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I also decided to mine with a pool called Beeeeer. Dowload Putty, you mining not need to install it, run it and enter the hostname in the field "root hosting where ipaddress is the address that you received by email. It should be fixed now, pool not, please email me at infoxpoolx gmail. For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of linux Primecoin client sofware, see http: Bitcoin Forum January primecoin, Where do I input my number of cores?

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Tested with the following Linux distributions: I guess as a mod you will be able to see my email. You'll receive an email with the username and password to login in your newly created server! Yes, you need 3. Davide, Thanks so much for all your help with getting me started in this. No such file or directory http: You signed in with another tab or window.

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Please if you can donate something it will be fantastic and next week i can buy it. Primecoin Mining is still mainly done on CPUs, with the primecoin spikes linux interest regarding XPM it is now profitable to rent servers for pennies on the hour and put them to work mining XPM. You can contact admin at: No such file mining directory http: Cheaper than others hosting mining pools. Hi This weekend i pool more improvements to the server.

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GitHub - thbaumbach/primecoin: Primecoin High Performance

How to mine Primecoin on wearebeachhouse.com pool. High Payout!(HD)

The algorithm used as proof-of-work depends on the generation of special strings of prime numbers, called Cunningham chains and bi-twin chains. This means that currently unlike Bitcoin or most other cryptocurrencies, the proof-of-work cannot be accelerated using video cards or special mining hardware.

Web servers, made for generating as much pages per second as possible, are often very good for these types of calculations.

This guide will show you to set-up a virtualized cloud web server step by step and use it for Primecoin mining. First we have to register an account with a cloud server provider. One of the best providers for cryptocurrency mining is Digital Ocean.

Click here to set-up an account. Enter your email adress and a password in the form like the one below. The next step is to charge your account with 10 dollars using your credit card or PayPal account. Click the green "Get Started" button under Update Billing. Fill in either a credit card or your PayPal information.

Digital Ocean is a great place to mine, but they may close your account if you only use free credit for mining. Once you are a paying customer they won't touch your account. See the sidebar for current promos. B Fill in a server name, in this case: We will go with the cheapest option. Choose the latest Ubuntu Linux. If you have an earlier droplet set-up for mining Primecoin you can shut down the droplet, make an image from it, and set-up a new server using this image. D Click on the blue "Create Droplet" button.

You'll receive an email with the username and password to login in your newly created server! A Access the server by selecting your droplet, clicking the newly created server and clicking access. The blue button allows you to access the console from the web.

The blue box displays the snapshot possibility that allows you to clone the server after it is set-up properly. B Type in root as user and copy and paste or type in the password you have received in your email. You will be greeted with a command line like this after a successful login:.

Copy and paste over this command and press enter:. D Now install the requirements for the mining software and then download and install the mining software. Commands need to be entered exactly as they appear, so copy and pasting is recommended. Link to the main high performance thread: Mixing the instructions from different guides may produce errors later. Tested with the following Linux distributions: Installing the required dependencies Using apt-get with latest Ubuntu Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer.

You kept the 1M sievesize? I thought the 2M was better. DigitalMan on July 19, , If you already used the guide, you only need to do step 3 again to optimize for host CPU. Hero Member Offline Activity:

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Mining Pools and Software. yPool · Beeeer · wearebeachhouse.com · Joe's Pool (Under Testing) · mikaelh's high performance build of primecoin · jhPrimeminer for yPool · CloudSigma primecoin mining · Host for Bit XPM Cloud Mining Service by maco . 4 Dec Digital Ocean is one of the more competitively priced simple cloud hosting services in the world; what's more, Digital Ocean has explicitly stated that the mining of Primecoin is allowed on their servers and you will not be banned for your activities. Some other cloud services have not been so understanding. Hi guys, yesterday with my friend we wrote a script for deploing an XMP miner automatically on a linux machine. This script is usefull to deploy multiple istances on VPS letting them work in a pool. Download from githu :slight_smile: The following is an example of hosting on DigitalOcean. [*]Create an account on.

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