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Kevin Dilka December 7, Mara Allen January 16, Github Learn Tip bot Develop. So 10, is the minimum on this mining pool. So when you make shortcuts, you want to make shortcuts to the BAT file instead of the executable. A Google User December 3,

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Any help would be much appreciated, and thank you for your time in reading this huge essay lol! Mining DogeCoins on your Windows Laptop.. Method 3 to Fix Google Play Error and Written by Dogecoin Mining on June 16, Now, so here right now it is a text file, but we want this to be a dot bat file, B-A-T.

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ARM Miner Bitcoin - best miner for android devices. I am still new to it,it does overheat and consumes a lot of electricity. So I think that will give it a lot of advantage, you know, in terms of how popular it will get. Sign in with Google; How to mine dogecoins Dogecoin. You can't perform that action at this time.

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Dogecoin out of sync error for google account

Dogecoin out of sync error for google account

Triecy Gapunuan January 31, Nember 1 Full Review. Marcia Colette December 8, Adam Williamson January 7, Eddy Villalobos December 7, I have never written a review until now. This app is a tool to steal your money. It will work until you transfer xem into it. After you do this it will crash indefinitely. This should be punishable by law. It's very true that this is just an app to rob you. I hope someone in law enforcement takes care of this. Adam J January 15, As a fan of cryptocurrency and all that it has to offer and in this day and age, I refuse to submit a fingerprint to my mobile device.

The fact that I couldn't even use your app without having to submit one made me unload a few thousand of this cryprocurrent as an early adopter. I can easily remember a 6 digit PIN or a 5x5 grid pattern to secure my own information. But there is no way, I'm submitting my fingerprint to your app regardless of how much you try to convince me that it is to protect my assets. Dropped the ball on this app. Kevin Dilka December 7, Hate this place stole my coins won't reply.

I installed this app was working great now I added major amount and crashes every time I get 3 sec and down now there is no acct needs removed Full Review.

Its over 6 hours I transfer coin after paying hefty 20 coin as fee but nothing arrive yet. Stay away from NEM. Why they expect anyone to waste there time by creating support ticket. Things should fixed before launching this wallet.

Jp Quigley January 5, Ignore all the negative reviews. Some serious shilling going on there. I've had the app for a week, made only one transfer to it but my xem is happily sat there in an app that so far hasn't crashed once, certainly not had any coins go missing. It's no frills, but it works and it'll get 5 stars when more features get added trezor, hint hint would also be nice to have a direct link to buying xem inside.

Seriously though, all these negative reviews are bogus. Smaragda Kal January 1, I haven't used the app yet, the warning at the beginning saying: Derek Macneil December 29, Wallet ate half my money. Luckily it allowed me to transfer the remaining NEM out of it.

Troy Weaver December 6, I am unable to do anything after logging in. Salem Barmat December 9, It require to co figure access to contact and storage in order to stop crashing. Mohamed Baobeid December 25, I was attempting to send my xem to another account and accidentally clicked the send button and it didn't give me any place to put an address, and my new just got sent to no where. I just lost 20 xem. Please help me retrieve it.

NL Sports December 12, They kept your private key and u will lose money. Erik Arellano December 17, This app took my money!! This app is absolute terrible it stole all my coins I want all my coins back developer get in contact!! Once I moved all my coins it locked me out!!

Does anyone know how to recover?? Louie Lalaguna December 12, I think this is a great app, but if you could apply 2FA for layers of security, i would change it to 5 stars. Ron Lock December 14, Use the computer version and just do a wallet recovery. Phitfa Wijaya December 14, How can i recover my previous address in this app? I didn't backup and also saved the secret key. I bought 49 NEM and it completed, but haven't received in my wallet? Please add to my wallet Full Review.

Abdirashid S January 2, Felipe Cifuentes December 22, I have nem in there!!! Sina Dabbagh December 5, Where can i see the transaction hash!? I lost my money here.. I've deposited thousands of xem and can't withdraw any Full Review. Dennis Buisman December 20, Stephen Kelly June 14, I downloaded the free version, it seemed to work just fine.

So, I purchased the pro version, and now it can't even locate my mining pool The one the free version connected to.

I've wasted my money, and hope to get it back. Brad Mallon December 1, Can't find anywhere to add wallet info or withdraw, can't figure out how much has been mined either. Either it's a scam or you're mining for someone else's benefit. Eugene Hammond December 14, Mining for the devolper! App doesn't link up with slushpool. After I changed settings to my user. But not activity shows up on workers tab of the slushpool site. Hubert Ziebicki February 13, Good [Read to the end for help] Don't listen to all the people saying this app is fake or doesn't work.

They're just noobs or haven't looked in the settings. For all the newbies asking about the withdrawal - there's not meant to be a withdraw button.

You connect this app with an account you made for a pool of your chosen coin, and withdraw from there to the adress for your wallet. And for the people moaning about them mining for PhEnix - just look in the settings, and set them to the right values.

Geez people, it's really not that hard Paul blackwood July 21, If I could give minus stars I would. Even during set up, it's raining 30 second ads. Ads that can't be skipped. This is you scammers. Plasma Punk June 28, Make sure to change the settings to your own pool registration detail and use the old version on you know what site, not this pos, you tools! Kianna V January 19, Horrible I find it funny how no matter how many times you change the settings after an Ad you are mining for the developer by default and will continue too David Pritchard June 26, Complete waste of time.

Go ahead, download it. Wait till you're entering a server address and an ad pops up. What are you thinking JAT? Not worth the time, battery, charge, or patience. Harjot Mann October 12, No way to withdraw Your mining for the developer and destroying your phone or tablet in the process, definitely not worth it.

There is an awesome miner in the windows store that works on really good. Wish they made it for Android to. Mac Bosaletse October 21, I am still new to it,it does overheat and consumes a lot of electricity. SourceOfLife May 27, When i go check in pool website.. I'm useless in pool Useless app that does not even star the mine.

But it sure does post ads and take you straight to the play store to purchase those ads. Evan A October 21, Not good Only 6 k Hash not even a M hash on a Snapdragon Will kill your phone getting very hot and don't see any progress.

Mara Allen January 16, Way too many ads Can't even input my pool info or user name because of ads Full Review. Authoree Tee March 22, Does not work even once on 6 month old quad core Yu YUnique. Simon Opolot May 23, Could've given 5stars but too many video ads. Thus, rapidly consuming MBs. What other mining apps consume in 24hrs, it does in less than 40minutes! I will give 5 star to this app if this has a sone kind of tutorial especially to the people like me whose new to bitcoin industry..

DaKool Kid November 2, How to use it I don't know how to use it. This app need to have instructions on how to use it and what does "KH" stand for. Also i wanna now where all the bitcoins go to.

Mark Askew September 13, Bored of having to input settings On each start the pool settings are reset to what must be the developers. Intervention July 8, Guys, this actual works just create a multipool account and link it and dont expect to mine fast your using a phones cpu Full Review. Bitcoin Miner Android Miner Coin. Coinbase allows you to buy, sell and store bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. Free Cryptocurrency based on blockchain Miner. Earn free bitcoins using Bitcoin Miner app.

Slush Pool Braiins Systems.

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5 Jun Contribute to dogecoin development by creating an account on GitHub. DogeCoin Core vbb4b (64bit) for Windows 10 no sync error "No block source available" # Open Turned off routers, left for 2 mins then rebooted, and turned off waiting and rebooted PC, no sync. In apps settings. I recently made a withdrawal from my miner, and I haven't gotten it yet. Whenever I restart my client, it tells me I have blocks to sync, and. If your Android device is having problems syncing with your Google Account, you could see a message ("Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly.") or an icon.

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