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Localbitcoins Giving positive feedback increases the receiver's feedback score. If you are localbitcoins to buy game please take a hacked at our how to buy Bitcoins guide. Also secure significant amounts in cold storage. This can be quite confusing to new users, but a wallet is hacked just a Bitcoin address. However, LocalBitcoins has decided to compensate customers who were holding game balances at the time of localbitcoins August 1 hard fork. If your user account is compromised you will lose your Bitcoins, and because Bitcoin transactions are NOT reversible it is not possible for LocalBitcoins to help you get them back. The sellers hacked release Bitcoins as soon as they see your payment, game can sometimes take an hour or two.

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That's why it's very important to follow the security tips given above. So don't click the links when you get any email from these exchanges, wallets etc. I searched for vulnerabilities in bitcoin related websites which had software to download. Because as time passed people started using stuff like 2 Factor authentification and blockchain. If you're trading Bitcoins and want to know immediately when something happens, enable web notifications from your profile.

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Number of trades and feedbacks score localbitcoins your account Age of game account The payment method hacked your advertisement The popularity of the payment method Recent feedback on your account Game and recent amount of bitcoins traded by you How long ago you completed your first trade. In turn miners receive transaction fees and newly created Bitcoins for confirming transactions. Not using 2 Factor Authentification, Saving passwords in clear text in databases, Using same hacked on different websites game All this stuff localbitcoins my "carreer" much localbitcoins. LocalBitcoins team was alerted about the abnormal activity when the hosting provider restarted the hacked. A disputed trade is usually resolved within hours.

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Localbitcoins hacked game

Localbitcoins Hacked ! Btc are safe : Bitcoin

Not that they can't fabricate their probable cause after they catch someone. I am a bot. I don't read PMs! Good to see that localbtc spotted the attack so quickly and booted the bastard out!

Use Mycelium's trader, get your private keys at the trade. Don't mess around with 3rd party if you can help it. This is standard procedure pretty much everywhere. If an attacker has gained root access, you reinstall the OS. I have no idea how their infrastructure is set up. But depending on your level of paranoia, what I stated is a best practice.

I think they were planning a major hardware upgrade anyway. The sites performance has been suffering for some time now. Accounts were being hacked left and right before this hack happened. I don't take their word for anything. I did lots of deals on localbitcoins, but never used the escrow since this stuff started happening.

Reportedly the server was rebooted and on restart it was stuck at the point where the prompt asks for the decryption key to be typed in. That doesn't mean you enter them as if nothing happened, but it doesn't mean the attacker got any access to the data.

Rebuild a new server from scratch and mount the encrypted volume. Boom, done -- as if nothing happened. Other than to get the hosting provider to figure out how that never recurs, or to stop using a hosting provider. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit link NOT about price. Bitcoin subscribe unsubscribe , readers 18, users here now Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki: Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy. News articles that do not contain the word "Bitcoin" are usually off-topic.

This subreddit is not about general financial news. Submissions that are mostly about some other cryptocurrency belong elsewhere. We reserve a small amount of Bitcoin from your wallet balance to pay the Bitcoin transaction fee to the Bitcoin network. Each Bitcoin transaction has to pay a small fee to the network to be confirmed no matter from where it's sent.

We reserve this fee in advance to prevent your wallet balance from becoming negative. You can find a list of all of our fees on our fees page. We will also require you to complete an extended ID verification check. Please also submit the following images. Below all the listings on the front page you can find a locations search field, type in your location into the field city, country and press enter. After the page reloads you will see ad listings for your location.

You can change the language of the site from the footer, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page and click the text next to the globe under the heading Services to see a dropdown of the languages on offer. You can use your email address instead of your username when you login.

Just type it in the username field. There are many things that affect advertisement visibility, e. If your ad is not showing up please check the following list of common problems. If you're running advertisements for online payment methods you must have at least 0.

If you're running local advertisements cash you need to have at least 0. Only 6 advertisements per category are shown on the front page and certain high risk payment methods are excluded. You need be an experienced trader with many trades under your belt before your ads will show up on the front page. When you search for advertisements the results show a maximum of 15 advertisements, if there are more advertisements that match the search criteria they can be found by clicking the Show more When you gain more trade history, more feedback your advertisements will also be shown as part of the first If you still can't find your ad there might be some problems with the settings on your advertisement.

Visit the public page of the problematic advertisement and towards the bottom of the page you'll find a tool you can use to check for errors that might prevent it from being displayed.

Click the headings to run a check on your advertisement to see who can open a trade for the ad and who can see it. Any problems with your advertisement not being visible will be shown and explained here. You can always open up a support ticket to ask for help with advertisement visibility.

Becoming a pro trader is designation all traders strive for as it's a badge that only few can get. To be assigned the pro trader badge you need to have fulfilled all of the following criteria:. The green thumb is assigned automatically to your advertisements based on an algorithm. We don't want to share exactly what is required but the following things are looked at.

Once your advertisement fulfils all the requirements, it will receive the green thumb. You can verify your company with LocalBitcoins, this displays your companies name to your trading partner on the trade page in addition to your own real name. To verify your company with your LocalBitcoins account you will first need to verify your own ID through the normal ID verification process.

Once that is completed you will gain access to the company verification process, a link will appear on the ID verification page that will allow you to upload your verification documents. To verify your company you will need to fulfil following requirements: You are the director of the company OR you are allowed to sign agreements on your company's behalf Your company must be searchable in your countries online company database.

If you're new to Bitcoins you can find out how to buy Bitcoins using LocalBitcoins from this handy guide. If you want to become a trader the selling Bitcoins online guide is for you.

You can also ask a question on our forums or open up a support ticket to contact our support. LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. We are a marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins to and from each other.

Users, called traders, create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our website for trade advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. You will find traders buying and selling Bitcoins online for more than 60 different payment methods.

If you're new to LocalBitcoins and want to buy Bitcoins, please take a look at our how to buy guide to learn how to buy Bitcoins. How do I buy or sell Bitcoins? To help you get started with your first Bitcoin trade we've made two short guides to answer all your questions. If you are looking to buy bitcoins please take a look at our how to buy Bitcoins guide.

If you are looking to sell bitcoins please take a look at our how to sell Bitcoins guide. How am I protected from being scammed? All online trades are protected by escrow. When a trade is started the amount of Bitcoins for the trade is automatically reserved from the seller's LocalBitcoins Wallet. This means that if the seller runs away with your money and does not release your Bitcoins LocalBitcoins. If you're selling Bitcoins, never release the escrow before you know that you have received money from the Bitcoin buyer.

Please note that local trades do not have escrow enabled by default. Can I buy less than one Bitcoin? How much does a Bitcoin cost? Can I buy less than 1 Bitcoin? Why is it so expensive to buy with Paypal? Why are some payment methods cheaper? One of the best features of Bitcoin is that it gives you control over your money, but it's also this feature that makes it very different from traditional money. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, most traditional payment methods can be charged back.

This creates risk for the person selling the Bitcoins, as PayPal or a bank can take the money someone paid him out of his account after he has sent away the Bitcoins. That is why traders need to have a high price for certain payment methods, to protect themselves against this risk. That is why we recommend for you to get the best price to pay using a hard to reverse payment method , such as Cash Deposit, bank transfers and mobile payments Like Qiwi in Russia.

When you search to buy Bitcoins, select All online offers as a payment method and you will see offers for all payment methods and you can choose one that is convenient for you and offers a better price.

What happens when I pay, and the seller doesn't give me my Bitcoins? All our online trades are protected with escrow to prevent this from happening. When the trade is started, the Bitcoin amount for the trade is taken from the sellers wallet and is held by LocalBitcoins for the entire time of the trade. If the seller is trying to scam you, it's easy for you to open a dispute on the trade and our support staff will contact you to ask for proof that you have paid and then give the Bitcoins to you.

We have two different types of trades on LocalBitcoins, local trades and online trades. Online trades occur online entirely through our trading platform without you ever meeting your trading partner. Most of trades on LocalBitcoins are online trades. Local trades are meant to be carried out face-to-face, and escrow is not automatically enabled. Because of this it is not safe to pay the seller using an online payment method in a local trade.

Online payment methods are, for example, bank transfers; PayPal; Gift card codes etc. How do I send Bitcoins and how can I pay with Bitcoins after buying them? If you purchase Bitcoins using LocalBitcoins. From there you can easily send the Bitcoins to other Bitcoin addresses.

The vast majority Bitcoin services are compatible with each other, the same Bitcoins you buy from LocalBitcoins will work in your favorite online stores that accept Bitcoin, and also in local shops that accept Bitcoin. To use your LocalBitcoins Wallet enter the receiving address, amount and your two-factor authentication code if you have 2FA enabled and click Send as shown in the screenshot below.

You can create multiple receiving addresses for improved privacy. Please note that your LocalBitcoins Wallet cannot be used in a few specific situations. For example, you cannot use it with sites like satoshidice that returns Bitcoins to the sending address. Also newly generated Bitcoins from mining cannot be sent to your LocalBitcoins Wallet. In order to sell Bitcoins on LocalBitcoins. To do that you'll need a LocalBitcoins.

To find your LocalBitcoins. The top of the page is divided in two parts allowing you to both send and receive Bitcoins. On the right-hand side you'll find your receiving address. Please note that your receiving address changes after each transaction. We do this to protect your privacy, by using a new address each time you receive Bitcoins it makes it difficult for someone to track your Bitcoin transactions. Old addresses still work, but we do not recommend that you use them.

Once you know your LocalBitcoins. Please note that the minimum you can send to your LocalBitcoins wallet is 0. Bitcoin deposits less than that are not processed. How long does it take to send or receive Bitcoins to my LocalBitcoins Wallet? Transactions take between minutes when you are sending Bitcoins to your LocalBitcoins Wallet or when your sending Bitcoins out from your LocalBitcoins Wallet. Transactions between LocalBitcoins Wallets is instantaneous. I've waited 60 minutes and my transaction is still pending, now what?

The Bitcoin network might be experiencing congestion, in this case transactions will take much longer to go through. Bitcoin transactions have to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. When a transaction is made it gets sent into a transaction pool from where it is bundled up into blocks that Bitcoin miners confirm through mining. Blocks get mined on average every ten minutes and only a finite number of transactions can fit into each block.

Sometimes blocks can take much longer or much less time to mine. On rare occasions there can be several hours between successfully mined blocks. This means that the pool of unconfirmed transactions grows larger than what can fit into a single block, making it take a long time for transactions to become confirmed. Once the transaction has been included in a block and has been mined, it has been confirmed once.

When the confirmation count of the transaction reaches a certain threshold, usually confirmations, the transaction appears in the receiving wallets. You can read more about confirmations on the Bitcoin wikipedia and you can see the current number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network here. To check the status of your Bitcoin transaction You need to know the transaction id TX ID or the receiving wallet address looks like: Use the Bitcoin amount to quickly identify transactions if the receiving address has several transactions incoming.

Click the transaction to view more information about it Look for where it shows you how many confirmations the transaction has. If your transaction has Please contact the provider of the receiving wallet if the transaction still does not appear in the receiving wallet. Contact the provider of the sending wallet. Currently the minimum amount you can send to LocalBitcoins is 0. I don't have a mobile phone. Can I still buy and sell Bitcoins? You can buy Bitcoins without having a mobile phone, but you will be limited to which advertisements you can reply to.

By verifying your phone number with LocalBitcoins increases the number of advertisements that you can contact. I can't verify my ID with your system. You can still buy Bitcoins without verifying your ID, however, please note that many of our traders do require you to perform an ID verification before buying, though this requirement does change from country to country and trader to trader.

When you verify your ID you get access to many more advertisements and better prices, it's well worth the inconvenience. What is the green dot next to usernames? Next to usernames on the front page and on user's public profile you can find a small green, yellow or grey dot.

This dot shows how quickly the trader will usually reply to trades. A green dot means the user replies within 5 minutes to trades. A yellow dot means the user replies within 30 minutes to trades. A grey dot means the user takes longer than 30 minutes to reply to trades. The response time is calculated from the median reply time of all trade of a user from the past 30 days.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, it is not backed by any single country or bank and is usable anywhere in the world by anyone with a computer or smartphone and access to the Internet. To read up more on what Bitcoin is you can take a look at these websites.

We use coins description of Bitcoin. How should I store my Bitcoins? You can store your Bitcoins in the LocalBitcoins Wallet, but we try to promote other Bitcoin wallets. The best way is to store your Bitcoins in a wallet on your computer or mobile phone, as that gives you complete control over your Bitcoins.

Our favourite standalone Bitcoin clients are Electrum and Multibit. Paper wallets are a good idea if you want to store Bitcoin securely. Wallets on your smartphone can also be a convenient way of carrying Bitcoins around with you wherever you are.

You can read more in our related blogpost. How can I increase the security of my account? You can read our Security Guide which explains on how you can secure your account. Here are a few tips that will protect you against the majority of phishing and hacking attempts.

Enable two-factor authentication for your account. I also tried to login to localbitcoin account with ip address in china, does anyone know more about this? Has the database been hacked??? Who else had a similar case? Always have 2FA on any account you have funds on it. Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , Localbitcoin account hacked June 15, , Localbitcoin account hacked June 16, ,

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24 Apr Popular bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins may be the victim of a hack, with a BitcoinTalk user claiming to have access to user information. 26 Dec I recently lost over 6BTC on Localbitcoins. The support team claimed my email address was hacked into which I doubt cos while the bitcoin was sent out of. 29 Jan LocalBitcoins has been hacked;Up to 17 bitcoins stolen from users;Refunds promised following security measures being taken.

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