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January 31,flowers Terk Hero Member Offline Activity: Log in or sign up in seconds. I bitcointalk planned to write a check, but realized Bitcointalk forgot my checkbook flowers home, and it was evening so all the banks were closed. Still a little nervous I caught the next train into town which clevermining takes clevermining minutes to get there.

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Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! If you use a bat file, add --no-client-reconnect. Everything seemed good and he was a nice person on the phone and we went ahead and arranged a place to meet. May 08, , Pools The wiki page can be found here. I decided to hit the sack at around 10PM due to having to get up early as we arranged to meet at

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Hero Member Offline Posts: Want to bitcointalk to the discussion? I was really starting to panic at this point and didn't know what to do so I grabbed my card back and headed to the local coffee shop nearby to think bitcointalk I could do. Clevermining think that's the case since mining on the real clevermining with any username but a Flowers address is useless, so it has to be a spoof wafflepool stratum. If you use clevermining conf flowers, add "no-client-reconnect": A tool bitcointalk all types flowers miners, coming with a graphical interface.

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Clevermining bitcointalk flowers

Clevermining bitcointalk flowers

They turn round and go, "Sir, since it's quite a big transaction we're going to need to see some ID. I was really starting to panic at this point and didn't know what to do so I grabbed my card back and headed to the local coffee shop nearby to think what I could do. By this point I still had about a hour till we planned to meet. Then, I had a amazing idea. I could connect to the WIFI in the coffee shop I was in and transfer my funds online to my other bank account with a different bank and try my luck at that bank.

So I quickly transferred my funds, put away my laptop and headed straight for the bank without even drinking a sip of my coffee as I was so apprehensive about if this was going to work.

I went into the bank and it was empty, not a single customer. She checks my account, I was a bit worried at this point because I haven't used this account in a year as I didn't keep anything in it and had switched to my new one which had just let me down. She comes back to the counter and explains my account was empty and nothing was in it, another blow but I explained I literally just put money into the account so she goes and speaks to someone and then tells me to go sit down and wait 5 minutes and come back to the counter.

At this point I was starting to panic, I had traveled all the way up to town and didn't have the cash to give to the seller and he had started texting me to say he was heading to the McDonalds now if I was ready.

I replied and said I was "In the bank now, just getting the cash" and hoped for the best. The women calls me back over and asked for my card again and explained it can take a little while for a transfer so she checks again and tells me it's all fine and she can now give me my funds. I felt relieved and she handed me my money. It was about I send him a text and he texts me back he is in line to get some food so I look at the line and he is at the back so I join him in the line.

I walk over to him and introduce myself and shake his hand and we make some small talk while in the line and we each grab some McDonalds breakfast each and head over to the seats. We both load up our laptops and I grab the money out of my pocket while he loads up his Bitcoin wallet and then I proceed to do get my receiving address up.

I then give him my address and he types it in and then he sends the 8 Bitcoin and I hand him over the cash. He does a quick check to see if it is all there and the deal is done. I now have 8 Bitcoin successfully bought. After this it was kind of awkward at first, you try eat a McMuffin and a Hash Brown with a guy you met 5 minutes ago haha. After a while we really started to get chatting about all sorts of things. He mostly told me stuff due to not being in the Bitcoin loop for nearly a year, after we finished we headed for the door and said goodbye and he gave me his number in case we wanted to do it again sometime and there I was, walking away with 8 Bitcoin and the taste of success.

If you actually read this, hope it helps you experience what it is like to do a Face 2 Face trade with a stranger and what you can expect. I had a bit of fun writing this out and if I do anymore trades I will write another one. My Face 2 Face Trade Experience - https: Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. So in UK they let you withdraw money from a bank account at the counter without an ID, unless its a "big amount"?

Surprised, all my life they asked for ID even if I withdraw 1 Euro, 1 dollar or whatever. Otherwise anybody could come and steal money from my account, no? So better not keep any cash in UK banks, as anyone can walk up to the counter, and chances are he could steal my money without having to show my ID.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Just though I share for anyone else mining on clevermining to keep an eye out for such activity on their miner. Here is the whois for clevermining: It does not look like it's a bug in the client software, merely an unfortunate feature. I use hashfaster from time to time, hopefully they are aware of this problem and working on a fix. Please provide a screenshot or log that shows this.

We're you redirected with someone elses worker name? Id like to investigate this, as I run all the HashFaster pools. I am asking this because all of our stratum servers are HIDDEN behind load balancers, so its highly unlikely someone could do this from a server-side thing. The first time I noticed my miner was mining on wafflepool even though I never set it up to mine there.

What was strange is that my worker name and password were the same as for the hashfaster pool. The next day, I was redirected again! This time it was to an IP address in Panama that many people mining on wafflepool were redirected to see BitcoinTalk thread above. It didn't happen anymore after these two events and I didn't change any network settings or anything.

My guess about the first redirect to wafflepool was that the exact address was not wafflepool. I think that's the case since mining on the real wafflepool with any username but a BTC address is useless, so it has to be a spoof wafflepool stratum. I also thought that at first, however, many, many people on a plethora of different OSes reported the same problem with the same panama IP, and people even intercepted the stratum server reconnect command that was sent to their cgminer instance.

If you are on Windows, grab the latest version of kalroth's cgminer here: If you use a bat file, add --no-client-reconnect. If you use a conf file, add "no-client-reconnect": I'm using cudaminer, and in the console window you would see a disconnect, and then a reconnect to the ip Unless I am mistaken, the only way a stratum server sends that message to do a client reconnect means clevermining got hacked, right?

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