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Hero Member Offline Activity: Our Goal is to be the Number One Bitcointalk platform built on annotations blockchain. You only have yourself to edgecoin. Missing translations, varying topics annotations many other issues edgecoin a huge factor in this. Hurry up and get to the moon for bitcointalk sake.

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The following points are initial use cases which Edge can provide right after the mercury phase. It's new tech like golem. Hopefully but EOD I can see a similar gain with this as an alternative. In the Venus phase, we aim to bring crypto currency through Edge to users that are not familiar with its concepts yet. Edge must be held far ahead of the competition in order to obtain the best partnerships.

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You can already check out blackjack beta. Being not only a safe, but also a fast bitcointalk cost-efficient way to store data such as college degrees, e-learning courses and more, the blockchain has annotations chance to disrupt education. I wish you best of luck. Therefore, it is of huge importance to stay on the fast track and keep the pace high. Most anticipated Edgecoin Bounty Campaign!!! And this annotations leads to edgecoin kinds and levels of monetarization. Bitcointalk the last couple of years numerous studies, surveys and reports have shown, that the E-Learning industry is edgecoin to stay.

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Well that money was just weighing me down, I totally wanted to lose it on this My own fault for falling for shills and buying at an all time high against my better judgement.

And this is actually a legit crypto. Buy, hodl and enjoy the ride. There will be lulls. Some will sell early. But if you hold a bit longer you should see it kick back up, and it's already doing that. Up to now. WTF is wrong with people. You deserve to make nothing. You will make gains today All it's going to take is one small whale to see this and fucking pound the ever loving shit out of these mental midgets selling their picket fence walls mindlessly.

Times like this there was a trollbox on Bittrex so I can scream directly at the stupid motherfuckers momentarily preventing inevitable progress. Moving back to GNT after my gains though. Well, tl;dr of this is that y'all in for the long run. You didn't choose a meme coin, this is actually nice. Keep your eye on it. Place a - before a word to exclude posts containing that word: Advanced search Text to find Subject [?

Leave empty for any. Leave empty for any user name. Reply to thread [? Your post will not be uploaded to original board. All Posts OPs Only. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show non-deleted posts.

Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. New posts first Old posts first. Anonymous Sun May 21 Let's fucking do this! Don't fuck me on this. The whales are here. Let's see what happens. Holy shit I'm gonna start my own fucking space program. We going to 20k. Don't you want to be a fucking spaceman? No point of selling now.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Seems to have stalled. The Bounty Campaign starts from the moment this post is published; it lasts till the end of the Token Sale. For further details, please check out this form: After their approval, participants are not allowed to change their signatures until the end of the campaign. Random check will be made and those who will be found doing this will get immediately disqualified. Pay special attention to the fact that the campaign ends exactly when the Token Sale finishes - even if that happens before schedule in case of reaching the full cap.

Multiple accounts registration is forbidden. Checks will be made along the process and every multiple account will be delisted. We disqualify, exclude from the campaign and send no reward to: Spammers and multi-accounts ; 2. Users who receive negative trust or ban during the campaign; 3. Users who write too much spam posts. Hero Member Offline Posts: The forum was founded in by Satoshi and Sirius. It replaced a SourceForge forum. Hero Member Offline Activity: What happened to dev teams profile there are no profile pics linked to them just some with limited info.

When you will complete your official website with proper update with links to verify these are original people behind this project. In the last couple of years numerous studies, surveys and reports have shown, that the E-Learning industry is here to stay. As a matter of fact, the industry still grows by the day.

The number of individuals, companies and institutions, that are turning to E-Learning as the primarily used way of studying, is constantly increasing. By bringing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to the world of E-Learning, Edge subsequent: The following points are initial use cases which Edge can provide right after the mercury phase. Surprisingly for many, big companies play a major role in this market as they are responsible for roughly one third of all transactions for E-Learning services.

Finishing a course on a platform currently gives you a certificate for said topic, but does not provide any value outside the website. Missing translations, varying topics and many other issues play a huge factor in this.

Especially in aspects that do not need a specific language, this remains an ongoing issue. Coding, graphic designs and many more jobs in the world wide web do not rely on a specific language and are therefore internationally usable. Not having the right certification to show said skills will result skilled but jobless people that have all the right tools to push companies further. With Edge and the cutting edge blockchain technology behind it you can save your CV in a code that will be accepted worldwide.

Finishing a course now at any partner website will be stored as a smart contract within the blockchain, so you can apply for any job with just a public key of your smart contract or the same stored on a plug and play ready hardware wallet or smartcard. The company you are applying for will see exactly what you have done in online courses, which eliminates all misunderstandings.

This will benefit in better jobs for you and more suitable employees for the company. And this willingness leads to different kinds and levels of monetarization. Early stages Investor in blockchain. Long time professional advisor for crypto currencies. Marketing and Social Media Expert. Frontend-developer and graphic designer.

These coins will be held in escrow and released to founders after the Beta release of the Edge platform. This initiative will draw students to our platform, allowing the platform to gain traction in the e-learning space. We estimate this user-acquisition initiative will help to boost the popularity and frequency of using Edge as the primarily used token for e-learning platforms worldwide.

Exact dates will be announced via edgecoin. Once the hidden hard cap of fifty percent coins is reached, no more coins will be for sale, and no more will ever be created. To ensure amenable business practice is occurring, our team of accountants will be expanded to provide authorization of resources and to improve transparency, improving company longevity.

A business consultant will foster the adoption of new ideas and practices from industry experts. This is an off-site giveaway, completely rule abiding.

Also, 50k EDG will be awarded if you can translate this thread into any one of the language boards on this forum. Remember, a lot of the images and titles you see in this thread link back to our site where you will find the majority of your concerns satisfied.

Up until launch day we will be very actively monitoring this thread. For the time being, feel free to ask away and assist us in building a fanastic new coin. Due to a lot of concern I've decided to reveal my identity. My other team mates are not online at the moment, when they are I'll entice them to take this serious step forward. Dexter Musick - Programmer. Funding now is always better and more helpful than later, but it's our mission to satisfy investors. If you still hold a modicum of doubt concerning EDG, use an escrow!

We're considering slightly improving the reward for direct investors who take the biggest risk, voice your opinion!

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Name: wearebeachhouse.com Posts: Activity: Position: Member. Date Registered: October 19, , AM. Last Active: Today at PM. ICQ: AIM: MSN: YIM: Email: hidden. Website: wearebeachhouse.com - The future of education is smart. Current Status: Offline. Bitcoin address. [PoS] Edgecoin - Marketplace - Gambling - Advanced Wallet - 15hrs IPO stage 1. investment now (3/17 - 3/27) it will fall within Stage 1. wearebeachhouse.com wearebeachhouse.com?topic=msg#msg We're considering slightly improving the reward for direct investors who take the biggest risk. how many confirmations does proof of stake bitcointalk forum a bitcoin transaction need. div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on" br / br / br / br / br / br / br / br / nbsp; nbsp;. buy bitcoins with visa checkout». i got rich off bitcoin client no block source available definitions bitcoins stock. Seuntjie' Dice bot programmers.

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