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Confirmed when importing into Multibit it requires both passwords. Save your bitcoin address to wallet. Let bitcoin give you dropbox example:. Each Bitcoin address the public key have only one private key. Anything you store un- or poorly-encrypted in dropbox should be treated as publicly visible. The basic point is:

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If anyone has some ingenious solution I'd like to know: If you encrypt your wallet. Use stronger encryption passwords then. He probably has several times that amount You can't directly import a blockchain. If you want to be more hardcore, don't use flash or java as traditionally they have been exploited often. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever:

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People dropbox just concerned if BTC split in 2 chains, where is the best place to keep bitcoins. Cold storage - the end. That password can be bitcoin forced offline. Want to add to the discussion? If you trust them wallet hold bitcoin coins - you the coins are theirs until you withdraw them dropbox may or wallet not work.

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How to Backup your Bitcoin wallet (wearebeachhouse.com, Bitcoin QT, MultiBit)

Consider the risk due to theft, fire, or natural disaster in proportion to the value of bitcoins stored in the wallet.

Follow these instructions to backup all the bitcoin data wallet and block chains to an encrypted disk image. Follow these instructions to backup just the wallet. This results in a smaller disk image, but it's more complicated to do.

If you start the Bitcoin application without having the image mounted, the application will overwrite your symlink with a new wallet.

If that happens, don't panic. Just delete the new wallet. You can create a small application using Automator included in OS X to automatically mount the wallet and then launch Bitcoin App. See the Screenshot on how to do this. If one doesn't want to use encrypted Disk images, then a small shell script can be used instead that takes care of decrypting the wallet, launching bitcoin client, and encrypting it after the client exits.

One of the simplest methods for storing an appropriately encrypted archive of your wallet. Services like Gmail use very comprehensive distributed networks that make the loss of data very unlikely. One can even obfuscate the name of the files within the archive, and name the archive something less inviting, such as: Another solution is to use a file storage service like Wuala encrypted, instructions , Dropbox after encrypting the wallet first and others , including the more secure SpiderOak.

Linux users can setup backups using cron by telling it to run a backup script at set intervals of time. Run 'crontab -e' and add this line near the bottom:. Remember to add a newline after the last line of the crontab file, or else the last line won't run. Be sure to modify the script options to fit your setup. After you save, make sure the file can be executed properly by the cron user. I already order a Ledger wallet, but I should wait until september.

Do you recommend to create a paper wallet as offline safe option? Hi Miriam, if you want to buy Bitcoins, you can check out this article which has a lot of exchanges with reviews: Thanks for the great videos, I was wondering about the bitcoins in the hard drive that the guy threw away, so they gone forever? Not just for him but never to be in circulation again? I wonder what percentage of bitcoins will never be seen again like that! Hi Atul, it is never safe to store your Bitcoins on an exchange in a hot wallet.

Please check out this article about wallets, it should be helpful for you. Hi Asif, Coinbase is a 3rd party wallet that stores your private key for you. Is there a way to buy bitcoins directly from where coinbase gets them? Hi Luigi, I suggest you to read this article about wallets, it should be helpful for you to understand the differences between the different types. Hi Fabiano, thanks for the feedback. These are very good questions. Each Bitcoin address the public key have only one private key.

The transaction IDs are different when you send and receive coins. Why to have a back-up? Last updated on March 18th, at Notify of new replies to this comment. You can choose reporting category and send message to website administrator. Admins may or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author.

And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous. Your one-week course via email provided extremely helpful information, thank you! Hi Milos, indeed, creating a paper wallet in the meantime will be a safe solution.

Hi Which broker is safe to keep large numbers of cryptocurenices , like Bitcoin etc. These are probably stupid questions, so I apologies in advance. I too use Blockchain. How secure do you think this is and how robust a company are they? Hey Ray, thanks for the compliment I appreciate it: This means that they store the private keys for you but only you know how to decrypt them on your browser.

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10 Oct Backing up your wallet files. Note: Using Dropbox to back up your Bitcoin data is not recommended as doing so introduces the following security concerns: Dropbox stores your encryption key (meaning that a disgruntled Dropbox employee or an attacker who gained access to the system could decrypt your. I read this answer on another forum. What do you think? "Depends how paranoid you are. Many do but if you reallly want to be safe then according to the bitcoin wiki: Using Dropbox to back up your Bitcoin data is not recommended as doing so introduces the following security concerns: Dropbox stores your. 1 May About a year ago, I added Bitcoin payments to Dead Man's Switch, because it seems that people who want to send messages after their death are also the sort of Blockchain will even back your encrypted wallet up to your Dropbox, so, as long as you have a rather strong password, you should be fine.

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