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I recommend 2 people at least for him. I have a Jail Druid 70 and I soloed this big fella today. The Wowhead Wow is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! After you wow the Giant Kaliri Jail, you ethereum 3 warp burgers as well, these pot may cook from warp meat dropped ethereum the warp stalkers all around Terokkar Forest. But pot man, Hope you manage to figure it out:

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This is an archived post. Make sure you get it done with some help instead. Take a look at the screenshot above. I spent 7 hours farming Bastion of Twilight for cloth to make bracers to DE to level. However if you go around the back you can pull it without opening the prison. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript.

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It's like ethereum gold jail week easy. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. If you have 4 hours to kill spamming one macro, basically create this: No time for Priest MC - they should be targetting the main tank who shoul dbe trying pot keep aggro. Enchanting, Engineering, Cooking, and First Aid wow

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Wow ethereum jail or pot

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Run into the room with Pandemonius and just behind and to the right there is a raised area. The goal is to get on top of that and as far to the back end as possible of it. Unfortunately your invis will run out just before you reach the bottom of the raised area.

I have instant cast howl of terror so just as i reached the foot of it i used that to give me the second or 2 to reach the top before they killed me. I rezed via the SS and waited 10 minutes for another invis potion. Once invis was back i used my stopwatch to increase my speed, started running and used my second invis pot.

The invis pot ran out just as i was entering the caved in doorway just behind the chamber. The worms in front of the chamber move around a bit and can agro when opening the chamber so watch their movements for the key second to open the chamber, and only get as close to the chamber as absolutely necessary.

Comment by marthrak Just curious If you use the key to summon the NPC Yor right? Comment by psionic It is currently bugged. It doesn't seem like you can click it at all. Comment by robotarms Confirmed bugged. Camera thing didnt help. Comment by Manxome I had no trouble stealthing to the stasis chamber, but I could not find a way to open it. I could never get the cog to appear, even when I stood next to the chamber in stealth and adjusted the camera angle. I tried using soothe animal so I could click on the key in caster form and attempt to open the chamber that way, but soothe animal was too short for me to be able to hunt for any clickable area in the chamber before I died.

I suspect that this "bug" is in fact Blizzard's way to eliminated stealth completion of the quest. Comment by ElentilSDS hmmm hunters can solo this simply b using 2 inivisibility potions. Have aspect of the cheetah on,take the 1st in front of the first two guards,and then run until u reach the back of the first boss - at that point,u must try to stop exactly after him,cause there is a blind spot there. Neither the boss or the next grp will attack you.

Comment by Nkara Confirmed that you can solo this as a druid without having to use Soothe Animal or use strange camera angles to click. I went to the alcove, and still from stealth safely found the distance from where the wheel cursor went yellow the edge of the sphere worked, no fancy camera angles needed and waited for the 2 nearest mana wyrms to be furthest away and then clicked it and backed to the alcove as soon as it's finished opening.

Comment by Blackthorne Make sure that you don't die too often while trying! I had a few tries before thinking of looking here, because I had a hard time clicking the stasis chamber. Anyway, even though it technically counts as one instance, dieing 5 times and entering it again will "trigger" the 5-instances-per-hour rule.

Which means you can not enter again for a while. I have this right now, waiting till it will let me enter again. Now that I've read up on how to do it, it should take me just one try I'm a druid.

Thanks for the useful comments. Comment by Kanti Important note is that there are 2 chambers to open, and you cannot complete the quest series in just one Mana Tomb run, unless you have already 5 or more ethereum keys Comment by ZorbaTHut Easily soloable at 80 - the first boss can actually be walked right past if you hug the wall.

I don't think there's any class that can't either kill the trash packs or avoid them. Comment by Keidric I can confirm the above posts. Which are nearly 2. I found this whole process a bit confusing so I hope this helps.

This is how I got my rep: I held onto the 's And even bought a couple cheap until I got restless from the grind.

Which ill mention in step 6. If you only care about maximizing reputation gain this step will cause you to loose up to rep each time. So if you choose to "waste rep" for the Yor Key, make sure to minimize the potential loss by getting only one stasis key at a time.

You'll probably get rep for each one and just skip the rest of this. So looking at the vendor im only seeing an AGI flask that takes 3 fireweed and one vial but only levels you up 1 is that the right one? You can only craft 1 tome per day and they are bop, so it will take you 5 days the get the advanced recipie.

How much did those mats cost? I priced them up a few days ago if you are going to just buy the final products straight from the AH you're looking at like k. I'm planning on doing just this for my DH, would you mind telling me what all the items are? Just restarted and can't tell things by look anymore. Just so you know Jeeves is going to become a toy and call it a hunch I bet you already have one on another toon so just sell the mats on trade and make some profit now.

In legion you will be able to craft reeves who is a combination of repbot, mailbox etc. Not exactly sure how it works though. God I hope so! I have one sitting on a former eng and 2 engs who I haven't farmed it for yet. Can someone explain, why are you getting all those things? And how the hell did you come up with all that?! And most of the reputation grinds are tiresome. I'm sorry for being a "noob" here, but how does he aquire for example Relics of Ulduar and send it to an different character?

I allways tought that rep items are BoP! Is there a website where you can check up items that will increase your rep? You can check per rep how to raise it, what items you can use for it, and it will show of they are BoP or not. Some rep items are BoP, some aren't. Is there any point to some of these Exalted reps? Most mounts are now in collections, so what else is the benefit of Exalted? None of the enchants are relevant at this stage in the game.

Is it just for completion? I kinda get where you're coming from. Anytime I make a new character that I really want to invest time into, it always feels incomplete unless I have 2 Primary professions and all 4 Secondary professions maxed out. I think I may start working on reputations now But if you allready hit exalted on another character and got the rewards, what is the motivation for doing it all over on a new character?

Just to have those green bars filled with the text "Exalted"? The reason I ask is that I am going to reroll a new main in legion and might do the same thing if it is required.

Great list, and I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one doing this! I'm planning on switching mains to DH in Legion, but I am an extreme completionist at heart, and I'll miss having all the reputations on my new main at exalted Bear in mind, you can use tokens more efficiently with a Level 3 TP in Draenor this works for Panda reps too - in addition to the Grand Commendation mentioned below.

If you have both, it's a big difference! Is there a decent profession levelling guide up somewhere which calculates what mats you will need? Insc I know is up in the air right now with the glyphs getting a serious overhaul, but getting a head start on Alchemy would be pretty sweet! Since they begin at level 98, I don't suppose they have a better than level 1 in first aid, cooking, fishing? Demon hunters start at 98? Yeah, they are an hero class, like the DK.

And like them, they got a special starting area that you should be or near it when you complete it. Just outlined it here. Currently levelling herbalism on my Druid but my god it's so slow and tedious compared to the other profs. Just flying around tanaan in flight form because you get the odd fel blight. I did Enchanting on my monk this past weekend, but I did it old fashioned style going to each zone and getting mats to DE.

The very worst was Cata. I spent 7 hours farming Bastion of Twilight for cloth to make bracers to DE to level. If I knew that this is only the amount of dust needed, I would have just gone with Draenor leveling. Doing the exact same thing, except for Alchemy Didnt really thing about water walking pots..

I mean you honestly really don't need it. I remember there was that post a while back that was a PSA telling everyone to get it, but there really just isn't a need for it.

I can count on one hand the amount of times that it might have been useful. I've levelled twice in Legion having it as your standard mount removes the awkward moments when youre caught on the wrong side of a lake to a quest handin.

Oh no, a minute at most added to my time to cross some water. Sure it would be useful for world firsts and speed running. But i don't think i'll finish levelling and regret not using it.

It takes 10 minutes of your day to do the Anglers rep grind for two weeks at most and its another mount for the collection but hey if you don't want to it isn't going to affect me is it: Dailies and the rare fish which you fish up in Kun-Lai and the bottom zone I can't remember the name of. Just wondering, which of those mats are specifically to raise enchanting and engineering, the whole bottom part?

Do youknow what iLvl DHs will get into the open world at in prepatch? I have a bunch of leather baleful and upgrade tokens on a monk alt i havent finished leveling yet but maybe ill save them. Don't you need like mining to gather mats? I have 3 characters with mining, shouldn't be a problem. It does mean I won't really be able to level engineering as I level in Legion but I tend to ignore professions until I max my level anyway.

I'm looking to play only one char in Legion though and maybe one alt so I don't think that would be viable for me. At level 1 in any profession you can learn a few different things to craft. Most of the "good" stuff isn't available until you reach though. I consider that an essential tool on all alts, with the Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife being on my engineer.

I know I don't want to tank and have been healing since Wrath. How are you guys just able to switch like that? I really want to but for some reason I can't let go of my Paladin even though I feel like the class is kind of dull sometimes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? Prepatch is soon tm! Enchanting, Engineering, Cooking, and First Aid to Mats to craft a Jeeves. And then there's the challenge of leveling the profession. If you select two production professions, how will you raise the gold to pay for the professions themselves? Veterans, this is where we turn to you.

What is your best advice for new players who want their professions to anticipate their PvP needs? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and gird yourselves for battle! See what players had to say last week about travel.

Battle for Azeroth New.

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Escort Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen safely through the Mana-Tombs so that he can gather the ether held inside Shaffar's ether collectors. Report to Nexus-Prince Haramad located outside the Mana-Tombs at the Consortium encampment should you succeed. This quest has objectives in Mana-Tombs. 3a) Then I would fly over to Blades Edge and turn in the 5 [Ethereum Prison Key] for 1 [Ethereum Stasis Chamber Key] and rep. .. Neither the boss or the next grp will attack you. shadowmelt,feign death or just stand still. wait till the cooldown of the potion is up,drink the 2nd one and then run to the corner at ur left side. So at Revered, Commander Ameer decyphers the code, but needs 5 more Ethereum Prison Keys for the quest A Thousand Worlds. He then sends you With my mage, I used Invisibility (you can use a pot) to run through the first tunnel and into the left corner in the room with the first boss. There is a stone.

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