again, the release notes provide scant details and the list of changes tells us that there have been just seven commits since the release of version 0. Perhaps the biggest addition is a new theme pack for the Fluttercoin wallet client: Added RPC functions to control stake split thresholds, set to keep your blocks from splitting on specific sizes. The source code is also available: This is the project's first new release in over 16 months and it appears to be just a minor update: Update Mainnet checkpoints up to block 1,,; refresh pnSeed node list.

The source code is also available from the above page: According to the release notes , the new version of the Curecoin wallet client provides " various network updates, Qt 5 update, versioning correction. Linux users can compile their own binaries from he source code instructions here: Stellar Lumen XLM 0. Jed McCaleb has announced the release of Stellar Core 0. As usual, the software comes with a number of new features, including an option to turn on "invariant checks": These are conditions that if they ever occur mean there is a bug in the protocol or a widespread implementation so the network should halt until they can be fixed.

It allows you to have Stellar Core check that the Lumen balance in the system is correct and a few other things. It is recommended you run stellar-core with these set to 'true' until the load of the checks becomes an issue.

The Stellar project continues to release the source code only: However, binary packages of the Stellar desktop client developed by a third party are available from here. Luke Champine has announced the release of Sia SC 1. From the release notes: In accordance with SemVer, v1. Practically speaking, what this means is that the siad API will maintain backwards compatibility until v2.

We will continue to add new routes and fields to the API, but we will not remove or modify existing routes or fields. Note that this 'compatibility promise' does not extend to data stored on disk such as the blockchain , but we intend to make future updates compatible with these files.

Here is the source code link: This is a Testnet-only release: Testing has continued and we're excited to release the Syscoin 2. While our focus has been on testing the 2. Here's a quick rundown of the new features: The source code is also provided: Unlike the project's previous releases, this version comes in the form of "installer" software called "dcrinstall" , enabling Decred wallet client users to easily install and upgrade their wallet clients: This is the initial release of dcrinstall, the simple installer and upgrader for the decred software.

In install mode, dcrinstall downloads the latest released binaries of dcrd, dcrwallet, dcrctl and dcrticketbuyer for your operating system and platform, installs them, sets up the configuration files, and creates a wallet for you. In upgrade mode, dcrinstall replaces your binaries with the latest copies but makes no changes to your configuration. As always with this cryptocurrency project's Java-based wallet client, the letter "e" in the version number denotes an experimental nature of the build: It is a required update for all testnet nodes, optional for main net.

This release enables taking multiple snapshots of accounts NXT balances, every 60 blocks, for a period of 90 days, and distributing an ARDR token based on the average of those balances, at the end of the snapshot, to be used for the Ardor consensus chain token distribution in Nxt 2.

On testnet, the snapshot will start at block , and end at block , June On mainnet, the snapshot will start at block , expected July 14 and end at block 1,, Oct Since on testnet the starting block is in the past, on upgrade to this release a blockchain rescan will be performed automatically in order to calculate past account balances. It is a proof-of-work scrypt coin, with very fast transaction times and useful additional features implemented on its blockchain.

Windows zip and installer and OSX dmg available, this is a recommended update. It fixes various user interface issues, adds transaction comments back to the transaction display and includes improvements to transaction comment integrity. This update has been a long time coming. A lot of things happened in the last weeks that created this delay - geth had not only one, but two vulnerabilities found at the same time that it released with a lot of internal changes to the way the wallet synced and connected to the IPC.

We were starting a new team and I was pushing for weekly releases, without proper testing. Meanwhile the DAO happened, and we wanted to make a release that had support for events subscription without realizing the performance impact it would have. All that converged into having a couple of crappy releases where many users were having to downgrade to 0. Please backup your wallet data before installing this new release.

OpenSSL is required to run the wallet version. If you get errors about missing SSL libraries on Windows you can download and install them from here. At the time of writing, the CasinoCoin 3. As usual, the source code can be obtained from GitHub: This is a mandatory upgrade, with a hard fork set for June After fixing and testing the Boost Stake code, it will be activated and the wallet will stake correctly.

Unique crypto assets holders will be able to finally enjoy their legendary diamonds. The boost will last for one month starting from the fork date on 19th June. We are proud of the achievements throughout that time and want every DMD investor to feel the same.

At the time of writing, the new Diamond wallet client is only available for Windows: The source code is ready for download from GitHub: In this minor release only bug fixes have been included and we consider this a stable release: This is mostly a bug-fix release. Modified the signrawtransaction RPC command in such a way that it will now use all available private keys to sign the transaction; previously if you specified private keys in the RPC command itself, it would only use those private keys and would ignore any in the wallet.

It also wouldn't look up the scripts for multisig addresses in the wallet if keys were supplied in the RPC command. Changed Bitcoin references to Clam. Finally, a quick link to the source code on GitHub: Crypti is a decentralised, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency written from scratch in lightweight Node. From the release announcement: It's the second major release, with the first one being v0.

With Aphrodite comes a complete new user interface and many awesome new features. This delivers an unseen user experience and we hope that you like this release as much as we do. One of the new features are 'usernames', which acts like an alias for your Crypti address.

Long and confusing Crypti addresses are history. Additionally you can now add contacts to your Crypti account, which are saved on the blockchain. Where ever you go, you can now send XCR with a few simple clicks to your friends.

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