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I caishen math with many other mining miners around the world and the information he is providing to you and public is everything but true! After a successful launch, and launching their first game which is incredibly addictive, it became pretty quiet again. COM, you agree to our Terms of Use. JP Is always open to new challenges pool ideas. After that, there will be no mining to obtain Caishen anymore, not even through a multipool, as that was never the intention. However, difficulty caishen fluctuate till block They can not sell it, pool of low trade volume.

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April 22, , Exchanges will be listed as they become available. Or sign in with one of these services. We will have a list of pools today for pre-registrations. Scrypt Adaptive-N Block Reward: Adapted Full Member Offline Activity:

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Sign in with Google. Liking everything so far, mostly a few responses from zneww on the forums but all counts? Sign Caishen Remember me Not recommended on pool computers. All mining time they could mine Caishen caishen which is more profitable and easy to sell. Heh just my opinion Pool here to mining but do your own math and research about this site! Bitcoin Forum January 31, Powered by SMF 1.

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Caishen mining pool

Sign in with Twitter. Sign in with Google. All Activity Home CaiShen. Community Reputation 0 No Reputation. Personal Information Gender Not Telling. Contact Methods Website http: Why don't you use the wallet already given?

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Updated topic with exchanges, blockchain explorers and facebook group. All the required info can be found here. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask them in the Support section of the CAIx support board mentioned later. You can read all about it and start mining right here: This way we can offer the same support to our miners than we are already offering the CAIx community in general.

You can still sign up to become a member, all information can be found here. This foundation will mainly focus on serving the community, but they will also have a deciding vote on which steps we are about to take in one way or another. Sorry but working hard. Hello visit us at caishen freenode if you want and message Stuhlman or Lefteri1s. IPO stage 1 has ended. Announcement updated with the stats from Stage 1. We will have a list of pools today for pre-registrations.

Also today at Spread the hashes please. Full Member Offline Activity: New profit-switching mining pool with nightly bonus payout-- CoinSolver. They can not sell it, cause of low trade volume. All this time they could mine Caishen - which is more profitable and easy to sell. I just don't understand this. And they don't answer in online support form or in reddit, so I think it is time to move to another multipool - will try trademybit. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hmmm, i am honestly thinking maybe i am wrong that there is no "autoswitch" feauture implemented.

However, Coinsolver is still very good pool. DarkAGeS on April 21, , April 22, , According to web, i will get 0. It was nice at Sat, Apr 19 when i've got 0. Variance is ok, but it need to be visible, not like that, says one thing delivers other.

And i will try one more time, cos admin of coinsolver says that he updated something, about the pool and the web, but i do not see any web updates, however i will test pool one more time. For my 2cents of input, Im yet to do a few more days here to see how profitable it all works out to be comparing to my own past history, rather than uneducated opinions that has caused me to spend the most time reading a thread and finally sign up to these forums But that said im already far in front profitability wise because i didnt spend my spare time sending a few mBTC here n there seeing if i can fluke some bullshit rigged gamble lol.

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Warning: CAI was replaced with CAIx - a % PoS crypto currency and is no longer being monitored as of 6/25/ Elements. Hash Rate (KH/s): Power ( Watts): Power Cost ($/kWh). Difficulty: Daemon/Block Explorer Offline, Block Reward: Pool Fees %. CAI/BTC: Exchange(s) Offline, BTC/USD Value: Hardware Costs. Enter your mining rig's hash rate and the CoinWarz Caishen calculator will use the current difficulty and exchange rate to calculate how much profit and how many cryptocurrency Time Frame, CAI Coins, BTC (CAI/BTC at ), USD (BTC at $17,), Power Cost (in USD), Pool Fees (in USD), Profit (in USD). 15 Apr Transaction Confirmation: 6 Blocks. Multi-pool resistant with Kimoto's Gravity Well ASIC-miners resistant with Scrypt Adaptive-N Downloads ☆ Github:https://github. com/lefter1s/caishen ☆ Linux Wallet: Linux Client | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 ☆ Windows Wallet:Windows client | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 ☆ Mac Wallet:Mac.

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