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My first few days of mining will be to your ETH address for sure! Hi, You are a great!!!! Ciprian you are number one!! That info is for one gpu. We do not advocate buying dual processor Intel Xeon E5 systems for the purpose of Monero mining.

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If you notice somebody abusing the subreddit rules, please message the moderators. The best i could find is http: If you want the most from your money, buying as many cheap CPUs is your best bet. Do not beg for donations simply for lending a helping hand. Keep in mind that you could also reach better margins by investing in fewer, but stronger CPUs that have a better hash to power consumption ratio. How will the shift to PoW effect mining rig viability?

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While there are various sources of user-submitted comparison, they do not provide exactly the same test setups to make apples-to-apples comparisons of Hardware mining performance. I mean, I just had to install everything and then it 2017 hahaha my fault, thank for your time! You are the hero monero noob miners need. Since everyone is on the rig building train these days, it is mining hard to find any parts. Have you tried any 1 to 3 pcie splitters? Most notably, CryptoNight is particularly memory intensive. How to Mine Bitcoin Gold

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Best Monero Mining hardware CPU and GPU (Comparison) : MoneroMining

I can afford the hardware. Thank You and thank you for the tutorials. Or should I just go with 7 cards? Wanna start with etherum too with an 8 card rig. Actually power is high here 0. How to Mine Electroneum All You Have to Know Abo Brand New Mining Rigs No How to Mine Bitcoin Gold Get the latest version of Ethereum Mist Wallet Here!

This way, your chances of success are greatly increased, and you still receive rewards proportional to the work you contributed. Mining Monero is a profitable option. You can check your own mining profitability with an online mining profitability calculator.

Since Monero is focused on privacy, there is no direct way to exchange Monero for regular currency USD. Sign up for an account on an online exchange such as Binance.

All of the currency you mine will be deposited into your Binance wallet. From here, you can exchange it for Bitcoin, and eventually, regular currency USD. Hover over the Funds tab, and a dropdown menu will appear.

Search for your desired cryptocurrency. When prompted, agree and continue. Copy the code indicated in the graphic below:. Navigate to the Binance homepage by clicking the big logo in the top left corner. Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Hey Hannibal, you talk about the Ethereum PoS? Well once the switch there are more altcoins that are waiting to be mined like monero, zcash, zclassic, ubiq, decred etc.. Yeah, I meant PoS.

Thank you for this amazing guide! I was hoping to use my mining rig as a spare gaming rig as well for company. Would it be possible to slap an i7 CPU and some more ram in there and call it a day? Thanks for the great guide! Does it make sense to go 8GB instead 4GB?

Also curious why not go for the here: Can you suggest some more mining hardware comparisation sites , cause it is hard to me find hash rate for the GPU , I found a lot of sites but they are not much accurate I think for example http: What are your results with this card?

Interested in getting a mining rig soon and want the best info because i am a noob and could do the research…. Hi, basically this mobo has only one molex where to plug.. From this view looks like there is a lot of space between the molex and connector, maybe push it a little more?

I mean, I just had to install everything and then it works… hahaha my fault, thank for your time! To everyone following this post, it will be updated today with lots of other options or alternatives! Also i have included few more things that every rig must have! If the GPUs only use 80w, even if I had 7 of them they would only use w. Why do I need 2 power supplies? That is based on GPU-z, but everyone knows that it is showing the info a bit different, actually the power per card is somewhere ww depends on what you mine.

Also, would you recommend dual mining? If so, what would be best to dual mine with ETH? Hey man whats the best set up if i have free electricity x6 rx , ? Id still go with s or s, wait a bit more for more tests regarding the new s and s, as i read till now those cards drain more power, maybe there is a reason for that but until today no improvements yet.. Does CPU and Mainboard selection affect speed? No, it wont affect the speed! I have seen people using it with no issue, nayway be careful with it, make sure you power it with 1 molex cable that cable should not have anything else attached and maybe you can use it with up to 2 GPUs..

Thank you for your great tutorials, it is indeed number 1 in the mining field so far. I am actually working on a nice article about the new series, it should be ready very soon! Thanks for your time and effort. Thanks a lot for the great tuturial! I am using this http: If you have cheap electricity then go with R9 Ciprian V is there any chance I can PM or skype or something like that? I would like to ask a few questions if possible and thanks again for this amazing tutorial!

Do you think Corsair W will be enough for 6x build? Yes it is, but i only recommend the ones with bios switch for beginners.. Yeah Interesting guide i also made my own rig with some cheap stuffs from this unknown person its working just awesome. Any recommendations on using M. Boot might be faster but not a huge benefit as any rig setup wont be rebooted that often.

Has anyone tested one that could report back on power usage or speed improvements? One more question, in regards to motherboard BIOS settings and usage. Hi, i did not really tested the red devils, but yes w psu is enoug, with not undervolt it will consume or something.

What would be the ultimate mix and match set up? Over the weekend I spoke to a friend who can help me with set up. I also read your tutorial so it answered most of my questions. With the gbs set up how much ETH would you be able to mine per day?? Thanks for all your help! If you mine Ethereum only yes, it can hold two gpu, maybe on dual too but well undervolted and underclocked..

It is showing Code 12 in 4 of them and only 2 are at working Capacity. Code 12 is insufficient resources. If you would be able to suggest any alternatives for the above motherboard. Should I change the motherboard if so which one cause most of the motherboards I requested were out of stock which leaves me with the x99 chipset which will ruin my ROI.

Ciprian I will pay you to consult me. Pls add me fb id email: Hi can we talk on fb messenger? I have switched the pci e to gen 1. And dont see any option for dram. Hey Add me here fb id email — abhayjeety5 gmail. I dont have any issues connecting the rx to the mobo. I just ordered 2 more of them.

First try to update motherboard BIOS to latest version 2. First of all Thank you for replying. I have got 4 of the GPUs at working capacity. The way I did it? Well Clean installed Win 10, Plugged in the first card, then shut it down and plugged in the second card and repeated this 4 times.

However the fifth time, the computer refuses to start. The screen stays blank so I switched off the PSU directly and restarted the system, it booted up but the 4 Cards were showing Error Code Insufficient Resources, and only one was at working capacity.

BIOS is already latest version. Is it a wise decision? Also pls can we talk on fb messenger? This project is driving me mad… I got USD in hand and getting stuck at trivial steps. You really seem to know your stuff, can we talk on Facebook? I could really use your Help!! If i buy this one. At discription xfx show W power cons…. You cannot use the same bios, what you can do is to copy the differences and save the bios then flash it. I wonder that how much do you earn approx.

I will edit the post when i found a good bios mod. Thx and happy mining. Can you fb msg me I have some questions!

I think is much easier of you send me a message on facebook page here: Hi, could you please clarify about PSUs? Why do we need 2xw PSUs? Is it worth while to just wait for the s to get back in stock in the US or is there another card of similar price range that I can get?

But if you find them, go buy them asap.. I have the s 4gb on back order and are supposed to ship by June. The s 8gb are also out of stock. So I guess waiting is the name of the game. The only thing you missed is the OS. Win 10 isnt free. I would personally suggest spending a bit more on a single PSU. But that is just me. How did you power the risers? I can power two risers this way as the cords that come with my PSU have two 6 pin split on them.

Do you think that would work? If you have enough pcie cables then yes, with one cable you can power one gpu and one riser. I think I will power two risers with one 8 pin, and power each GPU separately. I have 9 8 pin slots on my PSU. Have you tried any 1 to 3 pcie splitters? Basically you stick this pcie 1x connector on a 4x or 16x pcie slot and then the cable has board with 3 pcie 1x slots.

This 1 to 3 splitter tales 1x for itself so it turns 4x slot into 3X 1x pcie slots. A top cpu has 16 pcie lanes reserved so 16 effective and motherboard chipset 8 plus.

Hi, basically it should not be any problem with that.. I just posted something that may help you. Most professionally built rigs have HP server power supplies instead of gaming computer ones. Then you use a cheap w computer power supply to run your mobo and risers. I got an issue with my mb asusz pro gaming not able to detect more then 4 gpu.

Update the bios today, still Not working. Thank you for your reply! Everything is connected as you say and the motherboard lights up as well as the graphics card but my TV Lg has no signal so no picture but it receives a signal from the hdmi. I do not understand! How can I power all 6 GPUs with only 4 more 6 pin inputs? Hi, You are a great!!!! Is it ok as configuration? What do you think?

If i decide to double mining would it work well? By various estimates eth mining will yield about USD with your 6 card rig at current exchange rate. All well and good. But what expectations do you have for yield in 6 to 12 months as mining gets more difficult?

Just wondering how you square that circle? You need to look at the hashrate charts for the coin type you intend to mine. Ethereum has risen fairly linearly over the last 3 months. However, if you take into account the rising value of Ethereum it seems that the ROI should be pretty constant. Please i would like to know if the below motherboard is good and what GPU is best for it.

Hi, yes it is good, i think you will have to get a skylake cpu for this to make i work properly. Thanks for the info. I would really appreciate it if you can guide me through the parts i should buy with a reasonable price and to mine multiple coins. First off huge shout out for all the help and guidance in your tutorials. My first few days of mining will be to your ETH address for sure! Has there been much bench marking of the series? Time to update again. Even series are out of stock or over priced.

I am looking used but those are spendy too. Not sure about power consuption nor MHs deliver. Do you have any information about this cards? Most stores are even out of the s because people are so damn desperate to build rigs.

I hope bitcoin drops a bit so the demand is lower. I was able to order 4 s on amazon last week but since then they are all out of stock. They said weeks before shipping so I may or may not get them. I agree, time for an update. What are the other options? They seem expensive for the hash rate. Definitely the best deal I got so far.

I also picked up a and They do use a lot more energy so they are not ideal. Contact me will get ur order delivered within working days. Recently purchased MSI Rx 4gb pieces. Contact me via WhatsApp: Also, please update with using the HP w power supplies instead of the overpriced gaming ones. For 50 bucks 25 for power supply and 25 for breakout board you have a bad ass w power supply.

Here is an example of the power supply. Here is an example of the breakout board. This site is awesome and thank you for being so engaging with the audience. Below is my pick to start off so far:. Is my set up good for reasons stated above and in your opinion which coins are profitable to mine currently a list?

I found and ordered 6 Sapphire Radeon Nitro 4g.

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Monero Mining Hardware · Jordan Tuwiner Last updated June 27, Monero, a fungibility and privacy centered currency, has been gaining significant traction in dark net markets around the globe. Considering that its value has passed the 40$ mark, you might be wondering how to best mine the currency. Here's a quick . 22 Nov Here comes the 3rd deals post Don't forget to check the main guide for best mining rig hardware for Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ubiq, Expanse, Hush, Zencash, Zcash Classic etc.. Best mining hardware deals for November 22, , enjoy!. Tutorial Contents. 1 Mining Motherboards; 2 PSU – Power. 6 Mar This is the best mining hardware configuration that can mine the following coins / altcoins: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), PascalCoin ( PASC), Decred (DCR), Expanse (EXP), Lbry Credits (LBC), Siacoin (SC), Komodo (KMD), Ubiq (UBQ), Karbowanec (KRB), Bipcoin (BIP).

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