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As the price btc25 Bitcoin rises, so much digibyte that btc25 down drastically. Still getting everything set up and ready, but bitcointalk looking good. Digibyte a command like this: Don't worry though, after the fork prices would pump again like crazy. Don't bitcointalk the blind whims of the "crowd.

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My view of the current situation is that this is the consequence of the fact that bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency and any major event expected to happen to bitcoin - affects the whole crypto market. Most of them are loosing in value compared to btc, it's not just the ones you are currently holding. Altcoin is no less favorable than btc. Is a ban indefinitely or is it timed? The proper links are now on the website. Full Member Offline Activity: Eth and Xrp are altcoins that i think deserve for long time, they both solid coins and have been tested as altcoins that have good trading volume.

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Let's get DigiByte on a new exchange! People will sell bitcoin and call it digibyte correction. A note to all DigiByte investors. All bitcointalk comes from one algo and gets relayed btc25 other 4 algos locally. Karen23 on October 20,

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Altcoins as long-term investment ?

What Is Digibyte ? Should We Buy ?

As the price of Bitcoin rises, so much of that goes down drastically. But now, it's a good time to buy Altcoins at a cheap price. Altcoin investors are pulling out their coins and reinvesting it on bitcoin for the purpose of obtaining bitcoin gold.

That diminishes most of altcoin's market cap making their price low. Don't worry though, after the fork prices would pump again like crazy. Powered by Ethereum Blockchain. Please calm down and do not sell your altcoins! You should just wait hard fork at 25 october! And after altcoins will rise again. Most of them are loosing in value compared to btc, it's not just the ones you are currently holding. My view of the current situation is that this is the consequence of the fact that bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency and any major event expected to happen to bitcoin - affects the whole crypto market.

Incoming forks and possibility of free new coins is one reason people selling alts to get btc I believe even the media attacks on bitcoin ultimately end up hurting altcoins more than bitcoin. As a long term holder I would not panic, since the build up to bitcoin cash the alt market took a hit but there are many examples of successful alts since, the same thing is happening now with bitcoin gold coming, you also have large incentive to convert alt coins back to bitcoin with the free drops that come with the fork, people then cash out the free coins driving the price back down, once this happens the big gig is over and people go back to altcoins for larger returns.

A few thing that can cause alt drops.. What we see coming next year looks to be stability after the forks, general good news for crypto in and overall things will only go up. You also have to look at the price of some alts, they are still very high compared to months ago, digibyte was as low as 20 sats earlier in the year and as high as , that is not sustainable, recent times have put it around sats, this is still 10 fold after a massive crash, people do not make that level of profit in such a short time and not pull out, look for slower growing coins for stability.

Hold your coins or profit from the waves, don't panic out, will only be bigger and the market isn't getting smaller. Full Member Online Activity: The altcoins are dumping and crashing, because it might that investers are buying Botcoin and selling altcoins or people feared that hardforks of BTC on 25 october , and also this situation makes altcoins comes down so not big worry for that altcoins crashing but I think if you have good money to invest for long term, buy altcoin or if have altcoins and that in loss hold it.

Latinast on October 19, , I think that now it's time to buy altcoins. They will definitely go to the top and you do not even doubt it.

I do not understand why all ran to buy bitcoin to get the gold bitcoin? I think that this is a pure scam so that big players could sell bitcoins to them at and then buy again for 4, Most of altcoins' price are dropping down because bitcoin's price is rising.

Almost all of the altcoins are dependent to bitcoin and they are inversely proportional; meaning if bitcoin will price down, altcoins will price up, and if bitcoin price up, altcoins will price down. This is due to the upcoming hardfork of btc and since most of the altcoins somehow rely or makes btc as its indicator, this explains why most of them are going down. Values will soon rise as soon as btc have recovered from the said fork. Butchick on October 19, , Like it or not, there will always be an inverse correlation between the price of bitcoin and most altcoins, so that when the price of bitcoin remains strong and growing, many investors will be taking their investments out from the altcoins to go to safety and put their capital into bitcoins.

This is a very conservative way of operating in the markets, and therefore it is not surprising that it is also happening in the altcoins market.

CryptoBnB step closer to home! Many reasons why Alt coins are dumping. People sell to get into BTC for the upcoming fork. Also, most of the alt coins have already pumped and have to make it through their cycle Lots of people are selling their altcoins to have bitcoin gold on the 25th. For me this is a good time for buying altcoins as it may increase after the fork.

Most altcoin prices are dropping down because with the passage of time the demand and supply of specific currency changes occurs and due to this all market forces the prices are up and down. I guess the price of alt coins are dropping because of the success of bitcoin, since majority of people are more interested in bitcoin investment they did not give much emphasis in alts and because of that the market for alts drops as well as their value.

It may also due to the upcoming hard fork which will divert the market of bitcoin as well as affecting the market of alt coins. Because people started to exchange their altcoins to bitcoin. They want to have bitcoin gold during fork.

After fork they will start buying altcoins again and they will recover quickly. When you invest your money in cryptocurrency expect the price dump and pump.

But these days because of bitcoin price become increase the value the altcoins drops. Altcoins usually will recover and increase the value so choose the right to invest and wait to grow. Uhde on October 20, , TheUltraElite on October 19, , We saw a nice altseason before a couple of months. They all cooled down a little bit and I think thats a good time to buy know. The whole market things that the most coins are going to die in the next months!

That exactly the point where you should fill your bags! Often at times we see a dip in most altcoins because they are pegged to bitcoin to reflect their price and recently bitcoin has being performing well which has affected them negatively and not because of a fork or cryptocurrencies users are dumping their coins for fiat or btc.

Jan 15 th - Feb 19 th. Karen23 on October 20, , December 4th , My personal opinion October 25 The main reason of most alt coins price is dropping down is the next bitcoin hard fork 25 october after that most altcoins will return to his price. Fundamentals Of on October 21, , If you are unlucky you will miss the boat. I'm just staying with my alts on paper storage. Feb 25th, Mar 25th, BCG is the reason, in a week or two averything will be green green green. Dec ent rali zed Gam ing PvP Plat form.

I think in November the altkoins will fall even more. You need to reset all weak hands. Most of the people are now panic selling they see that most of the coin is now dropping so they also start to sell their own coin. If a lot of people do this the price will surely drop down if there are not customers to buy that coin. You must have patience it will rise up. Because all coins are unstable its not like euro's it can rise and it can fall. What do you expect?

That prices will rise day by day non-stop? You should be happy actually that prices are indeed going down, because it means the market is correcting itself and that we're experiencing healthy growth. If it would go only up day by day, everyone would join and become rich. You have to be patient and try to look at the bigger picture. The crypto sectors has just started to take on track, and it's only going to be more users and developing joining the ride. We're just in the first year and already had a tremendous growth first year of real substantial growth, even though it took about eight years to get to here.

We should be feeling lucky that we have the chance to take part in this financial revolution, people will be looking back in some years and hope that they could have joined as well, when all of this was flourishing. Altcoins are based on projects' ideas, so we need to wait while team members are developing their products. Secondly, the influence of Bitcoin and Ethereum price changing is available. Most altcoins price was dropping down because of Bitcoin gold hard fork.

Investors sell altcoins to buy Bitcoin to in order to receive Bitcoin gold free. But do not worry. They will recover soon. There is alot of support for bitcoin right now, I think altcoins will always pump and dump, because this is how this industry works. One week in Crypto is like 6 months in company stocks. One should invest in alts they believe in and set an amount of profit margin they need from the trade, say 10 percent.

Read Release Post January 26th, Read Article February 1st, The DigiByteTip is released to the public for beta testing. Read Release Post March 21st, DigiHash Easy Miner 2. DigiByte has been added to the Coinomi Wallet! DigiStats website goes live! DigiStats July 20th, Get paid DigiBytes by playing League of Legends! Why did DigiByte switch to Multi-Algo mining? Full Member Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Activity: The comic is hilarious.

If anyone would like to assist with an Android wallet or a would like to set up a mining pool please let us know. DigiByte on January 10, , Ekolol on January 10, , Countdown ticker is up on the website. We are now working on developing the first mining pool and forum. The million-dollar question is - what does this coin have which makes it different from all the other "professional" coins out there? Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , DigiByte Legendary Offline Activity:

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Hey Guys, Im hoping to get some serious responses, about your thoughts on one of my favourite coins: DigiByte (wearebeachhouse.com) DigiByte has got some haters, and that is mainly because of the ATH buyers who bought a rumour that was spread wich was false about a contract with Minecraft. 16 Jan A note to all DigiByte investors. Days like today happen, and they are outside of our control. These cycles have been occurring in crypto markets for the last half- decade. This pullback was forecasted by many. We are also coming up on Chinese Lunar New Year. Combine that with regulatory uncertainty. Waves,Dent,Ripple,Nem,Dentacoin & wearebeachhouse.com favorite is waves I think this is real wearebeachhouse.com .. get hyped "innovative" do tend to increase in value. I'd probably split the into 25% btc, 25% eth, 50% altcoins and see how it goes then re-adjust the following month according to what worked best.

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