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Price keep saying price there always will be one BTC and that is the first one the one bfx started all this. I bitcoin not think regulators are this stupid. Their Chief Strategy Officer, Phil Potter, even admitted to playing games with banks in an interview that was eventually pulled off of Bfx, but luckily, I saved it. Wow, people really like chain split after seeing it's profitable. Get bitcoin share of the BTC loot!

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See the green line. This post has received a 5. What is the point when you have dozens of good alternatives out there if you find BTC too expensive or too slow to use? How many will be paired with alt coins at exchanges? Old address will also remain reachable. The compounding was a feature request by quite a few users, so here you go.

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The goal of spoofing is to send false signals to other traders that they will act upon. A single entity entity could be a trader, price a bfx of traderssingle handedly wash traded 24, Bitcoins in shorts. Bfx shows himself during bitcoin scenarios. But it seems bitcoin be that the smart way to approach the upcoming forks is to try price move most of your crypto into Bitcoin, get as much free coin from the forks Jan 31, at

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Bitcoin Blockchain ICO Bfxcoin in India - Cryptocurrency Future Trading

How many will have over a billion dollars in volume daily? How many will be accepted example at Amazon? How many will disappear because you can only have on true king?

No different than having a ico , all are copies of BTC. What will happen this fork is TBD. Probably money to be Made if you convert and get free bitcoin gold. But Will iT be good thing, how Manu bitcoin splits are we gonna see, or is this it. Thx for the article! Since it just started markets dont have much volume. Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash What to do? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Investment PLan - 3. Hi , Thanks for the great content. Bitcoin has way too strong a lead to be overthrown by a forked version any time soon.

More bitcoin will be forked. Hold onto your Bitcoins and let the fork continue. I don't know about this. Do you have any info on Ethereum hard fork? I tell you my position about ETH hard fork. Thanks a lot for this valuable info. I really appreciate this. Thankyou for sharing kingscrown. If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, reply with the word "stop". I am stocking up my BTC by liquidity altcoins to benefit from the forks.

Nice update and info about bitcoin. Thanks for the perfect post! But i thinkhappy first cause we have extra. Thank you sir Plzz sir upvote me plz.. Thanks to give us useful information about bitcoin. Thank you kingscrown It is now becoming harder to understand the Bitcoin market for regular John Doe.

The good thing is I don't have to worry about it. I don't own a bitcoin, poor me: Hi kingscrown, Thanks a lot for the information! Thank you for this info kingscrown. Anybody yet understood that SegWit sidechains makes huge Bitcoin mainchain blocks a laugh?

Welcome to the crypto circus, now let's bring on the clones! Anybody interested in creating the Diamond 64M Bitcoin blockchain clone, just let me know Thats the weakness of crypto world! Another opportunity to earn in positions and the extra BTC splintered coins. Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category: Well this is an intriguing feature.

Your information is very interesting. I'm impressed, keep up the good work donation coming your way if this keeps up https: Thanks kingscrown its good information, and definitely something to keep an eye on. BFXdata is on twitter: Adressed the depth charts resetting zoom after a update of a chart with new data. When zoomed the chart will keep the selected view. Just added two new pages to the sentiment menu to keep track of price differences between the different exchanges: I've just addeda FRR Swap calculator to bfxdata.

I've just replaced the Swap Return Calulator in the bfxdata. The new calculator will display "normal" and compounded returns on Swaps. Be aware that the compounded returns are strictly theoretical, as a Swap provided will never have a fully compounded interest rate on their provided swaps. It is an indication of what returns one might have when auto-renew is enabled for the same rate as the active Swap. The calculations would be accurate if returns on swaps would be taken instantly after the daily Swap Return payout.

The compounding was a feature request by quite a few users, so here you go. Hope you'll like it. Next I'll be building a Swap calculator for FRR Swaps, where the user can specify a period in the past and the calculator will output returns and fees on the variable FRR rate during that period. If someone could verify my calculations by doing some math, that would be very much appreciated! Id did check it myself of course, but a little miscalculation might have snug in Wink. I've added a few new pages.

Hope you'll like them and make good use of them. I haven't been sitting on my hands lately and have just finished a little project I've been working on. I've added 3 new pages to bfxdata. The new pages wil give you a real-time view on bitfinex Swaps.

Just check out the pages and I think it will be more or less self explanatory when you see them. If not, do let me know. Big thanks to the Bitfinex team for providing me with the swap transaction data!

More or less back to normal operations. Thank you all very much for your contributions, in word and coin. History on some charts is a bit reduced for now. I will try to resolve this. While they are sure to assure everyone that they in fact have 1 USD for every Tether issued, that is pointless if they never actually have to give you that USD for your Tether.

In my opinion, that is the actual reason why they made them legally no cash value car wash tokens, as an attempt to make them legally permissible. I do not think regulators are this stupid. The exchange rate of Bitcoin has been heavily manipulated as a result of spoofing, wash trading, and other shenanigans. This is not healthy long term for the price of bitcoin and the possible future collapse of Tether and Bitfinex will cause a dramatic effect on future Bitcoin prices because we will no longer have these false signals coming out from Bitfinex.

All of the money on Bitfinex is essentially in the same position as Tether. Bitfinex has been without banking for nearly five months. Banking is unlikely coming back to Bitfinex. A bank that would do business with a business like a Bitcoin exchange is going to do a significant amount of due diligence on the exchange.

What do you think they are going to find when they do some homework about Bitfinex? Finally, in my opinion, I believe that a significant amount of the trading on Bitfinex is likely wash trading, and this could be wash trading in both directions up and down.

I believe Spoofy is playing on multiple exchanges, but his orders are usually much smaller on the other exchanges. The exchange can easily prevent, or punish this type of activity.

They could prevent a lot of this activity by simply not allowing orders over a certain size to be removed until a timer lapses. Even some video games have these kinds of restrictions to prevent manipulation of their fictitious markets.

This is a common strategy in financial markets, and Bitcoin is not immune to this. The very first miraculous recovery happened right when Bitfinex was cut off from Wells Fargo. The period between March 23rd to April 13th, most traders were in the dark about their banking problems. For more information regarding Tethers, be sure to see a more complete story regarding tethers here. Sign in Get started. You be the judge.

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