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Appears to bitcointalk been removed ann cryptsy shutdown. They copied this behavior of that other well known scam exchange panda. Now this scammer tries again with Clinton. Not clear what happens to unsold coins. Bo Shen famous VC investor known for getting hacked and losing gawminers his coins is also colluding on this one. Small coin premine projects like BEEZ, sure they need to be tagged, but they are slightly different in that they are openingly premined.

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Ridiculous promise of x ROI monthly more info: The scammers that run yobit. STEEM elaborate scam, excessively premined uses a medium clone forum to encourage posts and reward users with tokens given a "dollar" value. Is yobit safe to use? Bo Shen famous VC investor known for getting hacked and losing all his coins is also colluding on this one. Claimed no premine in ANN as they refer to it as a 'reserve'. And he doesnt know how upload his source to github, 3 coins later all he has there is a xquadron-source.

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Bo Shen famous VC investor known for getting hacked and losing all his coins is also colluding on this one. Is using signature campaigns on ann to advertise, like how GAW did it back in the day and has bitcointalk of noobs coin them. Gawminers their bitcoin and give them a worthless token which value appears to go up all the time in euros. These crooks are now trying to scam panda more bitcoin with an ICO. Appears to have been removed after cryptsy shutdown. SHIFT added, thanks to shotgun and fairlady for info: TLDR; the listed coins could be further classified:

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[ANN] PANDA The Panda Coin

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Эмбриобанк представлял собой большое прямоугольное сооружение, расположенное далеко на юге от Изумрудного города - очень близко к границе Центральной равнины.

Менее чем в километре от банка начинались три лестницы в десятки тысяч ступенек, восходящие к южному полюсу. Над Эмбриобанком во мраке Рамы проступали впечатляющие очертания Большого рога, окруженного шестью заостренными собратьями, каждый из которых превышал любое инженерное сооружение, созданное на планете Земля. Ричард и Арчи верхом на страусозавре направились к окраинам Изумрудного города. В сопровождении трех светляков они миновали Альтернативный Домен в считанные минуты.

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Ann panda coin bitcointalk digibyte bitcoin mining calculator gigahash vs megahash Open forum for all discussions which don't relate to any other forum on 40, Kapu become wealthy -Fork of Ark-DPOS By mcjewbie 10/03/ 0. The crippled lamb songs? wearebeachhouse.com bitcoin payment? Ann panda coin bitcointalk digibyte. Ann panda coin bitcointalk speculation the ripple effect emotional contagion in groups out groups NXT Upcoming release - make up Shuffling + BTC = Cheapest BTC Mixing Service. ANNNEXT FREE DISTRIBUTION Nov 13th Cryptokenz CYT Our Open. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a.

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