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But one way or another all participants did agree on a single, much wider, and more fundamental concern for scaling this still nascent ecosystem: That would be awesome. Liquidity fencer accessibility Beyond the customer rewards for using the ORC coin, the Cloudbet platform has provided a method for moving funds bitcointalk between cryptocurrency and cloudbet currencies, infusing liquidity and accessibility into what is traditionally not a liquid economy. Several of the largest, most active exchanges have experienced fencer, management, and traffic issues. After a year of explosive bitcointalk growth, forks, failed forks and more, there is much that can be said about bitcoin in

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Being an entirely free service, in future Qurito will be able to propose answers of higher quality, speed and accuracy for a fee. Max bet of up to 50 BTC. The current difficulties experienced by exchanges is understandable given the substantial increase in crypto activity over the past few weeks. Hhampuz on November 21, , Minimum bet is too high. The latest incarnation of SegWit2x has so far received comparatively little publicity. As cryptocurrencies become ever more embedded into the conventional financial sector — say through futures, ETFs, hedge funds, or credit to buy bitcoin — the perceived risks of instability spreading from cryptocurrency markets into conventional markets increase.

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Dialoz on November 14,fencer TeePee Member Bitcointalk Activity: Moas insists that people should not sell their Bitcoin and treat it like cloudbet investors treated Amazon over the years. The year-old is confident it bitcointalk eventually surpass China and Gold in terms of market capitalization: Minimum bet fencer too high. The conference gave us the opportunity to showcase our technology. Hhampuz Hero Member Online Cloudbet

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Cloudbet bitcointalk fencer

Full Member Offline Activity: I gambled on Cloudbet for about a year. No problem sports gambling and received timely payouts. Don't play there, they have no number to talk with anyone. Live help simply denies any wrongdoing. In short I played video poker dueces wild a number of times and no problems.

One day they graded a couple of hands losses when they were winners so I went to live help to complain. I was told the computer says the hands were losses and they cannot credit me without a screenshot or video evidence. So I started playing the same game and video recording my hands. I hit a 4 of a kind 2 7's and 2 dueces wild and should've been credited 12 x my wager. Instead they graded me a loss, I went to live help and explained what happened again and they said computer shows your hand was a loss.

Then I sent them video proof and they determined 2 days later computer graded my loss correctly regardless of my video proof. If I could attach my video I would. What a disappointing Advent Calender Day 1. From the email you sent, I expected to see some good offers that I might actually take, but today really makes me think that future days will be very bad.

You're offering 5 mBTC as a bonus with a 30x rollover for only the first 50 players who play 10 spins on a specific game, which ends up costing you nearly nothing as most people won't be able to claim it, and those that do probably won't rollover because of how -EV slot game are.

What are your odds boost events going to be? Was hoping for something way better. Justice Department, and the U. Department of Homeland Security to oversee security and regulatory issues. In fact, across the crypto space exchanges and related institutions are preparing for what will no doubt be a period of significant growth. Managing issues related to growth will also require cooperation from governments and public officials.

As crypto is now a permanent part of the global financial landscape, laws and regulatory guidance are needed to better ensure consumer protection. This need is only going to increase as mainstream financial institutions become involved in crypto trading and investment. The current difficulties experienced by exchanges is understandable given the substantial increase in crypto activity over the past few weeks. As the growth continues, so will the need to adapt and grow.

It is all but certain that the exchanges will strive to do just that. Featured image via BigStock. Julian Hosp, co-founder of fintech company TenX , predicted that Bitcoin would see even higher peaks and lower dips in the next year, stating:. This dip for us was very, very healthy, and some of us have used it to buy a little bit more because suddenly we had percent discount to all-time highs. A number of factors were at play in the correction and no single catalyst can be attributed to the direct decline in value in the week leading up to Christmas.

Hosp may be bullish right now, but he anticipates an even bigger correction for the whole cryptocurrency market, as users sift through the superfluous coins and invest in those that offer tangible uses and real value.

The money is going to flow into those assets in this cryptocurrency space that really deliver value, have new technology, and are being used by people. Despite bubble-like behavior remaining a common narrative among analysts discussing Bitcoin, Kleintop conspicuously chose not to outright agree, giving kudos to the concept that Bitcoin was more of an unknown, unique phenomenon.

Describing the anomalous nature of Bitcoin, he told Business Insider:. Bitcoin can be a bubble and still change the world pic.

With the help of his experience and the team at VeChain, he wants people to identify counterfeit products just by using an app on their phones. Please tell us how you got involved in the world of cryptocurrencies. I started my career in the IT industry, then moved to finance and after a few years I met someone who was passionate about Blockchain and its potentials who introduced me to cryptocurrency. In those days, I was in finance and the idea of digital currency fascinated me.

From a customer viewpoint, what I want to bring to you is a very easy way to check whether a product you have in hand is genuine or not, to fight against counterfeit, but not only that. So they can share where the product was made, how the product was designed, the concept behind it, who the designer is and more.

Could you give an example? How does it work? First, you want to make sure this is an authentic bag, so you take your cell phone, you start either a VeChain application or the luxury brand application and you scan the bag. The application will tell you automatically if it is real or not. As easily as that. Then the application may display a video of the designer, an interview with the designer explaining why you should select a bag like this.

You may find out that the bag you like is a limited edition, so you want to know why it is a limited edition. In the app, you get all the features of this edition and other information about the bag.

After buying it, you ask the seller to transfer the ownership to you. They show you a QR-code, for instance, on their phone, you flash it with the app and now for everybody in the Blockchain know that this bag, which is number six of the limited edition, only pieces in the world, belongs to Maria. If someone ever finds the bag and scans your bag, they will see: It was only lost for a couple of hours.

You said you got involved just six months ago. What do you think you did right and what wrong in this Blockchain industry. VeChain started about two or three years ago. What we did right is simply providing some cool, easy-to-use technology to guarantee that the goods are authentic.

What did we do wrong? What I would like to see is in the field of loyalty programs, for instance. Maybe a little bit more integrity across the industries, like global loyalty program that would be a coin.

That would be quite interesting to see. How does BlockShow stand as a conference compared to other events that you have attended? I think BlockShow is quite impressive assessing by the number of people that are attending.

We had a huge traffic at our booth. We have a wide variety of profiles of people. We met investors, other startups with bright ideas we can do business with. We also met some potential clients. I think what is very impressive is that you can really access variety of profiles in a very short time.

That has been very helpful for us. The conference gave us the opportunity to showcase our technology. The organizers managed to bring a lot of interesting people to the venue.

Any highlights you would like to mention? Who is your favorite speaker? That was a humorous part. I very much enjoyed watching the panel discussion about Blockchain and the token economy.

I found a lot of insightful comments. It was very interesting because they were putting forward some of the things we were discussing for the luxury industry. Those guys are on top of things. They know what they were talking about and it was quite reassuring to see that we are all on the same page.

In total, eight exchanges are listed as official supporters of the fork. The latest incarnation of SegWit2x has so far received comparatively little publicity. However, the website copy conspicuously name-dropped one particular exchange, HitBTC. Speaking about existing SegWit2x futures, Terlouw is quoted on the site as saying:.

HitBTC is among them. When the project first saw hints of a comeback on Dec. Some have speculated that will be the year that central banks start to add bitcoins to their balance sheets. Your average bitcoin buyer has dramatically different goals from your average central banker. Bitcoin buyers want to earn 10, percent returns and engage in near-anonymous transactions. They have an obligation to their citizens to ensure the stability of the currency.

The steadiness of the assets that central banks hold in their portfolios is a key part of achieving this mandate. If the purchasing power of money begins to fall too fast relative to its target, central bankers will try to undo this by buying back sufficient amounts of currency. This requires selling assets from their portfolio, or open market sales.

Assets that do not fluctuate much in value — say a government bond — can be counted on as steady material for open market sales. Now, there may be a few central banks that add trace amounts of cryptocurrencies to their balance sheets — but only as a political stunt. But this would only be a way to land a public relations blow against an enemy, and not as a way to promote sound central banking.

Many central bankers have been exploring the idea of issuing central bank digital currencies or digital accounts for use by regular folks. These tokens could be issued on a blockchain, held in a regular account, or exist on a smart card. Unlike bitcoin, this form of money would be fixed in value — i. I think it is unlikely that any central bank digital currencies or accounts will be introduced in There is a good chance that many central banks will even backpedal their efforts as they learn more about the challenges involved in introducing a digital payments product.

Here is the crux of the problem: It only makes sense for a central bank to issue digital currency or publicly-available accounts if there is sufficient demand. But it is not apparent where this demand will come from given that private bank accounts already provide the public with the same set of services that a central bank product would hypothetically offer.

For instance, one stated advantage of a central bank digital currency is that citizens would get the ability to hold risk-free digital money. But since bank deposits are themselves guaranteed by state-run insurance deposit schemes up to very high amounts, they are already percent safe. So there is no apparent reason for anyone to switch.

Nor will central banks find it easy to compete with already-existing private sector payments alternatives. A central bank digital currency could only gain public acceptance by providing a unique service that private alternatives do not offer: Don't wait hours to receive your winnings.

Max bet of up to BTC. Serious bettors can play for high stakes. Minimum bet of 0. Bet on the following sports LIVE: And the following pre-match: All player coins are deposited directly into cold storage.

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I don't believe they have a live chat. And if they do, it will tell you they are not available and just direct you to their email address so to resolve any issues you have with the site. This is how they have responded to any requests for resolving any issues you have. Very static response to a various of problems. Name: Cloudbet. Posts: Activity: Merit: Position: Legendary. Date Registered: October 27, , PM. Last Active: October 30, , AM. Coinbet24 comes a little late on the bitcoin sportsbook market. However, the ambitious betting site is already ahead of its competitors on many points. Coinbetcom is the first licensed Bitcoin-only sportsbook, bringing thus transparency and legitimacy to a higher level.

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