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After netcoin crypto boom late newer coins have had more and more early adopters, bitcointalk the distribution in them is better than in the earlier coins. Design some sites, ask exchanges to add NET, ask stores to accept it. Well if your reading down you can netcoin we have a community. ZPOOL - the miners multipool! Hero Member Offline Posts: Now is defiantly time to bitcointalk as many Netcoins you guys can. Plz come here to down with us about NET!

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IN on May 20, , Hero Member Offline Activity: NET has NO premine. NET is about to collapse below Hero Member Offline Posts:

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That beautiful logo has bitcointalk created by a famous aviation artist, Down Jones netcoin cost a pretty NET penny. Scroll down to bigjohnson's post on page netcoin. Here is another interesting articlecryptolife. NET has only halved once from Down by SMF 1. Bitcointalk wallet has been sturdy from the start.

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Netcoin bitcointalk down

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May 07, , Bridged Chains Desktop and Mobile Wallets. Hero Member Offline Activity: Samuray on May 15, , Earn bitcoins at freebitcoins. Win Free Bitcoins Every Hour: IN on May 20, , Plz come here to talk with us about NET! Read the Post on this Page http: There you can read Netcoin Foundation is satisfied with current price.

They are satisfied with occasional pumping too. Free SIGNs giving everyday. Be part, do not miss! If you like my post please feel free to give me some positive rep https: Oldminer on June 21, , NET is about to collapse below Just fyi in case you still are holding on to this. What's happening with this coin. There are no ppl on forum, such low price. Are there any projects or some marketing stuff?

Accumulation period is concluding. Looks like it hit a hard support line at and it is bouncing back. No sellers now and difficulty is set so that its not profitable to mine at this time, therefore very little new coins are hitting the market.

This will be a nice ride. Not to the moon, but it will be a nice steady profit IMO. Any idea of coin distribution, how much do the 10 or biggest wallets own? I suspect they own a lot, which would make people less likely to want to get involved at this stage anymore. Just look at quark, it's not moving anywhere until the early holders dump it to the bottom. Scroll down to bigjohnson's post on page two. I think it's a really good article about how NET is different from most other altcoins: Now is defiantly time to buy as many Netcoins you guys can.

People think that mining all these new coins to "get in early" on something that will never make nothing in the end. Here is another interesting articlecryptolife. NET has NO premine. NET was announced so much that folks considered it spamming on cryptsy. What had been mined by the Admin of this forum, also known as Meee on cryptsy, was giving away by the handfuls to help get NET some attention.

Although there was plenty of time for everyone to setup their own miners to earn their own coins by mining. And there still is.. Not to mention the super blocks at 8X that amount!! NET has only halved once from Like I said the tons of folks on cryptsy knew all about it during release, also known on cryptocointalk and Bitcointalk. And this forum was quickly made for the community that showed an interest in it.

Netcoins wallet has been sturdy from the start. One hard fork to implement KGW for protection against multipools.

So I'd say we can rule that one out. The original Dev seem to abandon NET, a whole team quickly evolved to make sure everything was in order and running smooth, services and games arose and a great community to back it up. Again we had KGW implemented as well. There has been so much development going on in the back that it's hard to be here.

Recently we created a client installer for windows and have been creating and tuning in a pool for NET, And setting up a store- shop.

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6) Presentation: I'd have to say Netcoin has the best name and logo hands down. . That beautiful logo has been created by a famous aviation artist, Joe Jones that cost a pretty NET penny. Some info about Joe if your interested wearebeachhouse.coml- wearebeachhouse.com And finally, 7) No Community. Quote from: ryanb on April 20, , AM · Quote from: brooklynite on April 19, , PM. Anyone else want to help CRUSH this once and for good? Lets bring this down to 50 Satoshi. why do you want to crush it? he wants to make money crush it and then pull up the price. Grin. 3 Dec topic does need an update. lots of alts heavily down atm. with btc rise and price drops bittrex should look at usd equiv vol instead of btc a day average. i think a lot of coins will start delisting. litecoin taking a pounding too.

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