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Stake your Blackcoins on a Raspberry Pi and earn rewards at low energy cost: It tanked as soon as it begun. Pandacoin has panda great infrastructure deserves to be much higher! Now is a perfect time to sell all your PND on cryptopia while the speculation is high. Why has coin value of bitcointalk coin tanked today on cryptopia BTC market.

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Hero Member Offline Posts: December 25, , January 11, , Why has the value of panda coin tanked today on cryptopia BTC market. Electrum users must upgrade to 3.

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Pandancoin needs to implement speculation technology or feature to attract more people. Follow Panda on Speculation https: This is a wonderful name. Bitcoin Panda January 31, Bitcoin Forum January 31, coin, Just implement some already existing feactures, for panda, masternode, coin, and so forth, if you don't want bitcointalk use your mind too much to come up with new ideas. January bitcointalk,

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Panda coin bitcointalk speculation

Anyways, nice to see some progress. This coin used be alot of fun in the times. Do you plan on reworking on the old wallet, and maybe adding some new graphics? Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! Hero Member Online Activity: There are too may coins circled in the market then it can not go up highly unless this coin has many new specifications. I will watch this coin and take a look when dev has more good actions and features for this project.

In partnership with Komodo. DigitalPandacoin on June 10, , Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , Are there any specific requirements? Pandancoin needs to implement new technology or feature to attract more people. Litecoin did that, so Litecoin comes back. Dogecoin can't do that, so its price is still low. WIll pandacoin do that? Maurizio on June 20, , Great to see PND back, the true international coin! See you soon all! PND , the cryptocurrency with a plan. It's good to see that this old coin is still alive, if barely.

However, the Linux download link on digitalpandacoin. I still have a copy of the 3. It's syncing, but it's being slow about it. VanessaE on June 21, , June 22, , The amount sent remains in my transaction balance and appears not to be deducted but in my total balance the coins from this conflicted transaction are missing.

When I try to send coins I get the message "The amount exceeds your available balance, some of your panda coins are being used to earn you interest". Have I lost these coins? You may have a combination of small problems, when you are stake mining the amount you are staking cannot be spent.

It is a good idea to be sure you are fully synchronized with our network before sending. There is also a simple to use method of setting this in settings options reserve. If you have a conflicted transaction, there may be more to do to get your PandaBank to be correctly and fully in sync with our network but the blockchain is always correctly tracking everything. Hi, new to the coin, pleasantly surprised by the recent pump. I posted a quick Steemit about the coin a few mins ago if you are interestred- https:

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Bitcoin Forum > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Speculation (Altcoins) (Moderator: mprep) > Pandacoin (PND) Speculation Thread · «previous topic next topic». anyone know how i can cash this coin out? i mined k coins in one day when it launched. Didnt sell the coins then cause it was worth next to nothing, not worth the time to do a transaction. However today the coin is at cents. Why has the value of panda coin tanked today on cryptopia BTC market. Every coin when introducted to a new market opens high, so pnd coin reaching % is not news. It tanked as soon as it begun.. and hovered around 20 the whole time.. tanking to single digits. Whats going on Panda we.

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