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Qoinpro BitcoinTalk — bitcointalk Free 50 Doge Tip Party on reddit I withdrew once 7 mil k DogeCoins and a couple of days later i invested bac The money didn't show up. We darkcoins dedicated to transparency, efficiency, and maximize your profits.

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Want to be alerted when the price goes above or below your set threshold? Via BitcoinMagazine — 7: Via CryptoCoinNews — He takes issue specifically with competing crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other alternatives to Bitcoin. Via Crypto Articles — 6: They're near to be sold-out at this time.

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There are currently Crypto currencies you've actually used Via Qoinpro - 5: I have received 2 transactions and both have bitcointalk Currently, there are a few altcoins available through darkcoins you can purchase products in bitcoin. We believe Bitcoin has importance past it's monetary value.

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Qoinpro bitcointalk darkcoins

What To Mine? Bipcoin??? Ethereum? ZCash? Monero? Making dark coins fun again!

To join our member list and receive additional scam warnings from us directly to your inbox, please subscribe to ScamBitcoin. I joined qoinpro back in the beginning I had always felt like it was a scam had made it to sr ambassador level cpuldnt do withdrawals. Tried to log in a year ago the site was gone decided to look at thee site aagain 2 weeks ago had all these coins in their site just new design.

So shocked now just more confused then ever. Now Dec 8th and nothing received in my requested wallet address. I have emailed support numerous times and to their twitter account.

No action but will update if there is action. Coinpro is indeed a scam. Read here the class action lawsuit that people are preparing: Can you please put me include on the list for joining the class action suit if you hear from Thomas. I would appreciate any help you can give me on this.

QoinPro is either a scam. The owner, wouter van der schnag, is either an incompetent fool. Support tickets are useless. Withdrawals are handled manually. It is a horrible place. Please watch this video: You may be sorry. I received no response for a few days 2 Registered to support. Then I clicked on Tickets to get my support ticket reference number.

Bitcoin Gold never showed up, and no bonus!!!!! I also tried to withdraw my Bitcoin, and it disappeared from my account! No transaction details, and Bitcoin never arrived in my address!! I have sent emails without any responses. Wouter van der Schagt. Appears to be a scam and I also would NOT recommend. I will post any positive updates from Qoinpro here. May be they are carrying out insider trading with the BTC deposited bt people like me and generating profits for themselves.

The money didn't show up. I have written to admin asking them what happened. I wrote them 4 days ago but still no answer. Today my doge arrived at my QoinPro address. So that means it takes a few days for your money to show in the account. Maybe their wallet will work some day The other day I stumbled across another multi wallet by Novelty Labs.

You can also exchange coins with each other. I have been using this wallet and from now on, will be a regular user. Please Login to post a reply to this thread. Podcasts Let's Talk Bitcoin! So after a few weeks I decided to witdraw my BTC, so my account is empty now. For the deposit, there was a tx record. For the witdrawal there was not. So after a few days, I started to email them again, offcourse without any luck.

Now after a few weeks I've come to realise that they kept my BTC. Since I don't want anyone else to experience this, please don't use Qoinpro. If you have BTC on Qoinpro, get it out as fast as you can. If other people are experiencing the same problem, please contact me.

I have contacted a lawyer, we will take further steps. I will also go to the police to file a complaint. Everyone should do this. Hero Member Offline Posts: More people got scammed. See the replies over here: Qoinpro has bad support, but works.

OK I just received this reply. I really think the support service is BAD at the moment. The e-mail that I did receive was this one:

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Sign up for free Bitcoins, Litecoins, Feathercoins and other cryptocurrencies. Refer your friends and earn up to % extra!. 4 Jul QoinPro is one of the crypto currency faucets which are called scams by some, but the actual scam/legitimate status of which is difficult to define. The description which fits this operation best is arguably one provided by one of the bitcointalk posters, who chimed in on the thread about QoinPro. He called it a. wearebeachhouse.com?topic=msg#msg With that information it's a big risk using it as a multi wallet for different coins Link; wearebeachhouse.com The wallet is called Holy Transaction and supports the following coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Darkcoin.

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