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There's another on the other side of the room that I need to unlock. Beep not as bleak miners this game portrays. First you have to get to boop secret of monkey island segment. What is a Decentralized Application? Some of the forum posts on bitcoin thing were hilarious for example:

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I'm gonna try to load up on Chinese Research chemicals and take 'em whilst fighting the troll. Take more drugs and read the forums. For a readily available and visible example this, try quickly buying all three guns first to last with enough bitcoins for only the first one. See my response to the other child comment for how to get to the dungeon. I'm presuming that you need to somehow activate this to quit.

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And just incredibly well done. Spoiler Beep course, this ending doesn't involve a descent into increasingly terrible life decisions miners bizarre drug-fuelled shenanigans, but I guess at least it's the "good" outcome. I'm stuck on the moon. Some of the forum posts on that bitcoin were hilarious for example: Bitcoin 22, at boop Blockchain What is Beep Technology? Fixed missing cursor problem boop IE Adjusted mapping Bitcoin price target on Miners browsers Workaround for unintentional cut and paste while button mashing.

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Beep boop bitcoin miners

New Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

How do you get it? You need to go to the dungeon. Turn around from the door and head towards the ladder. This will unlock a dungeon entry on your map screen when high. First you have to get to the secret of monkey island segment.

Then you have to be on weasel dust while you're there. The clues section under the save game tab should tell you what to do then. This makes no sense to me, I am in the room on the moon, there is one door on one side that gives me a prompt that says "up" and when I click that one it leaves the moon. There's another on the other side of the room that I need to unlock.

There is no ladder in the room. I have a feeling that I somehow missed the entire green arc. The hints seem to suggest that I'm supposed to play as an exchange owner, but all I did was trying to fight two guys using a catana, dropping it, posting about it in the social media, then getting the catana as the main character.

After that there's "there's nothing here" on the green screen, though apparently there's an invisible menu that allows me to switch to a subscreen where I can post in social media again, with no effect. You left out the mining step of 'Mine some bitcoins using your customer's equipment prior to shipping it out.

It looks like there's a flaw in the game, which is that pretty much everyone is going to enter the monkey island area after they've used up all their drugs and bitcoins and bought the mining equipment.

Then they can't do the weasel dust stuff because they have no reasonable way to get any more. Well, surprise, the trick is to not waste cash on miners. I think if you get on the weasel dust you can rob a store and get a small amount of cash you need to buy a cheap miner and progress with the game. I did the darknet 10K and now I'm totally stuck. Tons of cash, no bitcoin and no way to get ah significant amount of bitcoin because all the exchanges went under You don't need a significant amount, you only need to beg for 2 btc for one hit of weasel dust to get to the moon, stock up on 10Gh miners beforehand and you'll get all btc you need there.

Not always on the higher levels or if you're unlucky. Though I spent all my fiat on r5 or something because I wanted to see what happens when I go negative on fiat and was stuck and thought that that might unstuck me and also thought that this might provide at least some btc. I still managed to temporarily go into the black even though there's no way to switch off your miners, because after you get the French Maid guy what is that a reference to, btw?

And after the first half-playthrough I never bought miners other than the 10GH FBS that you use as weapons on the moon. By the way, if you're interested in other references in the game, here's one that I enjoyed a lot: You do get an achievement for it "Cool.

By the way, "The moon Yes, yes, the moon! I must hold her, I must hold her in my arms I must tell her how much I adore her glow, her glow! Out of my way! Sorry for your loss. I enjoyed this but I actually enjoyed BeepBoopBitcoins advanced bitcoin simulator even more. Some of the forum posts on that thing were hilarious for example:.

On bitbuddychat they're saying that a pair of wealthy twins have started investing in bitcoin. The twins are famous for having not invented social media. Their interest is seen as good news for bitcoin.

There was also a part where you go into town and go have something to eat at Bob's Bivuoac parody of Sean's outpost and you eat some tainted meat and start hallucinating that everyone is a tax collector and you start biting them.

This game was good too but I found that progression through the game is all about finding "easter eggs" and that just isn't what I'm into.

Great game, but I think there's a bug somewhere. Oh god I'm playing against myself. This is just like Heavy Rain or Indigo Propehecy only not garbage. Seriously the "plot twist" of heavy rain was the single most garbage storytelling device ever, because it meant the character was lying in his thoughts just to fool the player through the fourth wall. Hmmm, after 3 goes I managed to completely avoid wasting my time on drugs, fake items, scams, bitcoin mettups and got to the blue screen and walked away.

So I claim my prize money, do you want me to PM my address or will it just be wired by bank transfer? I have no bitcoins, no tips coming in, and no drugs, and reloading didn't give me a free gift.

Except every time you reload, it completely resets the secret of bitcoin island part of the game. So now the free gift doesn't help. You can make it work, I think You have to reload, start the whole bitcoin island thing over, and get it to the part where you can see the moon, and then use the weasel dust, and then quickly order the hit on the moon, and then quickly go back to the white box and the darknet Never in my wildest imagination did I think that something so awesome would be the result of Satoshi's invention.

The true value of crypto-currency has finally been realised. You must need to trigger something else. Maybe try reading some bitbuddychat posts?

No, it isn't a game at all. When they have a good sized list of category 2 it will be a useful demographic for marketing purposes. Sorry, I just don't follow unless of course you mean close the browser and walk away from the computer and do something productive.

Of course, this ending doesn't involve a descent into increasingly terrible life decisions and bizarre drug-fuelled shenanigans, but I guess at least it's the "good" outcome. I made it through the whole thing and defeated the endboss but I didn't see anywhere that you could just walk away with the money.

I'm presuming that you need to somehow activate this to quit. If you still want to know, here's the way to get it: Get to the point in the game when you're allowed to save. You'll be shown a sweet tip on how to cheat. Once you're done, reload the page and load your saved game. If you're suspicious of entering strange Javascript into your web browser, all this does is automate the process of editing your saved game.

Edit that JSON and then put it back in and reload. Button timeouts seem to be causing race conditions. For a readily available and visible example this, try quickly buying all three guns first to last with enough bitcoins for only the first one. They'll be removed and the plot will be stuck because the one that advances the plot won't actually have been bought. I'm sure there are other plot breaking issues with this, but they're harder to find.

The game keeps claiming I have a meeting I need to go to first. I'm a little frustrated. Even hopped up on multiple doses of weasel dust, I don't see anything on the Map except the usual locations, rob [some store], and the Moon We are now pretending that bitcoiners are much, much more generous than they actually are, just to move things along. What do you do with the final screen? It doesn't respond to normal commands.

Typing bitcoin is the only thing I've seen that made it do anything. If it's the black screen with an A: DIR is a good start. The hints screen implies there is, but in order for it to work you have to be on weasel dust, and I have none left and can't buy more. Having issues with the password door on the third moon level. I combed all three previous floors multiple times and couldn't find anything Awesome and hilarious, but the joke goes on for too long and I was ready to stop way before it was.

What happens during the rest of the game? I'm gonna try to load up on Chinese Research chemicals and take 'em whilst fighting the troll. I give up, I can't take the research chems fast enough to heal while fighting the troll.

When I tried to use the weasel dust in the fight it just said "Woah! You don't need to. You just need the sword from level 3. Take more drugs and read the forums. This is seriously hilarious. I'm just spamming the 'praise bitcoin' button and reading about what I typed. I seem to have sequence-broken, by clicking quickly through the scene where you meet the police after talking to btcdealer.

It was a lot of fun, but I didn't like the ending. Even if you're trying to make a point, there are better ways to make it than lecturing at the player for ten minutes. It's just boring and depressing, when everything beforehand was really funny. Besides, anyone who slogged all the way to the end has definitely already gotten the game's message a thousand times over.

No need to beat it to death. This blew me away.. I've just had a proper look at it on PC. And just incredibly well done. That part where you take the soviet benzo and the text trails the mouse is insane. This game keeps getting better and better while you play it. It even has all my favorite buttcoin characters. No moonboss shows up and I can't seem to do anything in the empty boxes. Taking more weasel dust doesn't do anything and the Soviet Benzo gets me out of the moon.

Press W, A, or D. If that doesn't work, go to another tab, go back to the map tab, and press it. Sometimes the buttons are unresponsive for about 3 seconds. I'm stuck on the moon. I'm in the room with the door and there's only another door that says "up" that just sends me back down to earth.

How do I get to the dungeon? Do I just fight moon zombies until they give me enough weasel dust to see it or something? Is this mentioned anywhere in the game? Typing the name of a program executes it. Oh thats what it. I am so used to Linux that I tried ls command. I generally never use 'Dir'. Fixed missing cursor problem on IE Adjusted mapping Bitcoin price target on WebKit browsers Workaround for unintentional cut and paste while button mashing.

BeepBoopBitcoin on April 18, , Hero Member Offline Activity: What is the advantage of using a Mining Profit Calculator? Just to know what you are going to get after one month? April 18, , The thread title is very misleading. I've been playing this game for a few hours, but I still can't afford to buy the miners Can someone teach me how to use the command prompt?

Full Member Offline Activity: The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements. ICO March 1 st TeamButtcoin on April 18, , I don't have understand, this site is a mining profit calculator or is a faucet but really difficult faucet, because for earn you must reply more question? The first and only decentralized lending platform on the Ethereum Blockchain.. Powered by SMF 1.

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beepboopbitcoin@wearebeachhouse.com @BeepBoopBitcoin on Twitter. Portions of Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator: Gaiden use yui3, wearebeachhouse.com, Phaser, and wearebeachhouse.com Some code is based on Tim Holman's Texter. Part of the Bitcoin source code is quoted as text. Some images in Bitcoing Mining Profit Calculator: Gaiden were referenced. 17 Apr submitted 2 years ago by BeepBoopBitcoinx2. We are pleased to announce the availability of a new mining profit calculator, the Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator: Gaiden. Based on the same cutting-edge technology as last year's Advanced Bitcoin Simulator, our announcement has already been deleted a. The latest Tweets from Beep Boop Bitcoin (@BeepBoopBitcoin). The Advanced Bitcoin Simulation.

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