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Casascius Addict Legendary Miner Activity: Over and over and over again MisO69 Legendary Offline Knc October 31, January 31, Please login or titan. That one bitcointalk the hose

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They also have no plan to sell products to end-users, ever. November 03, , Yep, reeks of bullshit. Your video, doesn't show your work. And the cheap-o case is pretty iconic. Please login or register.

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They are worthless and the company doesn't care. October 21, November 10, October 03, bitcointalk, I knew the chances of me getting knc titan on miner was something better than winning the lottery but something less likely than titan screwing a super model. Bitcoin Forum January 31, I switched out the power supply and the cube started hashing at full power.

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November 02, , I reapplied paste 3 times, twice with Gelid and then I used another brand. It is not the paste. Still not hashing right anymore. The heat sync is down tight. It runs for a minute or so then the power to the dies cuts off drops to zero. If I run it at real low frequency the cube seems to hash okay. I don't see any indication of over heating.

I am not sure what is wrong at this point. Good news I believe I have found the problem. I switched out the power supply and the cube started hashing at full power. The Tekamake power supply could no longer supply power to the cube.

Good thing I have some power supplies being shipped. This is good news as the cube is still good! This will most likely fix the other cube as well as they were on the same power supply at one time. Thanks for the input. Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , September 23, , Searing Legendary Offline Activity: October 01, , October 02, , GenTarkin Legendary Offline Activity: Unacceptable Legendary Offline Activity: Maybe they just hired a guy with bad web designing skills, but it looks fake to me.

Hashrate could easily be reprogrammed to show a different hashrate than the miner is actually hashing at. Yep, reeks of bullshit. And if it isn't KFC are as dumb as ever. Still using that retarded cube design? Still only 1 PCI-e 6 pin per cube? They state w draw with a provided PSU with 4 leads included. Unless they're using something else than 6 pins Which would be a pain in the ass compatibility wise when the PSU croaks.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Well these are usually the telltale signs.. I were just in contact with Gogreenlight current owners of kncminer name. They reply that they already had reported knc-miner. So it's a scaming attempt forsure. May 16, , I just talked to the real owners and the KnC Miner Titan 2. They also have no plan to sell products to end-users, ever. This is not the first time people try to do scams in the name of KnC Miner.

November 22, , I just denied delivery of my Titans They are worthless and the company doesn't care. See you in court KnC! You don't take me from thinking I was going to make K, to making K of my 34K investment! Take this company DOWN! I was going to make K to K. Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , November 02, , Ernestgogo Newbie Offline Activity: November 03, , DieJohnny Legendary Online Activity: MisO69 Legendary Offline Activity: LanceBrown Newbie Offline Activity: November 04, , November 06, , November 08, , November 09, , November 10, ,

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Don't like my pics? You are such a hater and a troll fail. BTW, i have steady hashing at mhs right now. Maybe i will switch back to clevermining pool and post my address if i feel like it. eventually there will be enough proof for you but you might have to fly out to my place and see it running yourself. If you have placed a deposit on a KNC Miner Litecoin Rig and payed by wire- transfer, go to the bank and try to reverse the charges even if you take a hit. I have been waiting for mine for 2 Months after the initial stated shipping release. I have lost money. How??? Profitability is getting worse, and $6, in. Is anyone successfully mining Verge with a Titan. I have tried a few pools and variations of the configuration they recommend and I haven't been successful yet, with "all pools dead", no connection, Titan halts, etc. If you have been successful can you share your config. In the Titan config, I've been trying the.

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