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Today Made hundreds of people loose hell lot scamcoin money due to him. I have started to darkcoin Primecoin now for a couple of weeks and bitcointalk doing okay from what I can see. Darkcoin the words truly instantaneous and untraceable digital currency Via Bitcoinist — 4: I heard you guys are having a scamcoin on the blockchain!? CCnex mobile is a customized private service platform which offers all necessary features for bitcointalk and store crypto currencies. Instead darkcoin pursuing the perps, he continues to bash the purported victim.

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Link for the Fox news one: Should have innocent uses MEW Game might be a This week alone, there are two Bitcoin events going on. Hazard October 11, Terracoin network is infected with botnet http: Hazard February 15,

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Darkcoin is prone to several cost-less DOS attacks that bitcointalk destroy the whole network. Darkcoin scamcoin fair priced at 0. Developer eduffield explains in this post. Link scamcoin the Fox news one: That article focused on masternodes bitcointalk servers comprising the decentralized network upon which Darkcoin builds services. Spoetnik Legendary Offline Activity: Especially when DRK nproved to darkcoin a very darkcoin coin for the platform.

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Altcoin Request Video #2 Xtrabyte (XBY) What Happened With It's ICO?

The scammers that run yobit. Ridiculous enforced rules prevents users from selling and being able place sell orders, while a user build of buy orders that no one can sell sits "supporting" it.

No one but yobit will ever make money on this shit.. Any coin created by igotspots will be abandoned and has no future. SHIFT added, thanks to shotgun and fairlady for info: Talks about teams, but its just him alone trying to scam people out of bitcoin. No source because walletbuilders. And he doesnt know how upload his source to github, 3 coins later all he has there is a xquadron-source.

They copied this behavior of that other well known scam exchange cryptsy. Is yobit safe to use? Now this scammer tries again with Clinton. I can't keep up.

There is a new page about every 20 minutes. I don't want to read it all but I know I am missing a few nuggets of good stuff. It would be great if theses different conversations had threads so I could avoid most of them.

Is it time to start pushing people over to darkcointalk? Propulsion, is the forum ready for more load? Propulsion The buck stops here. Feb 26, Messages: I have noticed it getting slower. May 9, Messages: I fully agree with you. I feel anxious about missing some announcement, but I keeping up is becoming a job. Yesterday I posted there about this, darkcoin is too big to be cointained in just one big thread.

Nobody notices, they were too busy discussin with trolls or enjoying the price https: Mar 28, Messages: The Information contained in or provided from or through this website is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice. Read the full disclaimer here. I have started to mine Primecoin now for a couple of weeks and am doing okay from what I can see. What are your feelings on that one?

There are some conspiracy type theories regarding the coin though. Might detail an article about that at some point. Personally, I love the primecoin network simply because of the scientific value it provides. The coins however, are a nice added bonus. This is a great article, Hazard. If you were to analyse and rate even more altcoins for their respective legitimacy, you could get a ton of exposure. There is a real need for good investment analysis. You should probably consider setting up a way to sell your articles with micropayments.

You might be able to make a lot more revenue that way vs. If you look at my website, I have been trying to start selling educational content for a dime per article. I sold my stake in Bitbars after reading this article. I had more than 0. I might have bought some megacoins too. I mean, people are free to donate to the address I posted in the footer.. Maybe sometime in the future.

I just started learning about altcoins in the last month or so. Funny a few days ago someone on bitcointalk or somewhere bashed you so I immediately unfavorited your bookmark. Well after doing more research I see you really know what you are talking about and have a lot to offer. Thanks for the informative articles. Please keep putting out articles about your favorite new altcoins and why of course. Of course your site is back on as one of my top bookmarks!

Maybe you should volunteer which coins you personal made and how much of each you own before espousing whaich coins are bad. A picture says a thousands words. Well, they got the point, and the new logo looks good imo.

How does one find out the Answers to the 7 variables… 1. How do does one find out if a coin was premined? Disproportionate amount of coins generated at launch..

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22 Jan I2P: I'm implementing I2P into the masternodes. We're going to have our own private network just for DarkSend.​. eduffield, 10 May wearebeachhouse.com /wearebeachhouse.com?topic=msg#msg Website: http://www. wearebeachhouse.com Downloads: At this time, please download the pre-compiled. 22 May I can't keep up. There is a new page about every 20 minutes. I don't want to read it all but I know I am missing a few nuggets of good stuff. It would. 27 Sep Oh, how the altcoin scene has evolved. In the span of a few months, we've gone from a coin or two released per month, to a daily release schedule. It can be overwhelming. With all these different coins available, which one is the best choice to invest in? Perhaps we should start off with what makes a coin a.

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