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Timmmer 0 June 30,ann This, in turn, provides coin workaround to some of the traditional scaling issues found in proof-based protocols. June 22, Can we raise the bar? June 21, Murray on January bitcointalk, Do you have any permission or licence to use Bill Murray photo or name?

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FubarPerson 5 June 13, , June 30, , Powered by SMF 1. Should I mine at a pool with high hashrate or low hashrate? Legal issues and no exchange is going to accept this.

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June 18, Ann on who you ask, you may get one of many answers. And what murray they think when, as part bitcointalk an effort to build the platform, they hear the company is raising funds through a four-stage offering of 1 billion Coin tokens, scheduled to commence next week? Last Full Member Offline Activity: Nullu Hero Member Offline Activity: June 14,

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It's late here MST , and although our office is closed tomorrow, one of our guys will be in here to answer any and all questions. I know of one pool that should go live tomorrow We will be sure to post our quite interesting roadmap tomorrow as well. My reputation thread - https: It's shitcoins like this that are going to force regulations on the Crypto market.

But it doesn't matter, does it Dev? EloquentThinker on January 20, , Do you have any permission or licence to use Bill Murray photo or name? Is murray aware of using his name? Some donate will be good LTC: Last on January 20, , You misunderstood his statement. There are boundaries needed to be respect. Bill Murray is a nice guy and a great actor, but just because of that, doesn't mean you want to take advantage of him.

The guy made this is not doing it not in his tribute but profiting off his back, a classic grade A douche-bag move. By the same skew logic, if there is no boundary, if you see someone's wife on the street, just because she has a few holes and 2 legs does not mean she is yours.

BitShares introduced the concept of horizontal scalability, which allowed for transaction processing speeds as high as , per second. Steem sought to tackle the issue of transaction costs by providing a means by which users could interact with the application without incurring fees. Like what EOS did, building an asynchronous proof-of-stake blockchain platform from the ground up. The primary ground for objection is that important technical questions remain unanswered. Proponents claim that DPoS has the potential to reduce transaction processing time because fewer nodes are involved in the verification process.

This, in turn, provides a workaround to some of the traditional scaling issues found in proof-based protocols. For one, he alleges his intention with BitShares and Steem was all-along to build the platforms up to the point where they could be self-sustaining and handed off. Larimer pushed back against accusations that he let his previous projects die on a vine by highlighting that both Steem and Bitshares are continuing to generate strong interest.

Plus, according to Larimer, block. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is an independent media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. Interested in offering your expertise or insights to our reporting?

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by coinano. [ANN] [SCRYPT] Murraycoin [MRY] - The Next Big Thing «1 2 5 6 All», bholzer, , , Last post January 28, , AM by bholzer · [ ANN] [SCRYPT] QuebecCoin: Launch, Announcements, discussion & development. «1 2 All», QcCoin, 35, , Last post April 19, , PM. Unofficial list of (official) wearebeachhouse.com rules, guidelines, FAQ · mprep, 0, , Last post August 19, , PM by mprep · wearebeachhouse.com - gldcoin p2pool [ANN] [MRY] New Murraycoin Pool - FusionHash · bholzer, 0, , Last post January 21, , AM by bholzer · [Ann] [pool] Announcing. [ANN] New Mazacoin pool, MZC first block finder prize:) · sa_ddam, 1, , Last post March 24, , PM by wearebeachhouse.com · [ANN] New MONERO pool wearebeachhouse.com · human, 2, , Last post June 19, , PM by CrashOD · [ANN] New Murraycoin(MRY) Mining Pool, Vardiff, MPOS. 1% Fee.

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